Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Overnight House Guests Are No Good For the Mojo - CCG 191

Darned! Just as I had laid out all my stuff for a glorious Saturday of scrapping, the phone rang. As nice as it is to have friends visit, I would kind of like them to give just a weee bit of notice, at least if they are counting on board and lodging. Down with all the stuff in my IKEA storage boxes and hide them in the bed room. Bye by said Mojo, see ya next Friday!

Well here is last Friday's release of the CCG palette # 190, a rather challenging combo of yellows and green.

Happy Mother's Day weekend!! This week's Designer Challenge: Focus on Topic - Mom! Mother's Day is this Sunday, so we want to celebrate our Mom's and your Mom, and just being MOM! Create a project about the best gift you have ever received or given to your Mom or as a Mom. If you are a card maker, follow our topic this week and create a Mother's Day card!

I just very quickly made a card this evening, not happy with the last-minute work but here it is anyway. It is for my mother who left us far too early.

Green dotted Bazzill cardstock stitched onto white dito. Patterned paper is Swedish designer Pysselgumman at Pion Design, really sweet and shabby Lilly of the Valley pattern. I know Vicky Alberto is a huge fan of the papers, she is also a DT over at Pion. How awesome is that, a Canadian gal on a Swedish DT!

A wide green silk ribbon under the lace and then I grouped white lilies, tiny yellow and white roses and larger yellow&white roses onto the lace. Too bad once again that the Glimmer Glam in Golden Goddess that I just brushed onto the blooms doesn't show in its glittery gloriousness. Dipped my finger into Gesso and just lightly touched up the roses. The cardboard chippies were originally white and glitter fabulously IRL. I misted them in TA Glimmermist Marigold. Doesn't show too well either. Sigh!

Thank you ever so much for all the fantastic comments on my win of the Imaginarium Chippies!! I am over the moon with happiness!

Todeloo! xx Eila


  1. LOL! How annoying..only a fellow addicted scrapper would commiserate. LOL!

    This is a stunning card...how sad but lovely that you still created it for your mum. She would have loved it . Take care .

  2. Beautiful card!! Love the use of that ribbon! gorgeous bow!

  3. Your card is divine! Love that lace trim, the little roses and those sparkly letters...really beautiful.

    Have a super week! Hope you are able to get more scrapping done once the house guests leave... :)

  4. What an awesome card Eila!!how lovely to create it for your mum so thoughtful...have a great week my friend


  5. Hi Eila! Thanks for your fun comments and compliments on my blog about the travel journal! It makes me feel so good!

    This card is GORGEOUS! What an amazing, beautiful tribute to your mom! What a great keepsake for generations to come, to know how special she was! I especially love the lace along the card's spine...very chic and elegant!:-)

  6. Shame Eila - you really need your own scrap room! Do you not scrap during the week at all - after work?? Hope you had fun with your friends anyway. We have had visitors 3 weeks in a row & would you believe it MORE this weekend! I do NOT like it - time is so precious & I get so much caught up with on the weekend - half a weekend would be fine but my whole weekend? NOOOOOOOO!!!! Love your card despite your dissatisfaction with it :)

  7. Challenging combo?? Yellow and green! Oh that's so right up my ally! I NEED to do this challenge!
    Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to have my scrap room - but I remember the days of pulling everything out and packing back up again! Dishy get as much done back then..noe I have a half a dozen things going on at once and if someone pops over.. I just close my french doors! I love it! Any who - love the card