Sunday, 1 May 2011

CCG 178 Sweet Tooth - I AM FEATURED MEMBER OF THIS WEEK HOORAAH!! and 179 True Love - February 2011

Welcome to a new challenge week! Happy February!

A new month also brings a new theme to our challenges. We celebrate February, the month of Valentines and sweethearts, and SWEETS with a series of scrumptious, delectable Inspiration Boards!

Our Designer's Challenge is to Focus on Product, This week's palette is deliciously sugary, so the icing on the petit fours in the Inspiration Photo inspired this week‘s Designer‘s Challenge: Use rub-ons or stamps to add "icing" to your projects! As a reminder, you can create any project, layout or card with this week’s combo.

Oooh, and we celebrate Eila Sandberg as our Featured Member this week! Her enthusiasm is infectious and her designs are so pleasing! You rock Eila!

The first thing that entered my mind reading the description of the petit four, icing bow and plate was my DH and his fondness of anything sweet. So the round shape is the plate, the double lace in white and pink around the plate curly up daintily, that's the doily. The letters by Chatterbox artsy.licious are called "in chocolate" so that is self-explanatory. The photo is of my DH last summer, having what we Swedes love most; "fika". That's coffe and the omnipresent cake of some sort. This one is a sponge with crème Anglaise (vanilla), whipped double cream, raspberry jam and coated in green marzipan.

As it happened, I had just got some new papers by Swedish designer Maja and the names of each paper makes my mouth water. How about; "love my coffee"; "chocolate treat"; "marzipan cake" and the scaloped double green matting is "apple crumble". There is smaller print on the papers, some have recipes for cakes while others have coffee and chocolate related sentiments. Makes me hungry!

Then I made the cupcakes. Mixed Gesso with molding paste to get a thickish, swirly icing. The strawberry and vanilla ones, were misted before I stirred the mix with a fine brush. Placed smaller pearls in the icing and larger ones on top. The chocolate chips are cut out from the same dark brown Bazzill cardstock as the cups.

The designer challenge of the word "icing" either stamped or rubbed, is rubbed on the right-hand bottom corner of the photo itself and I have enchanced it with some liquid medium that I bought in a local store. It comes in different colours, this one was white out of the tube and dried into a semi sheer glittering icing. Sorry, have no idea what the equivalent would be called in the US but I am sure it can be bought.

Our challenge week falls with Valentine’s Day, so we have a LOVEly challenge in store! Our Designer’s Challenge this week is Focus on Photos, so continuing with love and sweets for this month, we want you to celebrate the sweet love of your lives, your partners. Use a photo or photos of your husbands, boyfriends, fiance's. Adapt the challenge to your own personal life.

I have been hoarding these MME pps since they were released, waiting for the perfect occasion to scrap them. When my bubbly, colourful, artistic and wonderful friend Rebekah announced that she and the love of her life, Eric, were going to tie the knot on St Patrick's Day I knew the perfect time had come.

Bekah has kindly allowed me to scrap some of their engagement pics, so this is true love but not my guy so to say. When stash raiding for some acoutrements, I realized I have practically nothing in grey so the silver will have to make do this time. Thanks a mill for having a peek! xx

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  1. you are way... WAY to kind with all your generous compliments! and by the way you can use my photos any time!! hehe