Thursday, 30 August 2012

Meg's Garden - 3 pages

It's already Thursday and the weekend feeling has begun to knock on my shoulder. Happy happy feeling!

Strolling in Meg's Garden of many delights also makes me very happy. Meg has recently released a new paper collection called the Spring Paisley Collection. For us in the northern hemisphere, the colours of maroon, dusty pink and muted green are autumnal. 

So what better than actually create a page with that seasonal feeling to it.
I made a mixed media page with strong vibrant colours, very unusual for me but I really like the colour combinations. Surprise, surprise! I simply called it "Autumn".

19AUG2012 Autumn 2500px main

The frame is made with 4 different washi tapes.

19AUG2012 Autumn 4000px - 7

19AUG2012 Autum 4000 px - 5
I used a square doily from the shop both as mask with modelling paste and with mists to create the background.

19AUG2012 Autumn 4000px - 2
I then put the doily on my page although I cut out the centre and only used the "frame". Under it I have layered square bits of papers from the collection together with an orange paper from My Mind's Eye. Fussy cut tendrils also from one of the new papers.

19AUG2012 Autumn 4000 px - 6
The purple velvet violets are also from the store, they are absolutely adorable!
19AUG2012 Autumn 3000px - 4

As finishing touches I randomly smeared acrylic paint in gold over the whole page and glued down gold micro beads onto the misted doily. Yup, still enjoying my gold acrylic paint.

The second page that I made with papers from Meg's Garden is a romantic and soft one. The young beautiful lady in the photo is Alex, daughter of Agnieszka aka Bellaidea.

19AUG2012 Angelic 2500px main
The red paper at the very bottom is Glitz and the soft cream and teal one on top is KaiserCraft. The rest are from Meg's Garden.

 19AUG2012 Angelic - 2

 19AUG2012 Angelic - 3

 19AUG2012 Angelic - 4

 19AUG2012 Angelic - 5
The third and last page that I am sharing with you was made back in April and has never been posted anywhere. Seems like aeons ago. Here is my "Time" just for fun and comparison. Very clean and not a smidge of any kind of mixed media on it. Feels strange to see an all "paper" page.

Time main 4000px

Time 2
Have always loved fussy cutting and still do.

 Time 6

 Time 5

 Time 3

And before I say bye for now, I'll give you a sneak of the next CSI case file;

I so appreciate your visit, thank you very very much! I'll be back on Sunday with my page for CSI #35. Till then, have a smashing weekend!

Toodelipip! xoxox Eila

Monday, 27 August 2012

2 pages for CSI case file # 34 and a new Polish brand

Hello hello!

Hope you all had a really great weekend. Saturday was absolutely beautiful here in Stockholm, hubbs and I visited MIL together with my stepdaughter Emelie who left for 7 weeks' of filming for the Swedish Television in Greece this morning. Sunday was wet and more wet, the crash bang boom of the thunder scared the living daylights out of us all.

Promised to share the 2 pages I made for CSI case file # 34, first the prompt;

And of course the delish printable coordinates that our Michele Singh has created for us;

It is really such a shame when we see absolutely gorgeous pages uploaded in the member gallery but cannot vote for them as they lack any hint of journalling and quite often also a description of what evidence has been used.

ALL three challenge elements HAVE to be met or else the entry cannot be considered for a feature.

OK, next my first page that I've called "Sweet Heart" with the subtitle "Work, Eat, Sleep".

 34_Sweet Heart 3000px main
 The background paper is from Swedish Maja Design. The fussy-cut details are from Authentique.

 34_Sweet Heart

 34_ Sweet Heart - 2
This is Emelie, my stepdaughter. She is a studio camera man/person with the Swedish Television.

 34_Sweet Heart - 3
The glass glitter from Melissa Frances is the green colour of the palette. Here are 3 different wet mediums; modelling paste, gold acrylic paint and something I don't know the name of. It comes in a small tube and can be used to glaze anything. I used it in Straw and Snow White.

I took myself the liberty of changing the wave shape, to a heartshape  made with these wet mediums. I also made a lace bow instead of a ribbon bow.

 34_Sweet Heart - 5
This young lady works a lot and says that as her hobby is her profession, she really doesn't need to relax in the traditional way. She says that working gives her all the relaxation she needs, and eating and sleeping is a necessity to be able to do just that.

My oh my sweet heart, you just wait 10 years and then it'll be the other way 'round ... Been there done that myself ;))

 34_Sweet Heart - 6

I wasn't quite happy with this first page, something was missing but I couldn't figure out what. So I made another one and this time it felt just right.

Here's my "Doing Absolutely Nothing";

34B_Nothing 3000px main

The print background is from Authentique's collection Fresh, but check out the cluster to the left and all the papers under the photo!

They are all from a new Polish brand called Kind and generous owner Aneta Mencel sent me papers from their first collection called Summer and Latte. Lovely soft hazy colours.

34B Nothing - 2
The evidence that I have used on this page are wet mediums again, stripes in the washi tape and birds.

OK, I think the reference made in the title is pretty obvious checking out this photo. It's my DH's pant leg with a pine cone perched on his knee. You can spot one of his feet, waves and I think I see a grass straw down there too. What does DH do to relax? is the catch question.

I remember this Sunday, the last really warm and sunny day in August a couple of years ago. We took a spin out to the coast (takes 10 min by car for us) with a pic-nic basket and just chewed on a grass straw, counting the clouds and listened to the gentle lapping of the waves against the shore. A perfect day of nothingness and still filled with so much. Time wasn't important that day. So my inspirational words were definitely relax, breeze and free.

34B_Nothing - 3
The cute felt/lace/button clouds are from Charm's Creations in Australia. Absolutely adorable! Scrunched-up pages from an old tattered book.

 34B_Nothing - 4
A chippie vine with oodles of different mists and mediums on it.

 34B_Nothing - 5

 34B_Nothing - 6
Another cute cloud from Charm's Creation.

 34B_Nothing - 7
Wouldn't be an Eila page if it didn't have Prima flowers on it.

34B_Nothing - 8

I will be back in a couple of days with 2 pages for Meg's Garden. Till then, have a really great start to the week!

 Toodelipip! xoxo Eila

Friday, 24 August 2012

TCR # 125 and Swedish Inzpira magazine

What a beautiful day it has been this Friday, really hope tomorrow will be equally nice. Hubbs has gone to Mama Thai around the block, no cooking this evening! Max, Elsa and Alice have a treat waiting too - can you believe it but our fur babies are crazy about tinned corn! shrimps are sneered at but when they see me take out the tin from the cupboard ... bonanza!

Another yummie treat is the palette just released over at The Color Room. It is designed for the Swedish scrappy magazine Inzpira.

Ingvild Bolme is our GD for the month of August and boy is her layout totally droolworthy!

The DT has come up with some mighty amazing layouts again and Ayeeda has made a fab tutorial on how she made her mixed media page this week. That girl is incredibly inspirational! a total blast when it comes to creativeness.

Well, I didn't go the full monty this time but there is still some mixed media on my page - "This Guy Is Mine".

#125_This Guy 2500px main
The papers are from Teresa Collins.

 #125_This Guy - 2
A happy and relaxed DH. Suit and tie are tucked away in the farthest corner of the closet!

 #125_This Guy - 3
Melissa Frances resin bird nest.

 #125_This Guy - 4
Nothing fancy with the 2Crafty chippie gate, just covered in Stickles Cinnamon and that's it. Used a Prima packaging and stamped bricks and script. Some Tim Holtz washi tape.

 #125_This Guy - 5
This is the best bit: modelling paste, gel beads, lace, gauze, gold acylic paint and mist.

 #125_This Guy - 6

   #125_This Guy - 7

Cut a crocheted bloom in half and stapled them onto the page.

 #125_This Guy - 8
Triple layered hearts just stapled together.

 #125_This Guy - 9
The punching of the kraft cardstock was a happy accident. The cardstock was too soft so it stuck good into the punch and I had to bend and bang it on the desk to make it come unloose. Looked kind of neat when I had pulled it out so I went along and used it any way.

Before I leave you, I'll show you a peek of the next case file over at CSI:

With this I say bye bye for now and wish you a really wonderful weekend! I'll be back with my two pages for the case file 34 after the weekend.

Toodelipip! xoxo Eila

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

TCR 124 and something just for fun

Rushing this blog post before it's Friday in Australia and a new palette release over at The Color Room.

This is the current one in collaboration with Prima who are our August sponsors.

I had plans for my page but everything turned out completely different. I suddenly ran out of time and had to rush everything, which is never a good thing to do. Here it is, my "Green Little Apples" with DH and MIL.

#124_Little Green Apples 3000px main
The papers are Prima Tea Thyme and G45 Ladies Diary.

 #124_Little Green Apples - 2

 #124_Little Green Apples - 3
The new Prima embellies are just heavenly! I've stocked up plenty.

 #124_Little Green Apples - 4
Gold micro beads, love the stuff.

 #124_Little Green Apples - 5
Prima resin bird, wood clock face, metal cog, metal clock face and hands, metal trinket and blooms.

 #124_Little Green apples - 6

 #124_Little Green Apples - 7
While on summer hols, I had time to create something just for myself. Love the G45 Ladies Diary and played a little bit more with the papers. This is not a take on any sketch or any challenge, just something I made.

 Ring Ring 3000 px main
The photo is not my own, it's by the Finnish photographer whom I've mentioned before. I have her permission to use photos off her website as long as I point out they are not mine.
 Ring Ring - 2
When I was a little girl, we spent all summers in Finland with my maternal grandfather and paternal grandmother + a great many cousins, aunties and uncles. In the tiny village close to the Russian border where my grandfather lived, there was only one single phone and it hung on the wall in one of the houses down the hill and just before the dwindling dirtroad made a sharp curve.

It was mighty exciting to walk there with my grand father. There was always lots of people waiting for their calls to come through and while waiting, they were drinking coffee and gossiping. The men rolled their own cigarettes and they all had tobacco flakes in the corner of their mouth. I always got an orange soda and sat there quiet as a mouse in a corner, eyes big as saucers and ears like antennae listening to everything that was said.

 Ring Ring - 3

 Ring Ring - 4

 Ring Ring - 5

 Ring Ring - 6

And to finish this post, I'll give you a sneak of the next case file over at CSI. It will be released on Friday afternoon US Eastern time/midnight European time/Saturday morning in Australia.

Cheerio everybody! only 2 days to go before the weekend is here! YAY!

xoxox Eila