Friday, 13 May 2011

TCR # 57 Dreams on Wheels

Both TCR and CCG released their new palettes this morning Swedish time, but that will be another post later.

As it is my Friday off from work, I had time to mess up our kitchen table again and work on last week's palette from TCR # 57, beautiful colours for His Room; Deep Red, Barely Beige, Totally Taupe and Rich Brown.

Once again it's MIL in the photo. It's taken in the glorious summer of 1956 when she and FIL got engaged. I know it's Midsummer because there is a birch twig stuck into the grille of the car. That's still a Swedish tradition in many places. I also know that it is their very first Renault followed by a great many others over the years to come. That's why I called my layout "Dreams on Wheels".

I started by misting white cardstock around the edges with TA Burned Red and then stitched on the paper from Glitz after having scrunched and tweaked the edges. The photo is matted with papers from Glitz Love Nest, Basic Grey Curio, Prima Jack & Jill and Swedish Pysselgumman at Pion Design.

Flowers, bling and leaves are Prima. I poured TA Glitter Glam in Golden Goddess on the leaves and some splatter to the left but it looks like I've accidentally dropped dollops of mustard instead LOL. The green splatter on the lace is TA Glimmer Glam in Organic Garden. The ligher cream colours splotches is Shimmerz Candle Light. So disappointed none of the painterly effects looks like it does IRL.

Thanks for your visit, lovely having you! till later, xxx Eila


  1. Eila totally love your stunning page and loved how you acheive the effects

  2. This is absolutely stunning! I love all the layers, the misting, your use of glitter on the, you've added so many other great details to your LO..fabulous.

  3. Hi Eila, what a fantastic picture to scrap, love the story behind it, the layout is wonderful, like all the misting and splattering adds to the old feel of it, fantastic. Have a scrappy weekend x

  4. Wowza! Love this layout gorgeous! I have a quick tip for you if you select the picture then hit medium or large it will increase the size of your uploaded picture - would be a little easier to see all the details if the picture was a little bigger - and this is such a beautiful layout I'd love to see every detail! Hope it's ok that I mention this.

  5. This looks like a very beautiful layout full of painterly effects Eila - well done! When you are uploading you could try selecting XL for them if you want them to show up really big so that we can see all that yummy detail more clearly :)

  6. I am going back to The Color Room to save this in MY LIKES gallery! Don't know how I failed to see it before.