Wednesday, 31 October 2012

CSI # 43 "Mice"

First I want to thank you so so much for all the lovely comment that you leave me!! Mwah to ya all!

Bummer! thought I had photographed close-ups of my CSI # 43 layout but had obviously not, so this post is a day late in coming. Sorry about that.

Short and sweet today in this week of the autumn school holidays in Sweden. Getting text messages from friends in warmer places. Well, I just light my scented tea lights and snuggle under my blanket. God excuse for nibbles and watching The Mentalist on the box!

First the case file itself;

and the detailed clues; 


Black Tie Event - black, taken from the table cloth - 45.37.34 

Lemon Chiffon - bright sunny yellow, taken from the flowers - 251.224.111 

Green Grace - pale spring green, taken from the middle tier of the cake - 237.240.185 

Alabaster Elegance - pure white, taken from the boxes in front of the cake - 255.255.255 

Fancy Foliage - medium green, with a hint of olive, taken from the leaves - 145.163.53 

something transparent 
create curtains 
patterned brad 
include a black-and-white patterned paper rub-on (inspired by the watermark in the lower-right) 


Document a special event. 

Format your journaling as if you were writing a formal letter. Here are some tips for writing formal letters. 

Frame your journaling. 

Use an older photo and tie the past together with the present in your journaling. 

Tie two ideas together: Write what first comes to your mind about your subject. Then, choose a connective from this site and write what comes to mind next. 

Inspiration Words: formal, tie(s), event -- use these as inspiration for your journaling, not just as a title.

The deadline for completing Case File No. 43
is Sunday, November 4, 11:59 p.m. EST.

43_Mice 1500px main
For the first time ever, I made my page in A4 format instead of the normal 12x12. Well, have to admit cutting off the sides was to save the page from a nasty misting accident. Looks kind of neat this way me thinks.
 43_Mice - 2
This photo of the little chap in the hayfields sometime in the late 1950´s could very well have been one of my Finnish cousins. Some of you might remember that I spent all of my childhood summers with my aunties and uncles in  northern, rural Finland not very far from the Russian border. The photo is from our country archives.

One of the aunties had a farm with cows and always when the summer guests came, i.e. us from Sweden, it was the season for bringing in the hay. Very very hard work and dirty too. We kids sort of played that we were helping but didn't do much else than eat sandwiches and drink fizzy drinks.

 43_Mice - 3
I adored my childhood summers and particularly staying with this auntie. I also adored my oldest male cousin Juha and wanted mum and dad to buy him so that I could have a big brother. I loved spending every day with him. Poor, poor Juha had to put up with me.

 43_Mice - 4
The evidence I have used are a resin frame and also a damask patterned brad that you will se further down.

My testimony is a mish mash of tieing the past to the present and writing what comes up first in my mind. I'm afraid it's far off anything formal, nor about one single particular event. More of fondly reminiscing many idyllic childhood summers.

Anyhow, mice. Back to the hay field. At least once a summer one of the adults stumbled on a mouse nest with newborn babies. Inevitably we rescued them from their imminent cruel fate as mummy mouse was nowhere to be seen. We carried them in our palms, bedded them i shoeboxes and tried to feed them milk. 

Life in the country is far from the sheltered one I lived in the city and I was absolutely gutted when my worshipped Juha resolutely sent the babies to mouse heaven. I was heartbroken. That was the beginning of the end of my adoration of him. All these years I have never been able to date a guy who doesn't love animals or who doesn't show compassion with those who are not as fortunate as we are.

My husband is a true softie and wouldn't hesitate to give his own food to an animal in need. His heart is beautiful. No wonder I married him!

 43_Mice - 5

 43_Mice - 6

 43_Mice - 7
Here's the damask patterned brad.

I'll be back on Saturday to share two pages with you. One that is for a GDT spot that will be revealed tomorrow 1 November, and the other one is my TCR # 135 page.

Wishing you all a beautiful rest to the week! have fun!

Toodelipip! xoxo Eila


  1. Awesome, like usual! <3 I just love your style and this A4 is really cool! You should try it more often (that has to say, make more of them as this was your first :D)

  2. Who cares about accidents when the outcome looks like this . This LO is amazing.I love all the little letters and numbers stamping you have done with the misting. It was fun to read your holiday stories and the old photo makes the whole thing look like Magic!
    btw... Liz hurley was a very down to earth person telling the girls they all looked pretty and taking time to speak with them, and yes she looked amazing her self. Rett og slett vakker!
    Vi har skole ferie i England også og har en uke her i Sveits. Møtte på Tæby slalom/alpin klubb oppe i Saas Fee. Tirill syntes det var litt kult å kunne fårstå når de snakket svensk ;)
    Ha en fortsatt fin ferie uke!!

  3. Cool work love the size of the lay-out sweet photo and as always stunning layers and details.

  4. En härlig historia och en underbara layout med massa underbara detaljer som alltid. Min tonårstid tillbringade jag mycket på landet och körde traktor och bärgade gräs som vi trampade till ensilage i stora silos. Med skräckblandad förtjusning kastade vi oss ner i det myrsyre indränkta gräset.... illa luktade vi när dagen var slut ;)

    Kramiz Maja

  5. wow, that's a fabulous layout. I really like all the layers and the arty feel to the background

  6. Fantastic page E! love all your details i find something new each time i look. Always look forward to your story telling.
    have a great relaxing weekend with Dh

  7. Wow, this looks fabulous! I love that you have created a yellow/green lay-out for this vintage photo and you do this size so well too!

  8. Eila, everything is wonderful, love the A4 format, all the textures , layering are stunning :)

  9. This is fantastic as always !! And I love the mice story wel not love their fate but the memory of it. I too love the Mentalist!,

  10. HI..This layout is amazing... so many wonderful details and it was delightful reading in between the photos too... so many things to look at on your layout.. beautiful flowers, love the stamping, and I do like that size layout too... and my hubby used to be quite hard with animals, but he is getting a bit softy now thank goodness...

  11. So glad you decided to postpone your post so that we could drool over the close ups of your fabulous layout. This colour palette for this week showcases your talent to the max!! Love the journaling (as always), it sounds so cruel to hear about the baby mice but I suppose country life is pragmatic and not romantic :0( Still, you now have your softie by your side and all animals that cross his path can breathe a sigh of relief! I am going to work my way backwards now....xx

  12. As always my friend... You never failed to amaze me...!!! THis layout is absolutely STUNNING!!! loving the colors the layering the photo too... Awesome... you have such a rare talent! hugs...xoxo

  13. Where do I begin to tell you how much I love this? Love love. You have rocked it my friend. Love the story behind your family and I would love to know about this boy. What a fab pic and again, you have showcased it beautifully.

  14. Da er eg her en tur igjenn å suger til meg inspirasjon , digger måten du bygger opp og utover siden , har litt av samme tenkikken selv å digger å se andre gjøre det på sin måte .
    Det er så herligt med likesinnede mennesker , ha en herlig helg klem Marion

  15. Love the story of Juha and your childhood in the Finnish countryside...the A4 size seems perfect for this precious picture!

  16. Amazing page! Absolutely love the close ups!! Beautiful layers & choice of stash!! Tell us more about this party & can we see a photo of you all dolled up? :)

  17. Wanted to pop in & say hi unfortunately I don't have time to read all the wonderful post & see your gorgeous work but wanted you to know I miss it & think of you & scraping often. Love this layout! Gotta go take care of little one I never cold have imagined how much work or tiring it would be!!