Saturday, 29 September 2012

Last joint September OUAS + CSI case file # 39

It has been absolutely fantastic to see how the OUAS and CSI blogs have overflowed with amazing creations during these passed 3 weeks of our joint challenge! We have now come to the last of our challenges boo hoo :((

teal - taken from his shirt - 60.163.160 
orange - taken from the shading around the fairy - 163.183.182 
lime green - taken from the top of his head - 200.215.122 
sky blue - taken from the beaker - 142.208.224 
bright buttery yellow - taken from his head - 249.222.143 

little bits and pieces 
use chalk or pastels 
book pages 
globe or map 
print frame 

put your journaling in a little booklet. 
Frame your journaling. 
Write your journaling on your photograph. 
Journal about a lesson learned. 
Journal in the form of a lesson plan. (Google lesson plan template for other ideas.) 
imitate All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten (e.g., you could do All I Really Need to Know I learned from my cat... or from my trip to the beach... or from my kitchen, etc.). 

Inspiration Words: fly, learn, horizon-- use these as inspiration for your journaling, not just as a title. 

I had my assigned case file last week, so this is an extra page. Here is how I cracked the case - "Pancakes".

 39_Pancakes 2500px main
Gosh! it's not the LO that is crooked, it just photographed really so weird.

The papers are a mix of Les Papiers de Pandore, Echo Park, Swedish Maja Design and Pink Paislee.

 39_Pancakes - 2
I really do love pancakes, the Scandinavian kind, but cannot eat them because I am borderline gluten intolerant. A couple of times a year the yearning for the little golden treats gets too much and I gobble down a stack. It of course comes with a price to pay afterwards. It is sooo totally worth it!! my fave is to have fresh berries or raspberry jam with both whipped cream and vanilla icecream on top. Gluttony? naaaw, heavenly bliss! It really should be a lesson learned, but I choose to ignore it.

 39_Pancakes - 3
Looove the effect of the embossed white script stamping on the photo.

 39_Pancakes - 4
A yummo flourish from 2Crafty that I have misted in several different hues of browns and then touched up with Stickles in Turquoise.

 39_Pancakes - 5
More of the Prima script stamp.

 39_Pancakes - 6
Evidence used are leaves and Caran d'Ache crayons (the border around the whole page).

Misted splats and masked/modelling pasted dots.

My next post will be a pre-scheduled one for Tuesday when I'll share my page for The Color Room palette # 130. Here's a peek at the palette from Her Room - whitewashed and pinks!

Haven't forgotten any of you even if I'm MIA from all places at the moment. My life runs on the highest gear and my priorities are elsewhere. I'll be back as soon as I can!

Thank you for taking the time to visit me, I so appreciate it!!

Toodelipip! xoxo Eila

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

TCR # 129 Unveiled

Hello Tuesday!

Feels like yesterday I wrote my previous post, the whole weekend went by in the wink of an eye. So much happening at work at the moment, not much else to do but to go with the flow and remember to breathe.

As promised, this post will be about The Color Room's palette # 129. An interesting one with lots of different hues of green.

Here's my take - "Unveiled". This time the layers are made with stamping and misting/masking, with the exception of the area around the photo.

 #129_Unveiled 2500px main
The background paper was originally a very subtle cream and white damask pattern and ended up looking like this.

 #129_Unveiled - 2
The photo is not my own, I found it on internet. It was taken an autumn morning somewhere in Sweden, the sun dispersing the cobwebs of fairy fog and unveiling a landscape painted in flaming colours.

 #129_Unveiled - 3
The small circles have been masked with matte gel medium, touched up with acrylic paint in gold, misted in Suede, and stamped.

 #129_Unveiled - 4
A larger damask pattern was masked/inked and Joyce Lawrence's fun tea bag splatter was applied before more stamping. This time with mist to get a fuzzy pattern.

 #129_Unveiled - 5
Washi tape, torn German lace scrap and paper strips.

 #129_Unveiled - 6
A 100% Prima cluster.

 #129_Unveiled - 7
I misted the darker greens on the tulle that I had scrunched up and used as a bed for the photo together with gauze misted in lime. Torn German lace scrap that was also misted.

 #129_Unveiled - 8

 #129_Unveiled - 9
More stamping with mist, the lime green script.

 #129_Unveiled - 10
Here's an example of Joyce's tea bag splatter.

Et voilà! that's it!

I am wishing you a really great rest of the week with a peek of the 4th and last joint OUAS and CSI September case file # 39. Happy fun colours and some food for imagination!

Your visit mean the world to me, thank you so much for popping by!

I'll be back on Saturday to share my page.

toodeloo! xoxo Eila

Saturday, 22 September 2012

OUAS + CSI = 3 weeks of love and Prima August BAP

It's Saturday morning European time and the third joint OUAS and CSI September casefile # 38 has gone live.

Both CSI and OUAS have been bursting at their seams with a record number of amazing projects submitted for the two first case files. At CSI Debbi had to open up a second case file album in the member gallery as the first one quickly got full!

I am convinced we are looking at a third record week with gorgeous entries! just check out the amazing inspiration from both DTs, Special Investigators and Guest Designers.

This is my assigned week at OUAS why my layout is up on the OUAS blog as well.

As mentioned before, everything will go back to normal at OUAS in
October and we will have a reveal on 1 October as usual. So I hope
you guys have fun and enjoy what we have planned for you.

Please remember that the entries for this challenge are du by
2:00 p.m. Monday, 1 October Australian Eastern Standard Time.

For this challenge, you must use :

*the SKETCH provided 
* all the colours in the SCHEME
 * at least 2 elements from the EVIDENCE
 * at least 1 element from the TESTIMONY! 

* Evgenia Petzer at Etsy
* C'est Magnifique Kit Club
 * Scrapbook Fantasies online store
* Imaginarium Designs chip board
* Berry 71 Bleu bespoke tags
* Julia Cotrim designed papers and fabrics
*Scraplocker online store

And here it is, my take on the challenge that I have called "Mooore". The title will be pretty obvious when you read my journalling :))

#38_Mooore 2500px main
The evidence I have used are; trees (the background paper from Swedish Pion Design), birds (2 resin ones), newsprint pattern (in the matting), misting and of course, flowers.

#38_Moore - 2
My testimony is about this fur baby who is 2 years old now, our darling Alice. In this photo she was about 3 months old. 

A Prima resin heart embelli and the big oval frame is from Melissa Frances.

My journalling is below.

 #38_Mooore - JOURNALLING

#38_Moore - 3
A mix of Pion, Prima packaging, journalling cards and ledger paper, and Pink Paislee Indigo Bleu papers.

 #38_Mooore - 4
I cut up a chippie border from 2Crafty and used the sections tucked-in here and there on  my page. 

#38_Mooore- 5 

 #38_Mooore - 6

That's our Alice for you.

Now over to the page I made for the Prima August BAP. Took me quite a bit to figure this one out. I flipped the sketch entirely.

My page doesn't look quite as the sketch as the "rays" that are very predominant in the sketch, are quite subtle with the alphas and numbers coming out from the photo.

Here's my take that I've called "9 to 5". That's a reference to my day-time job, I'm a PA at a telecoms company. As this is already a long post, I will just share the photos with you.

Prima August BAP 9 to 5 2500px main

 Prima August BAP 9 to 5 - 2
This photo brings back a lot of nostalgic memories. I was only 20 when I started as a secretary and the IBM monster machine I got to work with, was a technical marvel. I have to say my typing was flawless at that time as correction tape or Tippex in a bottle were the only means of fixing typos, unless one re-typed the whole thing of course. We used 3 sheets of flimsy memo paper with 2 sheets of carbon paper in between. Who says everything was better in the old days! ;))

 Prima August BAP 9 to 5 - 3

 Prima August BAP 9 to 5 - 4

 Prima August BAP 9 to 5 - 5

 Prima August BAP 9 to 5 - 6

 Prima August BAP 9 to 5 - 7

 Prima August BAP 9 to 5 - 9
And with this, we've come to the end of my post. Just one more thing before I wish you a really really wonderful weekend; this week's palette for The Color Room # 129. 

We are looking at Lime Gree, Crisp White, Olive Green and Dark Olive. I spent quite a bit of time creating the background on my layout. I will be back on Tuesday to share my take on the TCR palette with you.

Till then, take care and have fun! 

Toodelipip! xoxox

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

TCR # 128 and Prima August PPP feature

It's been a wonderful Tuesday over here even if we had surprise showers throughout the day. The temperature is dropping significantly in the evenings but the sun brings out some warmth during daytime. Time to start rummaging in the basement for other shoes and bringing out the sweaters. Suddenly all the summer colours seem so "wrong".

The TCR palette # 128 is an autumnal one with warm colours, or perhaps you see it as springlike over in Australia.

As I am also going to share my Prima August PPP in this post, I won't take up your time with words. Here it is, my TCR # 128 "Apple" page;

#128_Apples 2500px main
This one's quite heavy IRL and has lots of texture to it as you will see from the close-ups further down.

 #128_Apples - 2
This photo is by the fantastic Finnish photographer whom I have mentioned many times before. She has given me permission to use photos off her website if I point out that the photos are not mine.

 #128_Apples - 3
I have used cream coloured alphas forming the names of different apples. Here's is Baldwin.

 #128_Apples - 4
And Blenheim Orange along with lace, gauze, canvas, beadss, tulle, fabric and regular washi tape and gesso/modelling paste/lots of different mists.

 #128_Apples - 5

#128_Apples - 6
Some Prima leaves that I touched up with acrylic paint in gold.

 #128_Apples - 7

 #128_Apples - 8
The suede, tan and beige are mainly in the layers of the matting.

 #128_Apples - 9

 #128_Apples - 10

Prima also released the winners and features of the August BAP and PPP yesterday. Jennifer Snyder's gorgeous page won the BAP and Shona Keehn landed herself a well deserved win with her PPP.

For me the ultimate happiness is sharing success with my friends. Together with the beautiful pages of so many of yours, was also my PPP that I have called "Melancholy". CONGRATULATIONS to each and one of us!!

 Prima AUG2012 PPP 2500px main

 Prima AUG2012 PPP - 2

 Prima AUG2012 PPP - 3
Once again I have used a photo by the same Finnish photographer that I mention above. I always send her a photo of my finished page so that she can see what I have created with it.

 Prima AUG2012 PPP - 4

 Prima AUG2012 PPP - 5

Prima AUG2012 PPP - 6

 Prima AUG2012 PPP - 7

 Prima AUG2012 PPP - 8

 Prima AUG2012 PPP - 9

And with this last photo we have come to the end of this post. Thanks so much for your patience and for your much appreciated visit!

I am sending you off with a peek of the third joint September OUAS + CSI challenge that will be released this Friday evening standard Eastern time/Saturday morning standard Eastern Australian time. This time I will be sharing my page as OUAS DT member why it will be featured over at OUAS as well.

Have a really really great rest of the week and see you again on Saturday!

Toodeloo! xoxo Eila