Sunday, 3 June 2012

CSI # 22 "Mittens For My Girl"

Hello my lovely dovelies!

This week flew by in super sonic speed again, came home from my business trip late on Wednesday evening and had full throttle at work the two days that were left.

Let me share some piccies from the Swedish west coast where we had our meeting.

Ulrika och Daniel Marstrand 29MAY2012

This really gorgeous lady is my boss, the guy sitting next to her in a stripey rugby shirt is our CFO. I think he must be the only man that I know who can pull of wearing a .... BOW TIE without looking ridiculous!

 MARSTRAND 29MAY2012 - 2

This picturesque scene is from one of the many fishing communities in the archipelago. As is the case with seasides everywhere, it gets inundaded by city folks during the summer months.

 MARSTRAND 29MAY2012 - 3

Ice cold white wine and a pile of these treasures from the sea, cannot think of a better dinner while the sun was setting and the waves were lapping gently against the shore a stone's throw from the veranda where we were sitting. Divine evening!

Because of my business trip, I didn't have any time to create a page for the TCR palette #113 but as I have worked some weeks ahead with the CSI Case Files, I have a page to share for the Case File # 22 that was released yesterday;

We are celebrating all things royal in June, as June is the month of the Queen's Birthday! Our very good British friend, Tracee Provis told that this year is an especially momentous year, as it's the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. This year, the Queen will celebrate 60 years on the throne. Our inspiration image (aka "The Scene") came from Castles, Crowns, and Cottages blog.

We are beyond excited to have Emma Trout as our Special Agent this month! It is such an honor to have her here with us this month!

And as usually our fabulous Michele Sing has created wonderful printables to match

And here comes my take:

 22_Mittens For My Girl 4000px 

All papers are from Jolee´s Creations' new collection called French General.

As evidence I have used patterned trims, my fiber is tied around the knitting needles, I have used gesso (wet medium) and have a resin crown tucked in next to the little envelope.

It just dawned on me that I never photographed the back of my page where the journalling is. The photo triggered my memory of how my mother always seemed to have a knitting on the go wherever she went. She supplied our whole extended family with socks and mittens but loved to knit something elaborate for me although I'm ashamed to say, I never appreciated wearing home-knitted sweaters back then. All I wanted was store-bought ones, just like the ones that all the other girls were wearing.

My childhood bestie Elsi has her birthday a couple of weeks before mine and as Elsi spent a lot of time at our house as her own mum was very ill, she became like a family member. One year, we must have been about 10 years old then, my mum knitted a red cardigan that had glimmering gold thread spun in together with the red yarn. I was so jealous of Elsi who got to wear her cardigan before I did, and wouldn't listen to any reason from my mum. Elsi had ruined the pleasure of my wearing the cardigan. Years and years afterwards I found my cardigan in mum's closet, neatly folded away. How I must have broken my mother's heart with my attitude and it makes me really so ashamed thinking about it even after all these years.

22_Mittens For My Girl - 3

The photo is from a Finnish site but could very well have been taken from my childhood kitchen table where my mum kept her knitting.

22_Mittens For My Girl - 2 

DA chippie flourish coated in Ice Stickles in Gold. The metal be-jewelled trinket and leaves are also from Jolee´s.

 22_Mittens For My Girl - 4

I love how the papers look like vintage linen tea towels or cotton fabric.

 22_Mittens For My Girl - 5

This little envelope with a note spelling "love" is from Anna Griffin, as are the layers under it. The metal trinkets with red jewels are from Jolee´s.

 22_Mittens For My Girl - 6

I fussy cut the little blue flowers from one of the papers and decorated them with liquid pearls.

 22_Mittens For My Girl - 7

 22_Mittens For My Girl -8
And so we've come to the end of this post. Thanks a bunch for popping by and for your much appreciated comment.

Take care! cheers! xoxox Eila


  1. Dear Eila - I have loved this layout since I first saw it! That paper collection is perfect - I bought some too, guess I need to use it. ;) Lovely story (as usual) and fantastic photos - beautiful! Take care dear friend!

  2. OMG Eila, how lucky are you, your business trip really doesn't look like a business trip , more like a paradise trip! beautiful scenery and location for a business trip. looks like you had fun :) so happy for you :)
    your layout, yes I agree with you this month is going to be very special with the Queen's celebration, love your take on the challenge, those pieces of materials and stitching, fabulous layout, enjoy the rest of the week :) XX

  3. What a beautiful place your country is...I love the clear light and the brightness of the colours oh and I would definitely love the sea-food. A beautiful page Eila, lots of lovely little details and love your story. My mum in law still knits "vests" for my hubby....they are loved and admired but sadly never worn. The papers you used are very pretty, I'm off to check them out. xx

  4. Eila, you have been busy since I last visited... promise I will catch up some once settled into the new house. Adorable layout, and I loved the story which flows along with it... such a beautiful page.
    You also asked about where I got my shells from that I put on a layout recently... most were collected from the beach. Some of the more fancier (with swirly long bits) I purchased from a local shop here in Geraldton. If I could, I would send you some, but shells are a real no no through customs...

  5. Eila your pages always touch my heart. You put so much meaning into your pages. It blows me away. I love every detail.
    And your business trip, oh the hard
    Looks fabulous. Love seeing photos of another country.

  6. Wow, this is gorgeous!!
    So much amazing detail in this layout - I couldn't stop looking for more and more goodies ;0)
    Awesome business trip!

  7. HI.. what a precious story behind the mittens and jumpers.. I don't think we appreciate our parents until we are much older and I love the emotional side to this layout.. beautiful in details and sentiment.. love it..

  8. Love, love, love your lo...and the mitten...fab! Great business pics...looks like a little bit of heaven!

  9. soooooo pretty Eila! love all the details and the pic! xoxo

  10. Your business trip look fantastic..hey, did you need a Spanish translator girl or someone who helps with the suitcase, let me know, lol!!!!
    Beautiful photos!!! adorable fishing community!
    Oh your page is Adorable!! look how many gorgeous details have like needle with the red thread and the line of tiny flowers....Beautiful work!!
    Take care and rest dear!!! Hugs!! xoxo :)

  11. gosh love the biz trip photos! i wouldn't mind scrapping those! stunning. oh and i agree there are very few men that look good in a bowtie.
    love the papers you used in this layout like you said it looks like fabric - & the color scheme is very patriotic for me.. reminds me of all the childhood 4th of july party's we would have - it does have a very nostalgic feeling to it. well done.
    thanks for the sweet things you said about my latest post "bebe book" - but i think i might just knock your mittens off with my "love live dreams book" its coming up in about 2 posts. i think my cyber ma will be proud!

  12. Look forward to seeing your gorgeous pics from the trip on your layouts. I can almost smell bread baking somewhere in the kitchen when I look at the mittens page!

  13. Beautiful, Beautiful photos and your LO is just perfect. Your journaling really touched my heart too :)

  14. Back to say - CONGRATULATIONS! You made it to the OUAS DT :)))))))))))))))) Far out, my dear friend!

  15. Wow that was such a treat for the eyes! What a beautiful page!! I am just loving that French General paper - discovered it for the first time a few weeks ago and shan't be buying it - like you I am hanging my head in shame as I can hardly squish into this little room of mine anymore, it is bursting at the seams with goodness!! Your pages are incredible Eila!! You need an entire wall of deep shadow boxes where you can display and rotate these masterpieces!!