Wednesday, 18 July 2012

3 pages for CSI # 28

Good morning peeps!

Stockholm has woken up to a cloudy Wednesday. Yesterday the sun suddenly disappeared and we had rain and hail coming down in sheets! It's been a miserable summer so far in most parts of our country, harvests are rotting away and our legs have none of the longed-for summer tan. No wonder all the travel agencies have sold out on all the trips to southern Europe!

Have to bring out some imaginative sun and fun in my scrappy nook instead!

CSI case file # 28 was released last Friday. It being the National Ice Cream Month in the US, we continue with the theme. Here's the case file for you;

Beautiful printable coordinates created by our Michele Singh to match;

The colours are not what I would normally choose and it took me quite a bit of procrastination before I made the following 3 pages. The first one is painfully clean for my taste so I had to make a second one with more layers. Even that one felt rather too clean so I simply had to make a third featuring more layers.
 28_Favourite Botties 700px main
Rather old papers from Theresa Collins.

My husband is an incurable hoarder and has a BIG box with his stash of old toys from his childhood. His absolute faves are his robots. Not the ones in the photo, they only serve as a visual reminder of the little boy that is hiding inside my man and who comes out when anything remotely technical pops up anywhere. 
28 C Wee 700 px main
Here the papers used are from Echo Park. Even if the photos are of Miss T, the daughter of my DH's youngest cousin, they actually represent me.

I absolutely LOVE roller coasters and any kind of swirling, rolling, swinging attractions found in an amusement park. It's me and the kids riding, DH stands at the entrance and holds my handbag. I can do it over and over again without getting woozy or feeling sick. 28 Besties 700px main
This page is all about how silly girls of a certain age can be about anything. No adult understands what makes them tick or what sends them off into hysterical giggles. Miss T's mother told me how she and her bestie found a visit to the Museum of Natural Science mighty amusing, especially when seeing eeky stuff in glass jars.

The papers used on this page are G45 Olde Curiosity Shoppe which have really quirky and odd details. Just like the eeky stuff in the museum, catching the curiosity of tweenies.
 28 Besties - 2
Ahhh satisfaction achieved - flowers!
 28_Besties - 3
Brads are from BG Curio.
 28_Besties - 4
 28_Besties - 5
Washed everything with diluted cream acrylic paint and a sponge to tone down the rather sharp amber hue.
 28_Besties - 6

My stepdaughter Emelie, who works as a camera man for Swedish television, has some time off today from the production she's currently working on. Wants to spend her precious time off with her old nana (MIL) and us, isn't that so sweet of her. As nana didn't get to meet her only grandchild on her birthday last weekend,  we're splashing out on another lunch followed by coffee and cake of course. Taking them to a really fabulous café in town, very quirky eclectic furnishing and THE yummiest pastry! no scrunching on the whipped cream, chocolate or fillings ...

Hope the sun is shining on you wherever you may be, have a wonderful rest of the week! Thank you for all your wonderful comment, really really appreciate you taking the time to come for a visit! Mwah!

Cheers! xoxo Eila


  1. My,my...3 LOs for a single casefile! You are on a roll, Eila. I am like your dh when it comes to amusement parks...I stay put on the ground and stuff myself silly with all the food I can lay my hands on :)
    Hope you are having a blast, come rain or sunshine!

  2. I agree with Anupama 3 layouts but all equally beautiful but do love the besties...i can see you rockin and rollin on the rides can't stand them myself not good with heights lol!!!
    have a great time at lunch with some fav people ...

  3. Busy lady you are and all three so beautiful.
    Summer 2012 we never forget.....rainy days!

  4. WOW.... three!!! I love them all!!
    So sorry to hear you are having a soggy summer!

  5. Love your lo's! All so different, yet perfect for the challenge!

  6. Amazing! I love these so much!!!!!!! My total fave is the amusement park one. LOVE IT!!!! So dynamic! I got sooo excited when I saw it on CSI that I HAD to scrap that case file IMMEDIATELY!!! LOL! So much fun! Right up my alley! :D

  7. Wow, all 3 layouts are fabulous, Eila!
    I think my fav is the 2nd one...great photos, fantastic design..and just so much to look at!

    So sorry to hear that you haven't had a nice summery summer :( but I like your thinking on finding sun & fun in your scrap space :)

  8. Fabulous layouts, try to have fun with the rain :)

  9. Oh I do love your stories. Gorgeousness oozing from your pages again. Cannot pick a fave, you have just added so many little details in each.

  10. Hello hello Dearest!! I am so sorry that Stockholm has not brought you much sun this year. I don't know how you function - must be very toasty indoors - as I am freezing in a Durban winter! Well good for you on THREE layouts!! I try the clean and simple myself and while it does look nice it doesn't satisfy the creative need in me - and yes flowers are the ultimate scrappy splash needed to finally feel like a page is complete! I love some of the EP papers - yours are lovely - I bought them myself - but I'm not buying them anymore - I can't get through them fast enough so I'm limiting my suppliers. I do love how you have toned down those G45 papers. I won those & have never used them. I agree with what you have done there - makes all the difference. Good for you on a successful creative splurge & I wish I could join you for pastries - you always make it sound so yummy!!

  11. I admire your creativeness, all these LO's in one go.... my favourite is the G45 old curiosity shop, just love the way you have used the different cut outs, great job!!!
    I live in the heart of England and it rains just as much here :(
    I wish you a sunny summer :)

  12. Well done on this surge of productivity! That's awesome. Holidays are the best for getting the creative juices flowing. I love them all but probably I love the middle one with the roller coaster the best. I would never have guessed that you're such a wild child my dear :oD .
    You and Victoria could go on all the 'worst' rides as she is just like you!! Maybe we'll go to 'Gröna Lund' next time....? I am no good with swirly and scary things myself though. Hugs!