Monday, 11 June 2012

CSI case file # 23 Friendship Stitched With Love

I have just come home from a wonderful evening with my PA co-workers from the office. It's way past 09.00 p.m. and the sky is stilll blue, the sun is settling slowly on the horizon but it won't get completely dark in a while. The air is sweet and mild and the birds are crooning their evening song. Aaaahh!

Today I thought I'd share my DT page for CSI case file nbr 23 that I have called "Friendship Stitched With Love". Less wild experimenting than in my previous page for TCR, "Mr Right" and more feminine.

First the palette and prompts:

Our fabulous Michele Singh has created wonderful printables to match, that girl is just amazing!

I was set on creating something really girly and romantic with the photo in mind, but as often happens with my pages, it took an entirely different direction and ended up like this.

 23 Friendship 3000px main

This is Rebekah, my scrappy friend from Florida and her maid of honour, Kimberly.

23_Friendship - 2

I cannot remember having used kraft background before but I think it gives a certain punch;

  23_Friendship - 3

Before punching the borders I randomly used gold acrylic paint around all borders. Then I stamped in black archival ink with a couple of different stamps and smeared out Winsor & Newton glass beads texture gel. The punching was admittedly a bit hard but I got the uneven edges and texture that I was looking for as some bits of the punching ripped off entirely in the process and the gold showed very randomly around the edges.

Then I stuck the kraft sheet onto a chocolate brown cardstock and sprayed heavily with TA Dazzling Diamonds and Gold. The Dazzling Diamonds is what looks like a starlit sky/Milky Way. It really really shimmers beautifully IRL!

 23_Friendship - 4

The evidence I have used are border punches, my something transluscent is this Hambly overlay and of course, no page would be complete without flowers!

The testimony is self evident, being a bride has to be the ultimate queen-of-the-day experience. I asked Rebekah to describe her friend Kimberly using the letters of her name, and this is what she said:

K is for Kindred spirit
I is for Illegal amounts of fun
M is for Magnetic personality
B is for Big-hearted
E is for Easy to talk to
R is for Receptive
L is for Lively artist
Y is for Young at heart

 23_Friendship - 5

 23_Friendship - 6
 Some textural experiments on the chipboard flourish. Modelling paste does the trick to get that uneven yummie texture!

 23_Friendship - 7

 23_Friendship - 8

There you go; Friendship Stitched With Love!

It's been wonderful having you for a visit, thanks a bunch!

xoxox Eila


  1. LOVE! just stunning work! Love the colors and all the yummy layers.

  2. Hi my friend...have just returned from a trip to the "very hot" Dubai to visit my family there. Had a wonderful time but every time I go on holidays these days I come home with some bug or other!!
    Am just catching up on some blog surfing and have to tell you your page is truly beautiful. Love all your textures and adore the hint of the pink in the flowers.
    When in Dubai I was lucky enough to do some classes with Iris Babao Uy...was wonderful and she is such a delight.

  3. stunning page Eila, love the border around the layout, wonderful creation :)

  4. This is simply gorgeous! Love everything about it! Fabulous mix and texture...really breathtaking!

  5. Beautiful work love this page looks so arty to and the colors ...YUMMIE ...i need more hours in one day..And i have looked for the fishnet to day ..still nothing !!!I think we are in Big Trouble..but i keep my eye´s open[always].

  6. Gorgeous Eila! This is so beautiful and I love the craft with black stamping and punching. Very cool! Love that it is neutral with pops of colour!!

  7. You and Kraft, Eila???? I am loving all the twists and turns your scrapping style is taking lately. Keep experimenting and inspiring :)

  8. this page is perfect! love working with kraft paper myself.. think it pops all the colors just the right way! but i have to admit for you this is a complete experiment gone completely right! love how you punched the edges after all the stickels and gold work.. very cool. turned out completly differant then the colorful version i did with this picture (which when ever i get around to showing my wedding album i'll post this one for sure) we can do a little swap. i also have this transparency and its fab! so much so i've never really wanted to use it - cause i want to keep it for a better layout.. hehe
    kim really is an amaizng friend & my wedding wouldn't have not only been the same without her - i'm not sure it would have happened! she's the best - you can prob see that on our face though. thanks for doing beautiful justice to such a wonderful picture (i loved our photographer!)

  9. WOW Eila your page is stunning... absolutely adore your gorgeous border and all the beautiful technique and details... divine!!! big hugs :))

  10. Simply Beautiful!!! love the techniques and details!!! love it!! A big hug! :)