Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Extra Edition TCR #108 Sun, Wind and Water and CSI # 17 Chimera

Tomorrow is Wednesday and a new working day. It would be very easy to get used to spending my days at a lesisurely pace with no pressure to get up at 05.30 in the morning and rushing to the tube and the office. These passed few days have indeed been heavenly.

So hubbs and I actually went on that spin into the country side and had coffee. Well, not just coffee - we had ample portions from this buffet too;

Kakslottet 29APR2012 med Ola, Håkan och Misa

When the cherry trees bloom in a specific park in our town, spring is officially here. Isn't it a pretty sight, check this out:

Kungsträdgården 29APR2012 körsbärsträden blommar Kungsträdgården 29APR2012 körsbärsträden 2

Hubby did take me out for dinner yesterday evening, the restaurant is really OTP and has an unbelievably kitschy interior decoration. Urns full of huge fake flowers, pink nylon lace lampshades, fluffy fake flower banners with lights, huge pink mirrors and floral wall paper. Straight from a boudoir but boy is the food to die for! not forgetting the cocktails!

Have a looksie at this!

Grill 30APR2012 Grill 30APR2012 - 2
All the above photos were taken with my mobile phone in case you are wondering about the funny format.

Now to the TCR #108 Extra Edition palette for the Swedish scrappy magazine Inzpira. I did manage to put something together despite the vibrat and bold colours that I find so challenging. All the papers are from Echo Park's collection Hello Summer.

The title is in Swedish and doesn't translaste particularly well. It's from a very famous Swedish summer song that all Swedes know the lyrics to: "Sun, wind and water, are the best things I know". Remember the miserable 5 months of snow and darkness that precede summer!

#108 Special Edition Inzpira 4000px main #108 Special Edition Inzpira -2 #108 Special Edition Inzpira - 3 #108 Special Edition Inzpira - 4 #108 Special Edition Inzpira - 5 #108 Special Edition Inzpira - 6 #108 Special Edition Inzpira - 7 #108 Special Edition Inzpira - 9

And then we've come to the CSI case file # 17 that was also released on Friday:

Happy Friday! Wow, did April fly by, or what? We are wrapping up National Poetry Month this week, and our inspiration image was chosen with Astronomy Week in mind.

We would like to thank Sarah Hill, owner of The Paper Bakery Kit Club, and her fabulous design team for sponsoring us and serving as Guest Detectives this month. Their creations have been truly inspiring, and we just loved how they all jumped in enthusiastically and played with us every week!

Joining us this week are Sarah Hill, Angela Gutshall, and Erin Yamabe. CSI Detective Tina Walker is also on the Paper Bakery design team.

We also want to thank our Special April Guest Detective, Sarah Klemish.

Our Special Investigators for April, Adrienne Ford, Heather Jacob, Helena Virpi, and Tracee Provis, are rounding out the month with absolutely gorgeous creations once again. Please use the links to visit all these ladies' pages in the Guest Detective forum to say hi and hear how they responded to our Interrogation.

 As always, Michele has created an awesome set of CSI Coordinates for you! CSI Coordinates can always be found at the bottom of the reveal threads. Scroll all the way to the bottom, where it says "Attachments." They are just above the reply box.

Use all of the following colors:

Galactic Green - medium green with an olive tint (taken from the planet to the right of Saturn) - 180.170.83

The Blue Planet - a cobalt blue (taken from a patch on the Earth) - 14.50.102

Seriously Solar - a sunny golden yellow (taken from Saturn's rings) - 245.205.105

Celes-teal - teal (taken from the planet below the green one) - 151.183.159

Milky Way - beige (taken from the music paper background) - 240.224.200  


Use at least 2 of the following elements:
Use circles.
Book pages or sheet music
Stars (embellishments or paper)
Bird embellishment.
Create a patchwork effect.
Translucent elements where the background shows through
Space = white space

Use at least one of the following elements:

Write a free verse poem or other type of poem.
Write about your astrological sign.
Write your journaling in a circle.
mysteries of the universe - journal about something puzzling
Inspiration words: energy, revolve, atmosphere (use these as a jumping-off point for your journaling--not just a title)

This is my take, I've called it "Chimera", you'll understand why when you read the journalling tee hee ;)) The backing paper and all fussy cut details are from KaiserCraft.

17_Chimera 4000px-main
The photo is by a famous photographer called Denise Grünstein.

The absolutely gorgeous clock face is from Lindy in Brisbane, thank you so so much sweetie! 

17_Chimera -2 17_Chimera - 3 17_Chimera - 4 17_Chimera - 5 17_Chimera - 6 17_Chimera - 7 17_Chimera - 8 17_Chimera - 9 Horrible Blogger!! am growling and tearing my hair out! Everything looks really weird, so sorry about that. Haven't figured out how things work in this new interface. Well, the sun is still shining and only 3 days to go before it's weekend again YAY! Thanks for your visit ye kind people! Take care, be good! xoxoxo Eila


  1. Hi Eila - I agree. The new interface for Blogger is YUCK!! But your layouts are still gorgeous and ultra FAB! I just love them to bits. And that boat photo - super duper wonderful! so clear and crisp. Love it! Stay well my friend.

  2. Your pages are beautiful Eila. Love the one of the boat, beautiful photo and your page for CSI is amazing, simple and so elegant. xx

  3. Yay for the weekend hope it will be sunny for you...just love all the pages but the csi is just stunning ...oh love the boat pic, good to see some time to yourselves the arvo tea looks so so yummy
    have a great week
    Lindy xoxo

  4. Stunning stunning layoust!!!!!!!
    Oh and i love the photos of your day out with hubby the buffet of pastries looked divine....oh I miss sugar!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Cool pictures looks like you2 had a great time and yummie to.
    Beautiful pages you have made again with amzing pictures.

  6. Åh så herlige layouter! Den første var skikkelig frisk og flott! Og den andre helt nyyydelig.

    Og så så flotte bilder:-)

  7. Wow Eila aren't those blossoms just extraordinary! Sound like you had a lovely dinner.

    Oh my your boat lo with the serene stark beauty is glorious. Love the pic and the way you scrapped it is perfect.Gorgeous colours.

    Ah ha a Taurus! Now that explains your frequent pics of cuisine and glasses and tables.LOL Beautiful lo.

  8. that tree is amazing with all the blossoms...wow. Amazing photos...gorgeous layouts!!!!!!

  9. you always write so much and show so many layouts at once that time i get down here to write i can't remember all the things i was going to say!
    first let me start at the beginning.. that buffet bar looks like something i would totally LOVE right now! wow! then those trees. total stunner! gorgeous would be a beautiful layout!
    the CSI layout is almost daunting, mystical almost. love all the cutout work and black and white.. ribbon? drawing your eye into the photo. really great - just looked at all the detail shots on this one for a while. beautiful pages as always
    and for tcr layout.. WOW! how colorful and bright! and i know you don't like orange but its like music for my eyes love love love this colorful page - might be my fav from you ever! the boat picture is fabulous on it.. just all around love it.. echo park is one of my favorites though.

  10. Loving your layouts this week very different from your normal style! Loving the desert buffet and cocktails oh my LOL, have a great week. I am super bogged down with Uni. work roll on July when I will be finished tee hee x

  11. Eila, so enjoyed reading this your posts, blog and story..love all the pages you have created, especially the boat scene...love it..
    Also love the photos you took of you trip with the trees in full bloom........so love it...look at the wonderful colour of those bloosoms.
    Where is that place??? Nature is so beautiful sometimes..:)

  12. What lovely pages Eila! You have certainly had quite the scrappy marathon lately - glad to hear you took a break from it all & enjoyed it so! Wow that spread looks awesome and that kitschy dinner joint looks such fun too!! What incredible pages you have for us! Love the photo and all the fussy cutting and layering in the first and so interesting to see you working with EP papers! And the second one is very beautiful indeed! I love that paper - is it Prima? Don't think so but it sure is lovely my friend - have a good week!!