Saturday, 28 April 2012

TCR #108 Waiting For Summer

Glorious glorious spring how I have longed for you! Had the balcony door open yesterday and the most heavenly birdsong was heard. Elsa and Alice have started waking up at 04.00 a.m. because it gets light then, while Max our sleepy boy very sensibly stays in bed for some more hours.

We have a semi bank holiday coming up on Monday - Valpurgis - and a proper one on Tuesday, so we're in for yet another treat of an extended weekend. Valpurgis is celebrated just like Guy Fawkes in the UK, with a big bonfire although we don't burn any rebel on the stakes. It's in celebration of spring! Hubbs is taking me out for a BBQ dinner out on town.

This longing for lighter and warmer days is impermeated in the Scandinavian soul, no wonder with 5 months of nothing but darkness and winter. This longing is also the theme for my TCR #108 page that I have called "Waiting For Summer". First the palette and inspo photo:

It is the last week of Manor House Creation's sponsor month and they have once again very generously donated flowers to the DT. Here is my page:

#108_Waiting for Summer 4000px-main

I found the photo on internet. This is a typical winter sight, although the quaint and cute little wooden houses are not the typical buildings of our cities. These houses can however be found in smallish country

 #108_Waiting for Summer -2

The backing paper is from Swedish Pion Design's new collection called For Mother. The subtle lace pattern is really lovely IRL but here it looks just kraft or beige.

In the top cluster I have used 3 MHC flowers, the top one has a fantastic silvery glitter to it. The pink one in the middle was white to begin with, but I missted in a couple of soft pink shades.

The green one in tulle was more lime coloured, so I misted in Olive Vine to get a more muted hue.

Brick stamping from Prima and border stamping also from Prima.

#108_Waiting for Summer - 3

The new Blogger and I really don't like each other, I find it a lot harder to use than the old one. So annoying when it takes a lot more time to get the same result. Grrr!

I gave the chippie lamp post from Dusty Attic a random coating of white acrylic paint for starters and then misted it in black and slate gray before adhering dollops of grainy snow paint and Stickles. I have to admit I like the effect.

 #108_Waiting for Summer - 4

Here's a close up of the cute little doll houses.
#108_Waiting for Summer - 5

I used a big clock face mask and really thick slabs of molding paste as I wanted the pattern to show really well. Misting in Sand and a soft pink shade to bring out the pattern some more. Some fussy cut roses from a paper from Meg's Garden that I had sitting on my desk.

#108_Waiting for Summer - 6

An old Prima floral corner swirl under the bottom cluster, a lovely postal strip stamp from our second sponsor over at TCR; Stamp-It-Australia. The brad is from a local store. The tiny itty doily was bought from Leeann Pearce's Etsy shop Chip Chop Shop and the white German lace is from Meg's Garden.

#108_Waiting for Summer - 7

More MHC flowers, the big nougat coloured velvet bloom (love the stamens on that one) and the small lime tulle one that I misted in Olive Vine. The pink roses are from KaiserCraft.

#108_Waiting for Summer - 8

The Swedish scrappy magazine called Inzpira features TCR palettes but this week they kind of caught us unawares publishing a palette that we had no idea was being published. So abrakadabra! Lydell had to release an extra unplanned special edition palette this week:

I have only now started pulling papers for this and have no idea whether I'll come up with anything. I do love seeing other people scrap these vibrant happy colours but the colours don't come easily for me. Might have to add another forbidden colour to the palette just to make it work for me. More of this later.

Time for a refill of my coffee mug. Lovely having you popping by for a peek! Take care and have a wonderful weekend all of you.

Cheers! xoxox Eila


  1. such a beautiful waiting for summer the clock masking in the background,gives it a great texture look,,fabulous as always..have a great spring day :)

  2. Look at that snow... beautiful photographs Eila, and layout. The masking is gorgeous, must do some more of this, you have inspired me.

  3. Wow, this is one of my favs of yours, loving that picture, want to stay there! The big clock face is genius,I adore the lamppost and all that misting on the flowers to get the right shade, you have outdone yourself this week! Spring has not sprung here, we have gone back to winter and it has rained and rained for the last ten days, beginning to get a bit sick of it now LOL!
    Hope you have a fantastic weekend, enjoy your Spring weather and look forward to seeing another creation soon x

  4. Its a BEAUTY this page i love the colors and details .The clock mask is perfect cool idea to!
    Yep spring is some where not here any way..
    Have a great weekend byeeeeeeeee<lean

  5. ohhh love this lo, the chippie treatment is divine and that clock masking WOW (what mask did you use???) - REALLY beautiful

  6. Love your lo it's my new fav of yourswith all the fab stamping to the wonderful photos ...stunning Miss E...i agree with the new blogger very annoying
    have a great time on the days off this week

  7. Amazing layout Eila!! Definitely one of my favourites!! I have to say I just can't imagine your weather...which is understandable I suppose, considering it is almost perpetual summer in the parts of Africa where I have lived my life! Enjoy your days off and your BBQ dinner - sounds lovely :)

  8. Oh, wow, Eila! Never would've thought of using a winter picture for that palette, but how perfect it is here with that beautiful photo. As always, your page is so beautifully designed. Love the clock in the background and how you added snow to the background. I especially love the shimmer you created on that lamp post. Just gorgeous. I always loving looking at all your pretty details!

  9. Wow! This is just stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Totally amazing, Eila!!! I love your layout!!! The colour palette is not my cup of tea... but that other one looks right up my alley!!!!!!!!! :D

  11. Perfection plus here Miss Eila. Those close ups are devine. Super duper gorgeous. Love it, as always. Cheers Di xo

  12. ok all i see is that GORGEOUS green in this layout! LOVE why do i love green so much.. makes me sooo happy!
    i agree with the blogger comment - haven't been happy in a while. when i took that blogging break i was thinking about switching the whole blog over to typepad and still might.. just not yet. R :)