Monday, 2 May 2011

CCG 182 Splendour - March 2011 - FEATURED AS TODAY'S GALLERY FAVE

It’s that time again! So we are celebrating March’s Fashion Week all month long. So, enjoy the fun music! It’s “I’m too Sexy” by Right Side Fred.

Our Designer's Challenge is Focus on Design. What I noticed most about this week’s photo, besides the gorgeous men of course, was the tone on tone, monochromatic dress wear. I also noticed the ‘pop’ of gray in their accessories. So this week’s challenge is to recreate that look. By creating a monochromatic, subtle, tone on tone look and leaving one of the colors in the palette as your strong accent color.

Fashion does not necessarily have to be current fashion. I have always been fascinated by all aspects of the 18th century. The catwalk of that period was the afternoon strolls in parks and palaces. Those who could afford it, wore crisp linens, sheer muslins, silk, lace and embroidery. Burlap was used for upholstery.

With this is mind, there was no other photo but this that had to be scrapped. It's taken in the royal palace of Drottningholm, which is also the private residence of the Swedish royal family.

The dress is a replica. The "painting" is taken from internet and printed on acetate. I started off by stamping a brocade pattern on the cardstock, but it all ended up under my embellies. First lesson learned; think first!

Scrunchy seambinding, leaves sewn from rough linen, Prima bloom and jewel swirl, silver and white MM pins, my first ever DA chippie (second lesson learned; use less heavy hand on the misting) which I then Stickled in silver/gold/green, "clock" is a BoBunny Gabrielle trinket placed on a PP Artisan embelli. I first painted it in white/green/gray and then scaped off some of the paint to let the metal show through.

However I try, I never seem to be able to make any clean and crisp pages, I love my stuff too much and just keep piling it on! Thank you for popping by and taking your time to read my ramblings! xx

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