Saturday, 6 December 2014

White Christmas - day 6

Something wonderful happens each year
when boughs of mistletoe start to appear.
Suddenly strangers are quicker to smile,
neighbors more neighborly, at least for awhile.

We hear bells in the jingle of charitable quest,
and want to help others who are not as blessed.
Shoppers cross off lists in line at the mall,
sensing seasonal spirit that permeates all.

With hope and happiness we are instilled,
fresh feelings of charity and goodwill.
In December when Christmas day draws near
We're reminded it's the very best time of year!


Welcome! it's day 6 and time to share another one of my Scandinavian Christmas cards.

This one is with gold accents. I have picked up the green parts of the Petaloo bloom with die-cut green felt mistletoe in two hues. It takes about 25 of the mistletoe to make the wreath around the bloom, all die-cut by hand.

 Unfortunately the gold doesn't photograph well at all.
Shimmers beautifully IRL, here it looks beige.

God Jul means Merry Christmas in Swedish.
The "God" is pronounced as "Food" and has nothing
to do with the Christians belief.

Happy weekend to all of you!

xoxo Eila


  1. What a beautiful card! Love the felt layers!

  2. Gorgeous love the felt or whatever it is and the sparkle another stunning card Eila...

  3. Lovely textures & green is my favourite for Christmas!!