Sunday, 1 May 2011

TCR # 47 All Smiles - February 2011

Here's my colourful girlfriend Rebekah and her darling Eric in one of their engagement photos. Sunflower yellow/orange and green are her all-time fabourite colours and the necklace she's wearing in the original colour photos is green too.

Lucky me the postman had just brought a parcel from the US with the new MME Stella & Rose papers and some new Prima blooms. I've been moaning about my broken sewing machine that I never get down to having fixed, so my MIL loaned me hers from 1956. It weighs a ton but is quality iron ware, and works like a clock! Haven't done any stitching in say 15 years, guess who put her footsie on the pedal now!! Thank you as always for any comments you may want to leave!! cheers! xx

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  1. you're without a doubt correct! i absolutely love these colors & if i had to pick a favorite this is pretty close to the top.. ok, fine twist my arm... i think its the winner! i love this layout! the colors, flowers and that little hand/finger over to the side cracks me up! this is good stuff here people! think i'll give this color palette a go!