Monday, 7 May 2012

1 year blog anniversary and CSI #18

It took me quite a while and took many nudges from friends near and far, before I finally took the step and started this blog. I cannot believe how quickly time has passed, it's already a year since that first blog post!

Cause for celebration in other words!

I have 3 give aways; the first one is a collection pack of PinkPaislee's Indigo Bleu + 1 speciality pack of Green Tara yellow/white fabric flowers

 RAK nbr 1 PinkPaislee and GT blooms17MAY2012

the second one is 3 speciality packs of Green Tara fabric flowers in peach/orange/cream + pinks/white + teals/white

 RAK nbr 3 GT flower 3 packs 17MAY2012

the third one is a paper kit of My Mind's Eye's collection On The Bright Side

RAK nbr 2  MME pack 17MAY2012

What do you need to do to win one of them?

Leave a comment on my blog + become a follower or confirm that you already are a follower. If you post about my challenge on your blog, come back and leave a second comment leaving me the link, you will have a double chance of winning!

I will keep this challenge open until midnight Thursday, 17 May Swedish time.

We are all united by wonderful colourful ties no matter where on earth we live, so of course anyone is welcome! I will post the winner on Saturday, 19 May.

Does anyone recognize the colourful, warm, funny, giggly and über talented mixed media mega star that stands in the centre of this photo in a fuchsia apron?

Nat Kalbach 6MAY2012

It sure is NAT KALBACH!! it's me on the far right, behind me is Ulrika Blomqvist and to the far left is Eivor Larsson. Both Ulrika and Eivor are on the DT of Swedish Pion Design.

Nat, Ingvild Bolme and Christy Tomlinson had workshops in Stockholm over the weekend and I was having a ball playing with colours and mediums in Nat's two workshops. You will surely see me use more of the stuff in pages to come!

Now over to the new CSI case file #18;

Leaves of Green - a dark olive-y green taken from the darker leaf - 108.105.0
Spring Leaf - a light olive green taken from the lighter leaf at the top - 185.179.105
Growing Gray - a pale gray taken from the wall - 239.234.230
Orange Blossom - a vibrant orange taken from the top center flower - 227.150.18
Apricot Blossom - a peachy orange taken from the lighter parts of the orange flower to the left of the lady - 241.192.123  


tissue paper Webster's Pages Bloomers (or other similar product)
twist something (as inspired by the stem)
oversized flowers
bling (as inspired by her jewelry)  


Journal about the growth of something or someone
"Grow" your journaling by writing more than you generally do.
Journal on a flower-shaped journaling spot or add a flower to your journaling spot.
Use journaling strips as stems for flowers.

Inspiration Words: growth, extreme, bloom

This is my take, I've called it "My Heart Is Home To Stay".

18_My Heart Is Home to Stay 4000px-main

Nobody would guess that I have used 10 different mists in addition to gesso, modelling paste and stamping on my page, but here they are:

18_My Heart Is Home to Stay - mists used A 18_My Heart Is Home to Stay - mists used B 18_My Heart Is Home to Stay - 2

The photo is of DH on his birthday some years ago, hence the pink pubblies and rose on his lapel.

18_My Heart Is Home to Stay - 3 18_My Heart Is Home to Stay - 4

That luscious oversized flower is from Manor House Creations. I misted it in a soft soft hue of pinkish golden.

 18_My Heart Is Home to Stay - 5 18_My Heart Is HOme to Stay - 6

This textural swirl under the big cluster, was made with modelling paste and this chipboard flourish that I smeared in a thick layer of the paste before pressing it down onto the white cardstock.

 18_My Heart Is Home to Stay - 9 18_My Heart Is Home to Stay - 7 18_My Heart Is Home to Stay - 8

and lastly, the journalling that also set the title for my page. I SUGGEST YOU CLICK ON THE PHOTO TO GET A LARGER IMAGE IN CASE YOU CANNOT READ THE TEXT.

18_My Heart Is Home to Stay 700px - 10

You are truly brave and patient if you have made it all the way down here and I want to thank you warmly for bearing with my ramblings again! I promise I have come to the end now ;)) Have a soupah doupah week my beautiful friends!!

Toodelipip! xoxox Eila


  1. Congrats Eila! A year? Not possible! I am so jealous you got to go to a workshop with such amazing talent. I guess I need to come to Sweden to take advantage (and to visit you). :) Another amazing layout so full of yummy details and I could sit and stare for hours! I know I've said it before, but I just LOVE your layouts Eila! They are all so beautiful and lovely in every way. Thank you for sharing! Have a blessed day! Hugs, Tina

  2. Lots to love in this post...the layout is stunning and the journalling very heartfelt. I have been a follower of your gorgeous blog for quite awhile and thanks for the awesome opportunity to win!!

  3. Woo Hoo what fun Eila! Thanks for the giveaways - you are parting with good stuff there!! Funny I also put up a giveaway on my blog today but am still behind as I used to do one a month - just got to dig around for the stuff I'm prepared to part with LOL! And what an amazing weekend I can just imaging you had. Did Bente come down to join you?! Beautiful layout there too!! Love the misting and gesso detail!

  4. Aaaah just read the journaling!! So lovely! I feel that way too - we also had our fiery early days but now I know that this is IT!!

  5. Congrats dear friend on the anniversary of your blog yippee and even some giveaways your so generous just look at those wonderful flowers Tina said i'm so jealous of you attending Nat's classes can't wait to see all the techniques....this layout is just stunning,i think you found your niche.
    Wow using that many mists how awesome is that
    and the journalling such LOVE in the air at your place keep it up my friend
    have a great week
    Lindy xo

  6. Love all the techniques and the effects you did here, So Beautiful, Eila!!! The flower cluster with the pearls and paint, wow, I love it!! Very touching your journaling, woo, how beautiful is the LOVE!!! :) This pic looks like you had a wonderful time at the workshop!! :) Wow, so fast,you already have one year with your blog..Happy Birthday my dear friend!!! Take care and a BIG hug!! :) :) xoxo

  7. Congrats on blogging for 1 year!! I'm coming up on that too in a few months... the time really flies!! Of course I've been a long time follower, amazing give aways!! Your layout is gorgeous as well, I absolutely love the background it came out stunning!!!

  8. Stunning layout, I love how you have done your layers and clusters. Congratulations on your blog being 1 year old!

  9. Happy Blogoversary first of all. And the workshops sound wonderful. What an opportunity and love the photo of you with the girls.
    Your page is divine of course. Love the close ups so I can sift through each and every detail.

  10. happy blog anniversary! what a gorgeous layout, love the texture on the background yummy

  11. So glad your friends nudged you into blogging, I always find such great inspiration here!
    Lucky you to be able to attend such an amazing workshop.
    Congrats on the year and best wishes for many more!

  12. What a beautiful page, and what a wonderful mix of techniques. Oh how spoilt you have been with all those wonderful artists sharing their "cleverness" with you. Happy birthday to your blog too ! xx

  13. What a gorgeous lo! Love all the little detail...stunning!
    Happy birthday to your lovely blog! Yup, I'm already a follower....thank you for a chance to win!

  14. Congratulations, Eila , on your blog anniversary. Looking forward to many more milestones from you!

  15. Woweeeee 10 mists on that! Congrats on your blog-a-versary!

  16. Congrats with your first bloggie year..time flys.
    You made stunning pages and you used lots of gesso i cool is that.
    Cool give aways you have...may the best one!

  17. Kikar in här nu och då... och blir nu följare av din blogg =) Vill gärna ha en chans på denna fiiina candy! Underbar layout du gjort till CSI...

    En rättelse bara om fotot på Nat och oss.. det är jag som står till vänster om Nathalie ;)

    Kramiz maja

  18. Åhhhhhh....har du vært på kurs med Nathalie du!!!! Heldiggrisen (håper du forstår det norske ordet - Lucky you i alle fall :D) Det er en stor drøm for meg og håper hun kommer til Norge en gang i fremtiden!
    Og LOen din da.... synes du virkelig har laget en fantastisk LO her og med så mye medium!!! Trodde du var redd for sånt jeg? *fnis*
    Snill er du også som deler ut så flotte gaver! (og ja, jeg følger deg vet du, selv om jeg ikke har hatt så mye tid til kommentering den siste tiden)
    Håper du får en fin helg (som snart er her)
    Jeg har konfirmant på lørdag og er litt stresset. Men ikke mer enn at jeg har roet meg med å lage et kort i dag :D

  19. A year goes by so fast and when we realize we already find people from all corners of the globe sharing an art as beautiful as scrapbook.
    You was always very kind to me, thank you!
    And many, many birthdays to come!
    Very generous of you this giveaways!
    I loved your layout, the techniques are fabulous really like to play with the paints!

  20. oh gorgeous!!! I love your modeling paste- misting layout- this is beautiful! It was so wondeful to meet you!!!! Huge hugs to you sweet girl!

  21. Happy Blogoversary Eila, (hope I spelt that right). I always enjoy visiting. Always beautiful things to see. Also I just Looooove your CSI layout, do I detect some "Solange"? I saw you did her course as well. Wasn't it fabulous? Anyway best wishes again.
    Cheers Di xo

  22. eila there is no blog i love reading more! over the past year i've loved watching your blog & you grow with all the layouts & DT's you're now on.. its crazy to see how much you've done in 1 yr! congrats!
    love this page - and i knew right away it was molding paste! love this technique!!! think its my new favorite! but i'm still struggling with cleaning off my template fast enough. how exciting THREE giveaways! well congrats again.. and i hope you & your blog are here yrs to come! ~R

  23. Gosh Eila, has it been a year, my goodness time does fly when you are surrounded by talented people. That workshop looks amazing and I am sure you had a great time, loving your layout and you are having tooooo much fun with those mists tee hee. Congrats on your 1st year and I have loved looking and reading your posts and meeting you, that seems like such a long time ago, take care, Doreen x