Tuesday, 24 July 2012

2 pages for CSI # 29 "Margaret" and "Summerfun"

Hello, me again!

Monday was a grey and overcast day, perfect laundry day and pottering around at home doing a little of this and even less of that. Had to log on to my office email and swoosh it took me like a nano second to be in work mode again. Not good at all for the old ticker! Good thing I only had to fix a couple of minor things before I could close the lid of my lap top again.

As I mentioned in my previous post, CSI case file nbr 29 was released just before last weekend. I'll be quick about it, here is first the case file itself;

and the delish printable coordinates to match that Michele Singh has created for us;

The testimony for my first page is about labels, how some people put labels on me without even knowing me or understanding that the professional me in the office has a role to carry out because I have the boss I have.

If only some people would invest 2 minutes in actually looking me into my eyes and saying something nice like a "hello, what lovely weather we have" they would be surprised to see that I can smile and that my eyes crinkle up when I do that. They would see them filling with tears hearing about a sick pet or poorly parents, they would feel that my heart breaks to hear about how their co-worker was laid off and my boss was the executioner. Still, I AM NOT MY BOSS nor do I make the decisions in our company. I am human! I have feelings! and no I am not a replica of the iron lady Margaret Thatcher (yes, I can hear you gossiping in the kitchen) -  I am just me!

OK enough of the kitchen gossip, here's my page "Some Call Me Margaret Thatcher";

29_Margaret main 3000px
The papers are a mix of Echo Park and Norwegian Tilda. As you all know, I love flowers in any shape or form. I am the ultimate old-fashioned romantic and I adore pretty things. No I don't wear the florals myself, nor do my clothes have frills or flounces, I'm far too practical for that. But I do splash out on my pages!

 29_Margaret - 2
This photo was taken last summer, it photographed rather weird on my LO making my face pink as a lobster. Never mind. I've tucked in a square of Swedish Maja Design's paper from their Vintage Summer Basics collection in the layers of matting.

 29_Margaret - 3
The words "Margaret" and "Thatcher" were pasted down with matte gel. The gel is invisible IRL and the stickers stay put absolutely rock solid. Hate it when stickers come undone because the glue isn't strong enough at the back of them. That itty bitty thread spool is part of a gift from beautiful Lean de Reuter! Mwah!

 29_Margaret - 4
Love this big calico bloom from Precocious Paper's Etsy shop where you can also find the cute felt and button circle. The cream doily is from Leeann Pearce's Etsy shop.

29_Margaret - 5
Got the idea of layering seed bags on chippy chicken wire from a local store where they had pegged some on real chicken wire. I made the seed bags from kraft paper and fussy cut details from a Tilda paper.

My evidence this week are the weathered look of the chipboard, sanding off paint from the papers and placing the sead bags, butterflies, flowers, embellishments and the matting at different angles.

 29_Margaret - 6
The watering can is also from Tilda.

 29_Margaret - 7
Plenty of bulky chunky layers in there.

 29_Margaret - 8
Always after a longish period when I have created bulky and multi-layered pages, I feel the need to make flatter pages. However, I have come to terms with the fact that I will never be a truly crisp and clean scrapper nor master the skill of white space. Clean for me is frightfully busy for someone else.

As Echo Park is the July sponsor of CSI, I also made a second page using their papers. Here's "Summerfun in Turkey";

 29B_Turkey 3000px main
The design of my page was inspired by elements from both C'est Magnifiques July sketch, as well as a couple of sketches by Susan Stringfellow, one of which is nbr 91. Thanks for giving my mojo that much needed inspiration!

The testimony for this page is the top 10 list of Miss M's summer delights. It is very much alike many other children's: icecream, swimming and strawberries. Could easily be 10 of each and make a top 30 list! On that list is also her pretty swimsuit, they start young our next generation of fashionistas tee hee :))

29 B Summer Fun in Turkey - 2
The little doll in the photo is Miss M, little sister of Miss T, both of whom I have scrapped many times before. It was taken last summer on their summer hols in Turkey.

29 B Summer Fun in Turkey - 3
Another fabric bloom and felt'n button centre from Precocious Paper's Etsy shop. The dimensional sticker "girly girl" and accordion bloom are both from Crate Paper.

29 B Summer Fun in Turkey - 6
Raided my stash and found this long-forgotten pearl swirl from MME.

29 B Summer Fun in Turkey - 4
This butterfly is really ancient, goes years back. Still have a couple of packs left of them, somehow they are a little bit too big to fit in on my pages.

 29 B Summer Fun in Turkey - 5
My evidence for this page are the rolled papers and the striped bands around the rolls.

 29 B Summer Fun in Turkey - 7

And that's it!

Thank you ever so much for taking the time to look at my pages! Am so happy you wanted to pop in for a visit!

Toodelipip! xoxo Eila


  1. Divine pages my friend, beautiful layers and gorgeous tags, so summery and inviting :)

  2. Eila your work is simply stunning so full of rich details....GORGEOUS!!

  3. Margaret Thatcher! That is soooooooo NOT you....LOL!...I think of all scrappers as very nice people :)
    Love your busy page with all the little details like the spool and the seed bags. The photo mat layering looks divine. You made Echo Park rock in the second page!

  4. Simply gorgeous Eila! You pack so much goodness into your layouts! I just love them so much! I hope your summer holiday has been relaxing - no more work! ;) Hugs my friend!

  5. I always enjoy visiting to get my 'feast' of amazing creativity. Eila, your layouts are both so beautiful, so many gorgeous elements... love the photograph of you!

  6. 1st of all... I would like to say thank you so much for dropping by my blog and leave some love... totally appreciate it.... means the world to me....

    I really love your blog...so many gorgeous things to see.... I love both layouts so so beautiful... you chose thee most gorgeous pp... every just matched so well together.... you are amazing.... I would'nt want to miss your blog... so i'm your new "stalker" as well... hugs...xoxo

  7. WOW Eila!!! Så läckert med alla lager och vackra detaljer! Jag förlorar mig helt i dina sidor. Nu har jag äntligen lagt till dig i min favoritlista så jag hittar tillbaka lite lättare:) Kram!

  8. Wonderful pages you have made again with cool layers and sweet details ...love your photo you look so sweet.

  9. Hi Eila! Loving all of your beautiful pages, and your adorable photo, too!:-) Chicken wire is so much fun, and adds great texture and that rugged, out-in-the-garden feeling! Hope you are doing well!:-)

  10. Eila your pages are always so amazing!! I love how you tackle those CSI files!! i wish I had time you crack them wonderfuly!!

  11. Oh Eila!! Send those kitchen gossipers this way and I will let them know what a wonderful heart you have!!! I think you look beautiful in the photo !
    Your layouts appeal to me soooo much, I always admire the way you can put on so many beautiful layers and details yet they never look crowded. I am inspired every time I visit.
    Take care x

  12. Great photos and beautiful work!

  13. Beautiful pages as always Eila :) I love all your layers and pretty details each of your pages is a work of art !!!
    And, yes we have been jet setting around the world a bit recently. The trip to the UK and USA was not planned but my mother is terminally ill and I needed to take all my kids over to spend time with her in the UK. It was a bittersweet visit, but she finally got to meet Benji and Sophie who had never met her before. (She has alzheimers so doesn't recognise anyone any more, but it was important to me that Sophie and Benji spend time with her. Anyway, sorry for rambling, the trips to Disney and SanFrancisco were AMAZING - and I got enough photos to keep me scraping for the next 10 years lol :)

  14. Both of these are lovely pages Eila! I'm sure your workmates have no idea about the real you if they refer to you as Margaret Thatcher (not that she wasn't great at her job) as you are one of the nicest people I've met online & to me you have a great way with people. If only your boss could google you and see what a softie you arelly are! Not to mention highly artistically talented!!

  15. Oh wow. Both are just sensational. I love that photo of you and the close ups show your beautiful layers perfectly. Your work is amazing.

  16. You are just about the gentle, tender-hearted, kind people I know, Eila, so ignore the haters! And Margaret thatcher is someone to be admired, IMHO. Your pages are both so gorgeous, and it's such a treat to see all your close ups in all their amazing detail!

  17. Visst är det tråkigt med elaka människor! Det är klart man har ett arbets jag och ett privat jag.Är en blödig människa jag också... och ibland får jag "spela" hårdare på jobbet än vad jag egentligen är för att inte bli för vek. Som jag känner dig är du den mest ödmjuka människa som finns... ser inga likheter med MT ;). Hur som två fantastiska layouter! Å fotot på dig är så vackert.. precis som IRL.

    Kramiz Maja

  18. Love that photo of you Eila & such a beautiful page too. Love all that fussy cutting. The other two are also very sweet as well. You have obviously been very busy while you have been on hols. Don't you just hate going back to work after a holiday?? Di xo

  19. Dearest dearest Eila! Margaret Thatcher...really??? Jobbar du redan alltså? Jag har en vecka kvar, sen är det hårda bud! xoxo