Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Our boy is back! and CSI case file # 26 Our Princess

First of all I want to thank each and one of you from the bottom of my mummy-to-a-fur-baby-heart for all the sweet and kind encouraging words! I am extremely happy to report that our boy Max is back on track and responding very well to the antibiotics. New tests on Friday to confirm that he's OK.

Savouring every second of the Swedish summer, it lasts such a short time up here. Eating strawberries and cherries, my fave berries. A tradition my girlfriend M has each year, is to have a 4th of July BBQ in her yard. She lived in the US for almost 15 years before moving back home. One year our girlfriend Sandy came over from Los Angeles and insisted on us having S'mores. Am ashamed to say, but all we Swedes discreetly dumped our S'mores in the rose bushes when she wasn't near. Different cultures, different foods, you're OK, I'm OK, anything goes as long as we're all happy. ;))

Last Friday CSI case file # 26 was released, an unusual but delicious palette of colours. Would love to tuck into that cake, looks totally yummie!

As always, our talented Michele Singh has created beautiful coordinates to go with the case file;

And here is my take - "Our Princess";
 26_Our Princess main 700px

As you can see I have used the neutral hues as my mains and only very sparsely with the other colours. Loved the gray with a touch of mauve-lavender (taken from the roses in the prompt).

26_Our Princess - 2

A shere co-incidence that this page is about another feline baby. Her name was Bettie and we loved her for 14 years. She was also a Sacred Birman like Max, but ginger.

She was very feisty and incredibly wise and clever. Each night she slept on my pillow with her cheek against my cheek and paws in my hair. Her Highness knew how to make her humans obey her smallest wish, never a raised meouw just a silent stare, poised and immaculate until she got exactly what her heart desired. If we didn't get it quickly enough, she just butted her head against my leg or hooked just one claw gently into my pantyhosed leg. Enough to make a statement but without making any damage. Just like a princess, our princess.

26_Our Princess - 3

The fussy-cut tags, the little girl and the kitties come from different collections from Pion Design.

26_Our Princess - 4

 26_Our Princess - 5
The papers are a mix of Pion Design and Prima Fairy Belle. Very pretty but incredibly difficult to photograph. The dotted paper looks practically mauve when it's more of a brownish with greyish dots in real life and the bottom paper from Pion looks cream when it's soft banana/custard yellow *sigh*. When I had got a sort-of-ish decent hue for the papers, everything else looked totally washed-out and faded. Well, you get the idea I hope.
 26_Our Princess - 6
My evidence are the metal trinkets in both clusters, obviously flowers too and the icing is both on the chippie flourish, the masking/modelling paste and of course, Bettie herself.

 26_Our Princess - 7
The black Prima gem stone vines are gorgeous IRL, here they look black currant, but I promise, they ARE black!
 26_Our princess - 8

26_Our Princess - 9

Next case file will be a lot more colourful and we will change to a new theme for the month of July. Here's a sneak peek;  I can see teal, I can see ice cream and I can definitely see green in there ..

27 Sneak Peek
With this sneak I say bye bye for now and wish you all a Happy Hump Day tomorrow!

Thanks again!

Cheerio! xoxox Eila


  1. Love this page of your sweet Kitty Princess, I love how you have layered and clustered and the letters in the title trailing down, Great job with the colors the palette looked like a challenge but you certainly nailed it! Tx

  2. Glad to hear that Max is doing well! Nice to meet your little princess. An endearing page, Eila!

  3. Beautiful kitty page love all the details you have used ...cool that Max is home now..purrrrfect!

  4. wow! this is stunning.. so many beautiful details.. and I do hope Max is doing well!!

  5. Sorry I didn't know about Max. So happy to hear he's doing better. So painful to see our babies not well.

    S'mores in the bushes? The horror! LOL. I'm with you on the cherries. I'm really savoring them this summer!

    Your layout is absolutely exquisite. So full of rich and beautiful patterns, layers, and details, as always!

  6. LOL at the S'mores story!! I've never tried them (being Australian) but there seem to be recipes everywhere involving s'mores on pinterest!

    Your layout is just divine! Love, love, love all of the details and it is so beautifully feminine!

    Hope your baby is continuing to improve!

  7. Wow! This is just beautiful! Love the gorgeous mix. The girl with the kitty at the bottom is perfect with the fabulous pic!

  8. So glad to hear Mr Max is doing well. Always a worry when they are sick, after all they ARE our furry babies. Love this page Eila & what a gorgeous princess she is too. Love your take on the challenge. I can't wait for tomorrow, great news!!! Cheers Di xoxo

  9. Such a beautiful layout Eila! I love to see photos of our dearly beloved pets scrapped! Makes me feel "normal" :) I love all the fabulous details and pretty color palette!

  10. This page is a total treat Eila! So sorry to hear that you have had a sick fur-baby and so glad to her that he is a OK!!