Tuesday, 31 July 2012

CSI # 30 "The Wild Stampede" and photos from a blessed day

I scheduled this post to go live Tuesday, 31 July. Hopefully everything has worked as it should.

Summer is still in full bloom over here, although one can feel the first inklings of coolness in the air. Thought I'd start off with some photos from a wonderful day that hubbs and I spent last week at Rosendal - translates into Rose Valley - on the Djurgården island here in Stockholm.

Rosendal is both the name of the Royal pink summer pleasure palace built in the 1820's, and also of the gardens/restaurant/café. Some of you might remember that I studied art history at the university and worked as guide in the Royal Palaces before I took up the profession I have now. Each summer for many years, I worked as guide both here at Rosendal and in the other Royal Palaces of Stockholm.
 Stockholm 27JUL2012 - 2
 And this is the Royal Palace itself, located on the Old Town island. Its foundations are from the 13th century and it actually has one room more than Buckingham Palace in London - a huge building filled with the most wonderful pieces of art imaginable.
Stockholm 27JUL2012 - 3
Water, water, everywhere you look you see water in Stockholm. The white steamboats going out into the archipelago are anchored just across the Royal Palace, below Grand Hôtel.

And now over to Rosendal;
 Stockholm 27JUL2012 - 5

 Stockholm 27JUL2012 - 6
Nooks and crannies in the most unexpected places, benches and hide-outs, flower beds, sculptures ...
 Stockholm 27JUL2012 - 9
Everything that grows in the green houses, is for sale and they use everything from the vegetable garden in the dishes that are served in the restaurant/café. Healthy and organic of course.
 Stockholm 27JUL2012 - 7
Beautiful picnic spots in the lush fruit orchard. It is a sight for sore eyes in May when all the trees are abloom.
 Stockholm 27JUL2012 - 8

 Stockholm 27JUL2012 - 11
Oh, no - MORE photos?!

Finally! time for the CSI case file #30 that was released some days ago. First the prompts;
And Michele's lovely printable coordinates;

It is the last week of Echo Park's sponsorship month, so I've created a page using their pretty collection called "Sweet Day". Here it is - "The Wild Stampede";

30_The Wild Stampede 3000px main

The evidence that I have used are childlike things, different patterns and fabric.

My testimony goes back to my childhood summers that I spent in rural northern Finland, at my auntie and uncle's farm. Of course they had cows and they had to be walked to their paddock every morning and back for milking every evening. This task befell on my cousin Auli and I, well on Auli to be honest. I was a city girl, totally petrified by the big creatures. My cousin could of course not help staging something involving the cows only to see me run and it always ended with me stepping in cow dung with my city-bought white summer sandals. She giggled hysterically and I cried.

The title of course refers to these daily walks with the peaceful herd of cows who knew the drill. They must have thought I was really weird as they always eyed me up before giving off a couple of languid mooh's before they continued to do what cows do - graze.

Today all I can remember is how all those summers seem to be filled with eternal summer, dips in their pond, hot dogs grilled over the open fire in their yard, taking sauna baths and drinking ice cold orange fizz afterwards, eating as many cinnamon rolls I could muster on auntie's baking day and having tummy aches afterwards. I couldn't have had better childhood summers!

 30_The Wild Stampede -2

 30_The Wild Stampede - 3

 30_The Wild Stampede - 4

 30_The Wild Stampede - 5
The itty bitty doilies are from Leeann Pearce's Etsy shop. 
 30_The Wild Stampede - 6
The white felties with button centres come from Precocious Paper's Etsy shop.
 30_The Wild Stampede - 7

 30_The Wild Stampede - 8

And here we are, at the end of this post. Thanks for popping by!

I'll be back on Friday with 2 pages for TCR, adding on more layers and details to my pages again :))

Take care, have a really great rest of the week!

Cheers! xoxo Eila


  1. Åhhhh...så vakre bilder av den vakre byen din!! Må nok tilbake engang ja og utforske mye mer!
    Så utrolig spennende det må ha vært å ha vært guide på de ulike slottene da!!
    Herlig og leken LO du har laget. Nydelige sommerlige farger :)
    Ha en flott uke!

  2. HI.. The photos are so lovely, what a pretty place.. and your layout is amazing, so much to look at..really gorgeous!

  3. Eila Loving those photos and the LO is fantastic!!

  4. I love how you have shabbified the EP - great job! And wow to the photos - Stockholm looks so beautiful! They should be paying you for being their online ambassador! It is definitely on my list but perhaps for Summer rather than winter :) and I had forgotten the tidbit about you working in the Palaces - wow - awesome job! And means you must be very knowledgeable on local history too!!

  5. Such an adorable LO.. so many pretty elements here.. LOVE IT!! Fab photos too!! hugs:))

  6. Hello Eila... Allways fabulous scrap work... I am so happy to see this beautiful pictures of Stockholm... your town is so beautiful..

  7. What beautiful photographs, its always nice to see the other side of the globe.. thanks for sharing such Eila. Had a chuckle at the 'oh no, more photographs'... such a wonderful expression. Your layout is superb!