Friday, 20 May 2011

TCR # 59 Prince Valiant AND big news! I AM RDA FOR THE NEXT MONTH WOHOO!

WOOO HOOO and WOOO HOOO again! Finally I can let the bubble burst and let you all know the secret that I've been keeping for a while. It still hasn't sunk in entirely that I have been chosen RDA over at The Color Room, teaming up with my wonderfully talented and sweet friend from Brisbane - Lindy Gillespie!! I am so floating on clouds!

And here's the gorgeous shabby palette #59 inspired by Scrap That's May kit and Pink Paislees Butterfly papers. What do you say about the colours; Pale Eucalypt, Buttercup Cream, Wild Mushroom and Pink Dusk. Delicious enough to eat I say!

At times I feel that the shortage of the perfect photos or photos that are good enough for cropping, really puts a lid on my mojo. Not this time, I have some new ones taken a couple of weeks ago. I thought this one of my hubby Bengt was kind of cute. He can wear pinks or powder blues and still look every inch the man he is, and he likes when I use flowers on pages that feature him. No hang-ups about being perceived as feminine!

#59_Prince Valiant-main

I used some of the papers from Scrap That's May kit (they are sponsors over at TCR this month together with Imaginarium Designs); Pink Paislee's Butterfly. For a gal who loves her fussy cutting, there was nothing else but to pull out my crafters' knife and set out to cut. Oh happy days! I spent 5 hours cutting 3 doilies and the birdcage which I left intact on the paper. Here's a close-up of the pretty doilies:

#58_doilies for Prince Valiant

Handstitching adds a fabulous touch to any paper craft I think, it is so worth the time it takes and the prickled finger tips. I spent another 1,5 hour stitching the border and the 3 squares used for matting. I always use embroidery thread as I just loooove the range of colours available.

#59_Prince Valiant-4

Here you might spy that the background under the birdcage is actually pink. I glimmermisted the cardstock in TA Vintage Pink and Tattered Rose leaving teeny splatter here and there. The bars are Stickled in Gold and touched up with white acrylic paint. It's hard to see, but the bird cage hangs in a golden chain.

#59_Prince Valiant-3

#59_Prince Valiant-2

Here's a small doily peeking out under the Prima's. I misted the originally sheer bloom in the same TA pinks that I used under the birdcage, and touched up the petals in Stickles Gold and white acrylic paint.

It's still very early Friday morning here in Stockholm and another working day is waiting before I can kick-off my court shoes and wriggle out of my suit. Really looking forward to that glass of rosé at the end of the day. Wishing you all scrappy friend a fabulous weekend!

So before rushing to work, thank you warmly for your visit and take care! xxooo Eila


  1. Oh Dear Eila - this is so fantabulously (I just made that word up)awesome! Congrats on the RDA!!!! I am sooo excited for you. I can't wait to see what lovely layouts you create. You are the queen of yummy, delicate, timeless, absolutely stunning layouts. I love to see all the wonderful details. You can definately see that your entire being is in every piece. Congrats again my dear friend and I hope you have a glorous weekend!
    Hugz! Tina

  2. For en fantastisk LO!!! Jeg er så imponert over det du skjærer ut og disse doiliesene er jo intet unntak!! Helt fantastisk. Alle detaljene du har med, fra bakgrunnen i buret som er mistet og den nydelige håndsømmen. Rett og slett nydelig og imponerende!
    Gratulerer så mye som RDA - så spennende og gøy!

    Ha en flott weekend!

  3. WoooHooo! so pleased to see you up in lights eila!! ... and OMGosh what extraordinary detail in your Prince Valiant!! just truely outstanding. Congrats to you... hugs x

  4. Congratulations and jubiliations...........I am actually singing, Eila! I am so happy for you. And very well deserved too. Go on and share some more of your awesomeness!
    Hugs from India.

  5. Congrats but your work is stunning so they are right to let you to the team.
    Your page is so beautiful...lots of work..great job.
    have a lovely weekend byebye,lean

  6. Congrats my friend you so so deserve it your work is stunning

  7. congrats on the RDA post and you totally deserve it beautiful layout as always. Love it!

  8. All your close ups are great Eila!!!! Love that I can see it all better here... And it is a beautiful page (and what a good looking DH you have there!!!!) You are very deserving of RDA.....I dont know why you are so surprised!!!!LOL ;-)

  9. Hey Eila a BIG congrats to you! You should not be surprised...your lo's are always so pretty! This one is another beauty. The detail and all the cutting is amazing! :)

  10. Eila, what great news! I'm so proud of you and your amazing achievement! You will be a great asset to The Color Room!

    I am always blown away by your fabulously shabby style...can't wait to see what you're going to do next!:-)

  11. Eila, jeg visste ikke at du hadde blogg!!!!! Selvfølgelig må jeg være følger av bloggen DIN! :) Gratulerer så mye som RDA! Det fortjener du virkelig. Og for en nydelig LO da! Så mange lekre detaljer, wow. Og de doyliene var helt nydelige.
    Skal absolutt følge med fremover her på bloggen din(legges til mine favoritter).
    Stor klem fra Brit

  12. Eila my dear friend!!!!!!!
    Congratulations your work is stunning !!!!! they are right to let you to the team!!!!You have such a great talent!!
    Your page is so beautiful...lots of work..wonderful job as always !!!!!
    Thanks for your visit and for the lovely are such a sweet person!!!
    I wish a lovely weekend .
    Kisses and hugs from Brazil

  13. oh my god!! you're crazy how did you ever cut those by hand!! i'm totally aww-stuck! beautiful!

  14. Hello Ella,

    You make the most beautiful projects!!

    Greetings, Bea

  15. Congratulations, Eila! They are lucky to have you as their guest artist! Your work is just gorgeous, and this page is so beautiful and full of lovely texture and detail!

  16. Just Love what you have done with the Butterfly Garden paper!The doilies and cage!!!!!!!
    Congats on the color will have so much fun....Hoe I get the time to play along again this scrap room is op ze kop...I can not find any thing. I have a new table so every thing has to get back in order again. But I do have more space to create and fill up now.I shall post photo's when done.....bye oxoxxo

  17. Absolutely massive congratulations Eila! Splendidly superb!! Great that you got the RDA post - nice that they chose some members that we all know for a change & you & Lindy did a stunning job (and it's for a whole month I pressure is on now hey!) Well this is your masterpiece for sure - your hubs must be totally besotted & humbled by your lavish display of love for I love fussy cutting too but I limit myself to an hour of it per layout! I was so chuffed with my "Love you more" layout efforts that took me an hour to cut up one whole sheet of paper but next to yours here I am totally out of my depth LOL. There is a hobby where you fold & cut paper into intricate cut-outs for some really beautiful effects...I am not sure what it is called but that would suit you to a T! Hope you are enjoying the weekend & the wine :)

  18. Firstly congrads on being the chosen RDA over at the Color Room. That's so exciting!
    As for your LO, Oh my goodness...where do I's superb! Good on you for spending hours fussy cutting the doilies and the birdcage..the effort was well worth it! Your stitching is fantastic! I love that you added gold thread to "hang" your birdcage...what a nice touch. Great photo too...I'm sure your DH must be really proud that you've created such a stunning LO just for him...
    Have a super week!

  19. Are you addicted to blogging now LOL, I think so. Fantastic news, so well deserved that layout is unbelievable, the birdcage is a work of art and what a cute hubbie! I raise a glass or two of rose to your success, take care enjoy the rest of Sunday x.

  20. Eila, your work is beautiful. I love that your guy is comfortable with the flowers. To me it puts you (via your style) right on the page there with him. You inspire me to do that with my husband. He's a pretty secure guy too. Wonderful page!

  21. Thanks so much, Eila, for visiting my blog and commenting upon my tennis post! I feel very comfortable sharing myself with you, simply because you're so sweet and kind!

    I feel very blessed to have become your friend through our blogs...and I am so proud of your accomplishments!:-)

  22. Hi Eila i have put my sniffer at your flowers to...

  23. Very very beautiful layout...

  24. Well it was about time I showed up my face here and give you love, I am so happy they chose you as an RDA I immediately posted you on TCR. Coming here and seeing the close ups of your beautiful Prince is just stunning, love it!

  25. Geez Eila, I'm totally blown away with all that fussy cutting (and the layering AND the hand stitching - I love to hand stitch but my arthritis under my right thumb often times makes me opt for machine stitching). But those doilies, good grief!! Love that you put so many detailed shots so we can really appreciate the process and the work you put in your layouts. Your hubby must be thrilled with this layout. Actually I think the flowers and the butterflies in this layout just make him stand out as the real man I'm sure he is - hihii!
    You asked about how much time I spend on my layouts - it depends. Anywhere from 2 hours to 2 days but I do work well under pressure - that is under pressure of deadlines during online crops which I love. Back in Nov 2009 I created the total of 27 layouts between two online crops at the same time (25 for one and 2 for the other one). I have to say that I don't like 5 of them, other 10 are ok, but the rest I like and there are two or three that I still think are some of my best layouts ever.

    Keep up the good work!


  26. Yeah ! mad cutting skillz you have in my books , my dearie !!! Too happy to see both you & Lindy as RDAs at the Color Room ! whoppee !

    Indeed the delicate attention to details on this layout just boggles me !