Thursday, 18 December 2014

White Christmas Cards - Day 11

One little star on the top of the tree,
Two little presents underneath for me,
Three silver ropes twisted around the tree,
Four colored lights shining prettily,
Five shining balls flowing silvery.
Oh, what a sight for us to see!

Today's card is in pale blue, gold and creamy white.

It goes to a very special person. 
She is the light of my life. Her smile
fills my soul with joy every single day.

One more card to go before my cavalcade of White 
Christmas cards has come to its end.

xoxo Eila


  1. Such a gorgeous, soft card! I really love it!

  2. A beautiful soft card - perfect for Christmas. I love the little stars at the top. Merry Christmas Eila. I hope you have a wonderful time and that 2015 will be a fabulous year for you <3