Saturday, 16 February 2013

By The Sea


February always marks the start of the big conference season in our company and boy have I had a flying start! Not an evening this week that I've gone to bed before midnight. The first management conference of several to come, takes place next Thursday. 

Working with the final arrangements always means no scrapping, no commenting and pre-scheduled blog posts. As some clever person once minted; the elephant has to be chewed up in small pieces.

So if you're reading this on Saturday, it means I'm busy producing Power Point slides.

Once in a too rare while I have time to create something just for me. Here is "Down by the Sea" simply because I wanted to scrap one of the new Norwegian Tilda collections called The Seaside Life. It has such gorgeous blue colours, and as blue is my favest colour of all, it was pure bliss!


 Thinking of old faded wallpaper with sweet floral pattern *sigh*

A feel of wooden old summer houses by the coast, mattress covers, summer dresses and collecting seashells.

A short and sweet blog post this time! Enjoy your weekend peeps! thanks for popping by!

Toodelipip! xoxo


  1. so so gorgeous love all the yummy details :)

  2. so many delicious details, love it all, hope you have time for some relaxing time before Monday starts again. :)

  3. Oh, this looks gorgeous! I can really see from the lay-out that you had a lot of fun making it. It is a real Eila-lay-out with all these pretty details and layers.

  4. So beautiful, Eila- and I love reading your thought process too- you are such a great story teller and you just get me all wrapped up in your work. Love it!


  5. Nydelig!!! og nå lengter jeg til sommeren når jeg ser denne herlige LOen din!! Herlige detaljer og lekkert med stempling her og der!
    Ikke jobbe deg ihjel nå da!

  6. So many gorgeous details. Your LOs are always filled with magnificent colour combos and looks like a garden of eden with all the lovely flowers.
    Love the Tilda stuff, Will have to bring some back when I go to Norway in March.
    Hope there will be some "you time" in between all the work :)

  7. Another gorgeous layout from Eila!!! and the paper is just divine love all the little details fussy cutting and many layers - So the busy time is just about here with your work breath deep and carry on ygmd!!
    have a great weekend dear friend
    Lindy xoxo

  8. Well love this LO just for you!! I can smell the ocean breeze when you describe it. Beautiful photo of the beach and an equally gorgeous LO. Love those seagulls. Gotta get me some of those for all my beach pages. A
    Are they from Tilda or another company.
    Well tell your company to stop keeping you so busy!! We miss you over here!!! Lol. Hugs

  9. Hi Eila! Just wanted to stop by your blog to thank you for stopping by mine. I am so happy that I did. Your blog is so pretty, and I am loving this page. The photo is absolutely gorgeous and you scrapped it beautifully. I am happy that you got to make a page just for YOU!!!!

  10. This is just a gorgeous layout Eila and I love that it's just for you! One can see the easy, relaxed feel of this page!! Lovely details as always and beautiful work as always!!! Fabulous!!

  11. What an absolutely delightful page. You have used so many pretty papers and details and they all work so well together. xx

  12. What a stunning layout!!! Love just about everything on it!.... hugs...xoxo

  13. Eila I adore this page! It's completely beautiful and completely YOU!! Can see you love these papers! You should be working for Tilda - I hope you have applied!! Send them this gorgeous creation! This little blog post is just fine! We are all crazy busy in our little corners of the world - I am reading this in my lunch hour :) I have found your Xmas gift at long last LOL - it fell out the cupboard yesterday when I was hunting for my hard drive cables!! I'm adding something else to cheer you up, which I will only have time to get over the weekend - then it will be wending it's way to Stockholm to hopefully brighten up a dreary day for you. Spring may hopefully be making a little appearance there tho already...