Friday, 19 October 2012

OUAS October - looking for a snout and tail

Hello dear dear friends!

After a couple of weeks of serious battling with all sorts of emotions and my own fear, scrapping has brought back the essence of happiness to my life. I have been scrapping together with my friend during these weeks, but the pages I have made will never be seen anywhere else but on her bedroom wall.

Seeing how my scrapping brought life and joy to her eyes and a happy song into my own heart, I realized that life can be celebrated in so many ways and what's better than sharing it with other people. So I'm back and slowly starting to catch up. I am overwhelmed by the incredible kindness you have all expressed in so many different ways during my absence - thank you! and thank you again!

Now to scrappy business.

Over at OUAS the reveal of team B, the one I'm in, went live on 15 October.

Theme: The following quote..

We would like you to create a layout based on this quote. You can interpret it ANY way you like. There is no wrong or right way to interpret this quote but your layout must incorporate something from this quote AND the sketch below. Please make sure that we see some sort of journalling on your layouts and please tell us where your journalling is . Hidden journalling is perfectly fine.

We are very fortunate to have a gorgeous Danish manufacturer with us this month. Please welcome..

Riddersholm Design is owned by Connie Riddersholm and was founded in 2010 in Denmark. Connie has a background as a graphic designer and has earlier been into Web design and worked as partly self employed since 2004. It all started with Connie designing digital scrapbooking kits for her selves and later moved onto a few digital prints in 12X12 to see how they looked for real. Connie then had a group of hardcore scrapbookers to look at her designs and asked for their “honest” opinion. They liked it and believed in it. So she decided to give it a go and invested her spare money into Riddersholm Design! Today Riddersholm Designs sells paper lines in 10 countries and launch their new collections every spring and fall/Christmas

Go HERE  to see where you can get Riddersholm Design paper from.

Here is my own take on the sketch;

OUAS OCT2012 Baking 1000px main
All the beautiful papers, the tag, the sweet white lily blooms and the white roses are sponsored by Riddersholm Design. Thank you so so much for your generosity Connie!

 OUAS OCT2012 Baking - 2

 OUAS OCT2012 Baking - 3

 OUAS OCT2012 Baking - 4
The journalling is at the back and was inspired by the bit "... capture the good times ... if things don't work out, just take another shot". Well, I have to admit it was rather tricky considering I was scrapping Christmas papers, but then I remembered this photo that I downloaded from internet last Christmas. It reminds me of all those thimes that my mother made her own gingerbread dough and we spent what seemed like an eternity baking them because she insisted on rolling out the dough very thinly. In the photo you can see a punched-out pig (counting from the rolling pin - first the heart, then the fir tree and then using a lot of imagination; the pig).

I was always punching out the hearts, while my mother was doing the pigs. It was a proud moment the year my mother entrusted me with the piggie cookie cutter. Greater the disappointment when almost all my pigs lost their snouts or their curly tails when I lifted them from the baking table onto the baking tray.

My mother had me squash all the disabled pigs into a dough ball and re-make them until they were perfect. Even today, more than 40 years later, I lift my piggy gingerbreads very carefully onto the baking tray.

Kind of far-fetched journalling this time, but it also applies to life. If it turns out snoutless, it's often possible to repair. Sometimes we have to limp through life without a curly tail, but it's still a darn good gingerbread!

 OUAS OCT2012 Baking - 5

 OUAS OCT2012 Baking - 6

 OUAS OCT2012 bAKING - 7

 OUAS OCT2012 Baking - 8

Other scrappy news is that I have with sorrow decided to step down from my full-time DT assignment over at Meg's Garden, but Sandie Edwards and I will be back as Guest Designers several times over the next term. The new DT was announced on 14 October, go HERE  to see the  fabulous line up!

This morning The Color Room launched its new website and blog. Lydell has put in a LOT of work to make it look so amazing! Some changes have been made in how to upload your pages. You can read all about it over at the TCR blog.

The new link is - you can also click on the blinkie!

This week's palette is a rather interesting and unusual one:


The latest addition to the design team of CSI detectives, along with the returning Detectives, was announced earlier this week. Their term will begin with the first November reveal:

Beth Ervin - United States
Debbie Standard - United States
Helen Wallace - Australia
Jasmine Shea - Australia
Jeanette Lee - Singapore
Lindy Gillespie - Australia
Lou Collins - United Kingdom
Maria Schmidt - Austria
Riikka Kovasin - FInland
Sascha Schmidt - Austria BEHOLD! A MAN!
Yumi Takasaki - Japan

And here are our returning Detectives:

Adrienne Ford - United States
Anna-Karin Evaldsson - South Africa
Annette Gearside - Australia
Brit Sviggum - Norway
Debbi Tehrani- United States
Eila Sandberg - Sweden THAT'S ME
Heather Jacob - Australia
Helena Virpi - Italy
Maiko Kosugi - Japan
Michele Singh - United States
Shaunery Wharton - United States
Tina Walker - United States

Case file # 42 will be released this night European time. Here's a sneak of the palette;

I will be back on Tuesday to share my page for CSI. Till then, have a wonderful weekend and thanks ever so much for your popping by!

Toodelipip! xoxo Eila


  1. Wow Eila you sound like you've come out of a tunnel into the light. I'm still in a washing machine of sorts, with no scrapping now for about 8 weeks. Worse still, I don't even miss it anymore. Love the story of the piggies and will print out the little box of wording, and try and soak it in. Thank you so much for sharing. Your page is amazing.

  2. PS its ok to have personal pages no one see - I've got lots of those!!!

  3. What a great work Eila, so winterlike in a warm, homey kind of way. Love your pepparkaks -story!!!
    So happy and honoured to be your team-mate detective :)

  4. Oh Eila your work is exquisite!! I love the beautiful mixed media details! just extraordinary!! I'm also glad you were able to help and bring some joy to your friend. She has an amazing friend. you are truly exceptional!!

  5. This layout is festooned with love, memories and positivity. As always your work is a joy to behold with so many tasty treats to feast the eye. Lovely to hear that scrapping is helping you both, it is a wonderful therapy and takes your mind away from the worries of life....for a little while at least. Thinking of you both, lots of love x

  6. WELCOME BACK, Eila :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))
    So happy to see your GORGEOUS yummy as the gingerbread you journaled about!

  7. Först måste jag bara säga WOW!!! Jag är lika golvad varje gång du visar upp dina alster här! Din känsla för lager, textur och detaljer är makalös! Sen så skrattade jag gott åt berättelsen bakom layouten... pepparkaksbak! Skrattet var ett igenkännande skratt från min egen barndom =) Precis så var det.... hjärtan för mig och syrran och mor gjorde grisarna ;). Å ja, jag lyfter också upp mina grisar väldigt försiktigt på plåtarna ;)


  8. Wow, it is an amazing lay-out! Lots of gorgeous layers, details and textures. Your riend is so blessed to have a friend like you, who takes the time to spend some really special moments with her in this hard time. Big hugs!

  9. Welcome back Eila i have missed your name popping up into my reading list. I hope all is as well as it can be, you are in my thoughts. Your page is just devine, it gives me warm fuzzies and your story is beautiful, at least you learnt a lesson about the piggy snouts. Good to see you back in the saddle :)

  10. HI.. This is an amazing layout in many ways, I enjoyed reading about your Christmas cooking, and your layout is full of loveliness and all the texture and the flowers look wonderful.. take care...

  11. What an absolutely gorgeous and delightful page, Eila! So full of rich texture and detail. So touchable and beautifully designed. And your story made me smile. You have such a wonderful way with words!

  12. Eila I had to smile at that journaling and your correlation to life! So absolutely and beautifully true!! Sometimes we are snoutless and our tails ain't so curly but we lift along and eventually regain the spring in our step!! Great page :)))))) Glad you benefitted from your little sabatical - we all need one at times...

  13. You were deeply missed Eila :( and am glad to see you back working through the emotions through your beautiful art. Love,love the frosty appeal about this. The colors are so rich and gorgeous and your details are spot on lady. I so appreciate the close up of your details and drool over them. You're a wonderful story would have made a great American Indian (they're known for their colorful stories).:)

  14. Great that you are back! <3

    Amazing layout - those layers just blow me away! Your journaling brought a memory into my mind - me and my mom have always been baking the gingerbreads, too. But our piggy cookie cutter when I was little was a really silly shaped - it looked like a Beetle-car. :D We were both really happy when my parents bought our summer house and found an old piggy cutter from there. Finally we could make PIG shaped piggies, not cars :D

  15. Oh WOW Eila... You know how to make me smile before bed... this layoutSo full of rich texture and detail... ...You have such a wonderful way with words!I love it... Adore your style too... hugs...xoxo

  16. Ooooh Eila, I always enjoy your stories, you really do have a wonderful ways with words. Good to have you back & I do so looooove this layout (even though, try as I might, I can't see any little pigs with snouts & curly tails)!!!! Love it still all the same, especially your background treatment. Beautiful. Cheers Di xo

  17. Oh this is so stunning!!! And Lol at "behold, a man" you are 2 funny!! :D

  18. Good to see you have energy to be creative after a difficoult time. This project is just stunning, love the layers and colours
    Håper du har det bra :)

  19. This is gorgeous, this layout is so tastefull in every way...
    So sweet that you bright up the room of your friend with your beautiful projects. You bright up blogland for me as well! Congrats on returning at CSI!! Hope to see a new layout of you soon.

  20. Eila, your podt was opened at my screen during several days on my screen, I was thinking how many words I would like to write, but I will say love everything you do, your layers, your texture, tecniques and STYLE.

  21. Beautiful journaling...lovely memories!!! Gorgeous all the textures and layers!
    So glad you are back...Welcome darling!!!!
    Your friend is lucky to have you in this hard moment. Take care sweetie!!! A big hug!!! xoxo

  22. Eila, Phenomenal work! The texture you create with the layers and fibers is amazing!

    Hugs to you