Tuesday, 23 October 2012

CSI # 42 - All You Need

Tuesday, wonderful Tuesday! Thicker tights and bootlets make this chick nice and cozy on her way to work. We will most likely get our first snow by next week, time to bring in the flower pots from the balcony in other words. Bye bye flowers, sleep tight till spring comes!

So happy for you guys in the southern hemisphere who've got summer around the corner! enjoy warmer breezes and days in the sun.

Last week the gallery over at CSI was positively dreamy with the soft pretty colors and gorgeous pages that the members had been adding! The new Case File released on Friday brought a bolder palette.

Rose Red - true red, taken from the bouquet of red flowers on bottom row - 198.39.44 

Buttercream Frosting - off-white, really close to white, taken from the frosting - 251.252.244 

Spring green - pale bright green, taken from the flowers in the second cupcake of the middle row - 226.236.150 

Bluems [pronounced "blooms"] - navy blue, taken from the lightest part of the dark blue flowers - 76.93.123 

Aqua Blossom - turquoise, taken from the third cupcake in the middle row - 107.216.211 

woodgrain background 
polka dots 
texture/modeling paste 
grid design 
textured/embossed paper 

List a dozen things you can't live without. 
Use the Dirty Dozen Friday journal prompts to inspire you. 
Add flowers to your journaling spot. 
Choose...would you rather? Be inspired by this site or choose a dozen from here
Format your journaling as a circle graph. 
Here are some ideas to get you going: My Life in Graphs and My Life in Charts

Inspiration Words: small, better/best choose/choice-- use these as inspiration for your journaling, not just as a titel.

Here's my take - "All You Need". I'm really sorry for the poor photo quality, it's been cloudy over here for several days so I had to lighten up the photo quite a bit in PS.

  42_All You Need 700px main
I used card stock in kraft as base and then went about adding texture to it. 

42_All You Need - 2
The evidence I have used are circles (the embossed pattern you can see here), modeling paste, flowers and polka dots.

42_All You Need - 3

My journalling is at the back of the page and was sparked off by the inspirational word "small". I could of course have written a list of 12 things that I cannot be without but there are actually just 2, both will be revealed at the end of this post.

The things I cannot be without are not big or ostentacious. On the contrary, it's the very small things that are most important.

Waking up before the alarm and seeing my husband still peacefully asleep.

Feeling little paws climbing over me in our bed and seeing their darling little faces checking if I'm awake. 

Seeing that I am, hearing them purring contently when they curl up on my pillow.

Tasting the very first sip of the very first cup of coffee in the morning and seeing the sky over Stockholm get ligther with the rising sun.

Hearing the patting of my husband's feet when he comes into the kitchen with sleep-tousled hair and hearing the cats' hungry miaows.

Knowing it's Saturday/Sunday and we have a whole day together to look forward to.

Seeing the smile in his eyes when he looks at me and the tenderness with which he wraps me in a fleece blanket because he knows my feet are cold.

Coming home from a long day in the office knowing that I have a warm home waiting for me. 

Putting up my feet and being allowed to catch my breath before we cook dinner together.

42_All You Need - 4

42_All You Need - 5

42_All You Need - 6

42_All You Need - 7

42_All You Need - 8
All you need is actually love and, some chocolate! Talking of which, I think I'll go and see if hubbs has emptied the choc box we got yesterday. That man has a mean sweet tooth but not a cavity in sight!

Thanks for your lovely visit and have a fab rest of the week!

Toodelipip! xoxo Eila


  1. Beautifully tender journalling which cuts right to the heart of what's important in life. Love it :)

  2. Really, sometimes I wish I were a cat myself;)
    Anyway, your lay-out is soo gorgeous! I love all the layering and your gorgeous use of colours. There definitely isn't a colour combo you can't work with!

  3. Oooh, I saw this one on Facebook and thought I'd better get my butt over here and take a closer look! So much texture, such an amazing background, fantastic layering as always- you are one talented chica~!!


  4. OMG !!! This layout is utterly beautiful Eila... I love the textures... the colors.... the journaling too... everything on this is totally Awesome... You are simply amazing!!! HUgs...xoxo

  5. Mega kul LO. So much fab texture and use of colours, love it to bits !
    Wish you a colourful week :)

  6. Wow Eila, that background is absolutely stunning! Luurve this!

  7. yup...chocolate + love = heaven! Let's throw in some coffee n scrapping too and voila...we have cracked the mantra for nirvana, Eila! Love the texture on your pages...as DELISH as the chocolate :)))

  8. wow, Eila! u def had lots of work on this background, love it!

  9. What beautiful and heartfelt journaling Eila. You are definitely a glass half full kind of girl :0) As always your background work is sensational!! I have just started playing a la mixed media and it is becoming a little addictive :0) I haven't put it on a lo yet ....still can't cover up my white paper, LOL. Thank you for inspiring me to try something different x

  10. This is stunning! so much details on the back ground.. wonderful photo.. really amazing layout..

  11. Beautiful blogpost lovely kitty page so relaxxxxdddd.

  12. This is so gorgeous Eila...love the layering and the beautiful details! I have admired your work for a long time...not sure why I haven't followed your blog until now! But I am now a stern follower!!!! Thanks for the awesome eye-candy!

  13. Eila,
    I am so glad I came over to read the journalling--this warmed my heart. Thank for for sharing what is important to you. I couldn't agree more. Love is at the core of it all. <3 Nice work Eila

  14. You are an amazing person Eila, it's so beautiful what you've just shared...and so true..small joys which make our life worth living!
    Then when it comes to techniques you are a witch! A good one of course ;) kramar xoxo

  15. oh Eila as I read this journaling of yours my smile grew larger and larger .... you are beautiful. I love the small things too, but realise like you, they are really the big things. Such an awesome post and exquisite page .. love how you have distressed the pic of your darling cat. I too, love the way Ollie always says hello to me in the morning and begins to purr, what a magical sound ... love and big hugz to you xooxo

  16. What a beautiful layout Eila! Love all your layers and your wonderful thoughts - fantastic journaling - I agree that Love and Chocolate are 2 must haves in this world! Hope you are having a great week there despite the chilly weather!!

  17. Wow...this is utterly gorgeous, Eila! Your layering is just.out.of.this.world...as is your textures!! Hope things aren't too cold there yet. We are in spring & got snow a week or so ago...it was amazing for me, as I don't live in an area where it snows!

  18. Such Beautiful page Eila!!!! Love all the layers and textures here, really yummie!!! And i love your journaling..you are right the most happy and important things are these little things that make us happy.....!! Yes I agree...love and chocolate!!!! lol! Take care sweetie!!! Hugs! mwuahh!!xoxo
    pd. love the pic, so sweet!! :) :)

  19. So artistic - wow! I hope you are doing well. Hugs xxx

  20. a truly magical page and heartfelt journaling. I love every word you wrote, and I felt it coming from your heart and soul. I feel the same way although I don't have any pets however I will substitute that with my childrens hands and kisses. I'm also not a big chocolate lover I prefer chips lol but either way, your layout is absolutely stunning!! love all the mixed media!! divine!!

  21. Beautiful photo, page, and journaling. You are so gifted with words, Eila! Gorgeous textures on here.