Sunday, 1 May 2011

TCR # 42 Girls - January 2011

Here is this weeks Palette. The Third in the Shimmerz Paints Series.
This one is cool and calm - Hermit the Frog; Saphire; Blue By U and Sea Foam.

Hermit the frog in the bottle is actually a very BRIGHT green. Depending on how you use any kind of mists, the colours can vary to what it looks like in the bottle. If you layer Hermit the frog it will be the same colour as in the bottle. A light spray will give you 'lighter' results. If you spray on wet paper, or on top of another colour the results will vary as well. All of these factors created the colour you see pictured as Hermit the frog when the above Inspiration picture was created. Just thought I would explain the reason 'Hermit The Frog' is pictured as a sage green in the palette, when the actual product in the bottle is a much brighter shade.

What a beautiful and dreamy palette! and what gorgeous creativity that has exploded on the photo wall!! This is my MIL and her bestest friend on MIL's 86th birthday this gone summer. When they meet it's like they enter a time warp, nothing has changed in all the years that have passed since they first met. That's where I got the title from, girls will be girls, and the sentiment. Papers are once again from local supplier Panduro. Thank you so very very much for having a peek!

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