Monday, 2 May 2011

CCG 187 Tea for Two - April 2011 - MENTIONED IN THE NEWSLETTER

Happy April!! New month, new theme!!! April showers brings May flowers, that is the saying here in the States. So this week’s Designer’s Challenge is inspired by all that wetness: Focus on Technique - create a project using wet mediums. This could mean using spray inks, stamping inks, paint, paper glaze, glitter glue, gesso, and anything else your creative minds will come up with!! But hey, wet glue as an adhesive does not count!! LOL! So, go ahead and get MESSY!!!

Bright colours scare the living daylight out of me so any palette with only brights is a serious challenge. The inspirational photo made me think if rain in itself and what I love doing on a dismal wet day.

I put on my old and comfy cashmere sweater, the rag socks my Finnish auntie knitted for me (it's got whiskers, beads for eyes and stitched nose; silly I know) and then I cuddle up in my fave chair by the window with a book, fleece blanket and a pot of tea (coffee is not for rainy days for me, though it is what I drink on any other day and time of day).

Within seconds I have company of our cats, who if I'm lucky, want to share the fleece with me and curl up on my lap. In the top photo you can see Alice checking out the pot with a happy tail and then comes Elsa as sure as day follows on night.

Pps are MME Stella & Rose and Crate Emma's Shoppe, yellow doily courtesy of Leeann P (ta!), ribbon, brad and buttons crate Emma's Shoppe, felt blooms from Precocious Paper on Etsy. As wet mediums I used Gesso, yellow acrylic paint, teal misting for bubble wrap stamping, yellow mist for splatter and lime Shimmerz for larger splotches.

Thanks sweet ladies for looking at my page, any comments you may want to leave are truly appreciated! xxx

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  1. how bright and wonderful! love the colors and super duper love the picture!