Friday, 4 May 2012

Prima April BAP and Prima April PPP

So it's Friday again and I just keep repeating myself about how time must have entered space warp, seems like there is only two days to a week. Scrapping has taken the back seat for a couple of weeks when I have prioritized my sweet husband and neglected friends. My nook is screaming for cleaning but I have only closed the door and looked elsewhere. Now my mojo is stirring again, feels rather nice.

Today is release day over at TCR but I have no page to share with you for the above reasons. However, for the first time ever, I did send in a page for the Prima April BAP and the Prima April PPP several weeks ago. Those I will be sharing at the end of this post.

Here is the palette #109 as well as the Special Edition palette that Lydell has created for one of our May sponsors; ScrapThat! The Special Edition palette will run for the whole month of May in parallell to the 4 regular weekly palettes. Our other sponsor is Fancy Pants so TCR is giving away 2 fabulous kits this month as both ScrapThat! and Fancy Pants are donating really gorgeous RAKs.

and the Special Edition palette

First the Prima April BAP that I have called "Where Fairies Roam". Seeing the first photo and then the others, one wonders if it is actually the same LO. Very very weird how the colours photographed, the photos weren't taken on different days or time. It's the main page that reflects the true colours!

Prima April BAP 4000px

Evidently everything on it is from Prima :)

 Prima April BAP -2

This one is a gift for my girlfriend M. It's her dad and daughter in the photo, which was taken last summer when they were in Cornwall, UK on summer hols.

Prima April BAP -3 Prima April BAP- 4 Prima Apil BAP- 5

And then the Prima April PPP that I have called "Second Bloom".

Prima April PPP main 4000px

This is my girlfriend K who lost her husband after 25 years of marriage but who has found love again. It's
wonderful to see her bloom once more.

. Prima April PPP - 2 Prima April PPP - 3 Prima April PPP - 4 Prima April PPP- 5 Prima April PPP - 5 So Friday it is YAY! and I hope you will all have a beautiful weekend! Thanks for popping in! Toodeloo! xoxoxo Eila


  1. Eila, these pages are stunning,...your friends are going to appreciate them for those prima lovelies :)

  2. Both gorgeous creations Eila.. so many beautiful details!! I ADORE all your floral clusters and fussy cut elements!! Hugs :))

  3. Eila, you have been busy again creating magnificent layouts! Gosh, I always love visiting and seeing how you construct your layouts, what elements you use and 'how' you use them... always wonderful inspiration. I just so adore the Where Fairies Roam.. and I just love how you folded back the corner page of the other layout and added embellishments. I always find magnificent inspiration from you, thank you!

  4. These are all just DEVINE, as always. Your layouts are always filled with so many gorgeous treasures that you just want to keep looking & looking.Always a pleasure to visit here Eila. Cheers Di xo

  5. You've got a keen eye for treasures Eila. Oh how I'd love to go shopping with you looking for them. Yes, I do believe fairies roam in Cornwall, one only needs to watch that show, Doc. Martin, to know that they do. Such a beautiful place. The colors you've worked with are so very beautiful, and I adore all those little hidden caverns where you've tucked those lovely treasures.

  6. beautiful pages and yes when your busy with scrapping cleaning cooking!
    Love the page from your friend and the story behind this page so sweet of you to scrap here..
    byeeeeeeeeeeeee and happy cleaning weekend!!!hihihih

  7. its so nice of you to do these beautiful pages for your friends! your such a giving person.

    love the border punches you used. i'm starting to use boarders more and more. my cricut cuts some pretty amazing ones.. and i spent one afternoon just cutting random ones in different sizes now i'm ready to go with all my projects!

    the Special Edition palette - yay that color scheme is just for you! has you all over it! but i understand the priorities of family its always my first responsibility and scrapping has taken a back burner one most days myself.

    again love these layouts! gorgeous work. i know your friends will love them as i love the ones you've done for me! ~R

  8. Gorgeous, gorgeous work lovely Eila!! All of those beautiful florals in your layouts are so delightful. I hope you manage to get some more scrapping time in!! :-) xo

  9. Wow! These are just fab! Soooooooooooo pretty!

  10. HI sweetie! So happy to visit you here and to hear you are doing well! Lovely layouts with such an eclectic, gorgeous combination of textures and embellishments! Simply beautiful!:-)

  11. Both Prima pages r beautiful! I so agree that the time just seems to vanish!

  12. I know that you have been awarded the Liebster award twice over list would have been incomplete without your name. Thank you for inspiring me. Please visit Scrapbooks From India for details.

  13. Just LOVE them Eila! Totally awesome pages - so inspiring!! Thank you!!! Have a lovely week!

  14. Soooo much gorgeousness happening here Miss Eila. I always admire the lovely soft & dreamy qualities of your layouts. Superb. Hugz Di xo

  15. Gorgeous creations my friend! many beautiful
    details that I loved it! Sweet story about your friend. I love scrapbooking but I love my family and my hubby more, so I put scrapbooking in the back seat often,too,lol, Take care dear! A Big Hug! :)xoxo