Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Happy Prima News and CSI # 25 The Old Homestead

Today I am basking in shere egotistic joy! I sent in 2 pages for the Prima May PPP and one of them actually won! the other one got featured together with a number of gorgeous other projects.

Congrats to my dear scrappy pals Lindy and Maja Stokk, as well as to  lovely fellow OUAS DT members Keren Tamir and Jolaine Frias who all were featured!

Here is first the bold and vibrant colour prompt:

And this is my winning page called "Wellies". I made it in my very early days of experimenting with mists, paints and different mediums and remember how fun it was to splat, mist and smear the stuff onto the pages.

MAY 2 PPP 3000px main
 These are not my photos, I found them whilst browsing around different French and Swedish sites.

 MAY 2 PPP - 2
Different stamping with TH Distress Inks in Black Soot + Wild Honey + Broken China.

 MAY 2 PPP - 3
First my beloved Winsor & Newton Glass Beads Texture Gel and then Stickles and golden acrylic paint.

 MAY 2 PPP - 4

 MAY 2 PPP - 5
Just looove how that chippie swirl turned out. Slabbed on gesso, misted in awesome autumnal Cranberry Zing + Black Cherry + Juneberry Wine. Then the gel beads and gold acrylic paint. The teal is Stickles in Turqoise.

 MAY 2 PPP - 7

 MAY 2 PPP -9

and next the featured page that I have shared earlier:

MAY PPP 4000px main

After these Prima goodies, I also have my page for the CSI #25 case file to share.
I got so caught up in the photo that I found on a Finnish site, that I actually forgot all about fitting in evidence. Have to see if I've veered off totally from the whole prompt! Here it is, my "The Old Homestead".

25_The Old Homestead main 2500 px
This photo of a timber house up in the north of Finland, austere and without frills, is so very very typical of the country houses of old. Some are still in use. It reminds me of the old faded b&w photos I have seen of my maternal grandfather's farm close to the Russian border. It also looks very much like the little house my mother grew up in together with 12 siblings.

 25_The Old Homestead - 4
A chilly, windswept autumn day with threatening gray skies and mist lurking in the woods nearby. The history of my maternal ancestry was brought up in my memory by this photo, it also gave me the title of the page.

 25_The Old Homestead - 2
Now let's see about the evidence: foliage tick, architectural and wood elements - well that will have to be the MME paper and brick stamping and the photo itself so let's say tick on that one too. Gold? naww, but does metal count? have some clouds in the photo too.

 25_The Old Homestead - 3
My main colours are definitely the milder hues of the palette with some added gray, cream and brown. There are hints of the greens and the blue, but admittedly not much at all.

 25_The Old Homestead - 5

 25_The Old Homestead - 6

 25_The Old Homestead - 7

There is quite a selection of paper collections layered in there; Prima, Glitz, MME, Pion, book page, handmade paper from India with grass, misted canvas, a crocheted doily and some other bits and bobs.

 25_The Old Homestead - 8
This fussy-cut mother and children is from Swedish Pion Design's newest collection Grandmother's Schoolbook.

In the village located in the remote forests near the Russian border where my mother grew up, everybody were related to each other by blood and inter-marriage. The whole community was very religious and confessed to a conservative lutheran movement which can still be found in Minnesota, Michigan, North Dakota, British Columbia among a few states in the US and Canada.

In 1902 many families left the village and started a new life in Detroit, Michigan. Among them were my maternal grandfather's aunties. In Detroit they built a new homestead, a replica of the old homestead in Finland. Also the new house was overlooking a lake and surrounded by forrests. I have met a few of my distant American cousins who have curiously followed in their ancestors' footsteps back to the village.

My mother's stories of these relatives echo like whirls of dust in my memory and I so wish I had listened more attentively when she told them to me time after time. But then they were only faceless names and had no part in my own life as teenager. Today I know where I come from and who I am, I know my own place in the story of our family.

 25_The Old Homestead - 9

Once again dear ladies, you have patiently listened to my ramblings and kindly looked at my photos. Thank you warmly!

Have a really great rest of the week! Take care!

Toodelipip! xoxo Eila


  1. Congrats cool work and 3 lovely pages you have made again love the details and layers.
    Amazing story about the roots of your family.

  2. Dette var en fryd for øyet Eila!!!! Så mye vakkert du har laget! Den nederste til CSI tror jeg er noe av det vakreste jeg har sett!!! Så fantastisk fargekombinasjoner, masse lag på lag på lag og detaljer!! Elsker den!
    Gratulerer så mye med dine to Prima-LOer!! Så utrolig gøy og de var fantastisk lekre begge to. Utrolig flotte blåfarger på de to bildene forresten!
    Skal vi se, du lurte på de tøyblomstene jeg har brukt på en av de siste LOene mine. Det er sånt bånd med blomster, kjøpt på Wild Orchids of Craft tror jeg det heter. De er utrolig lekre, både å klippe opp og bruke alene eller som bånd. De er ganske store de jeg har, tror de finnes i ulike størrelser.
    Ha en flott uke!

  3. WOW - this post has blown me away dear friend! So much to look at and everyone is a work of art! I can see why Prima picked your layout! It is simply stunning! You need to frame it! :) Congrats Eila! This is so deserved! Hugs!

  4. WOW these are amazing - you were the first one I looked at to lift on CSI but just didn't think I could live up to what you create! Beautiful pages!

  5. Eila, amazing detail, gorgeous colours.... love the texture and design of each.... always a delight to visit as there is always so much to feast my eyes upon. Beautiful!

  6. All three of these pages are just wonderful Eila. So obviously your style but each one with a fresh, dynamics to it, love it. Congratulations ! xx

  7. WOOHOO, Eila! Congratulations and keep inspiring. Got to go for now...school starts in a few hours!
    Hugs from India

  8. Wow.. I looked through this so slowly as there were so many details and it all looks so beautiful.. thanks for your wonderful inspiration!

  9. wow...du e helt otroligt konstnärlig. Åh vad vackra alster du visar, så fina detaljer,..så maffigt alltihop

  10. Congrats think thats been said once or twice before sweetie lol!!!your work is just amazing stunning beautiful...love it all
    have a great week Lindy xoxo

  11. Wow! A big congrats to you my friend! Love your pages...simply gorgeous!!!!!!!!!

  12. Congrats on your win!!! Your work is amazing and very inspirational!TFS!!!

  13. such wonderful masterpieces....so stunning. :)

  14. Gorgeous work! Thank you for your kind words at my blog - I was so touched!

  15. U R a clever little chicky!! BIG congrats to u, ur win & feature r very well deserved. Ur pages r simply stunning! Ur photographs r also very beautiful & always so interesting XX

  16. What a feast of splendidness you have here Eila! Congrats!! Gorgeous work - the lot of it!!

  17. Congrats and so so well deserved. These pages are amazing. Every detail you add and every layer is just beautiful. And as you know, I always love the stories behind your pages.

  18. A Huge Congrats my friend!! So well deserved it! making the happy dance for you!! :) love your new style with all the textures...Beautiful work, dear!!! Muakkkk!! xoxo

  19. Again Miss Eila you leave me speechless. STUNNING. I love that glass bead Gel too, I will have to check that one out, looks fab.I'm loving all your amazing details & all those yummy layers. Keep it up. Hugz Di xoxo

  20. Just recapping here...enjoy every moment of your egotistical joy!! You deserve it for all your passionate work!!!