Tuesday, 21 August 2012

The Red Queen's Race

I'm sure you all remember the incident in Alice In Wonderland where the Red Queen and Alice run like mad but when they stop, they are still in the same spot. That's me at the moment. Scrapping has to take the backseat for some days before I can emergy in blogland for some air again.

My apologies, this will be a short and sweet post again.

CSI case file # 33 went live last Friday and closes on Sunday, 26 August. I am a terrible terrible DT member for not posting the prompts this time but urging you to go visit CSI to check out the gorgeous colours and amazing printable coordinates that Michele Singh has created for us. That girl is just a wizz!

Here goes:  CSI .. Color..Stories.. Inspiration Case File # 33

My take looks like this:

33_Heavenly 3000px main
The testimony is about a landmark that I have visited, or rather I live smack in the centre of one.

As I have written before, Stockholm is more than 1 000 years old. It has won the The European Green Capital Award and stands as an international role model and at the forefront of environmental thinking in modern times. People come from all over the globe to see its art, architecture, design, nature, archipelago ... the list of reasons why visit Stockholm, just goes on.

I am infinitely blessed to have been born and raised in this marvellous city where I have the heavens at my doorstep. In my case, that's the Stockholm archipelago which I have scrapped in my "Heavenly" page here.

The evidence that I have used are liquid mediums, something shiny, sandlike stuff, shadows and clouds.

33_Heavenly - 2
The shiny bit is the Prima vine with glass beads peeking out from under that Prima Corine lily.

 33_Heavenly - 3
I mainly used water colour crayons to create the background of many hues of blue, added a bit of misting to accentuate the blue of the skie and the water. My main colours are the blue with just hints of the darker blue and red as seen in the splatter.

The resin embelli is from Melissa Frances. If you squint you can imagine seeing clouds in the messy areas of misting and molding paste.

 33_Heavenly - 4
The shadows are not the ordinary ones that come first to one's mind. It is instead the crayons I have used to highlight the corners of the photos. Here they are pale pale green, white and tealish blue.

The boat in the foreground is one of the steam boats going out in the archipelago, very very popular with the Stockholmians. The stretch of houses in the background with boats anchored almost at their doorsteps, is Strandvägen, the poshest address you can have in Stockholm.

 33_Heavenly - 5
This photo is fibbing it. It's by the Finnish photographer that I have written about before. She lives in the Finnish archipelago and has given me permission to use photos off her website as long as I point out that the photos are not mine. This might very well have been taken anywhere in the Stockholm archipelago but is from a place near Helsinki in Finland.

 33_Heavenly - 6
Now this one is a typical typical view from the Stockholm archipelago with the soft round boulders that I so longingly write about time after time. The endless stretch of water and skies, the cries of seagulls soaring above.

 33_Heavenly - 7
Here's the sandlike stuff, gel beads and cream acrylic paint on gauze.

I bless each and one of you who still faithfully take of your time to visit my blog. My next post will also be a quick one in which I will share my page for this week's palette over at TCR.

Till then, take care my lovely dovelies!

xoxox Eila


  1. Love that background! So witty that you have used pencils to create it - goes so well with the theme of the page and the photos!

  2. Yumyum yummie page i love it great details and texture .Cool pictures and yes its Heavenly.

  3. Great layout, Eila! love the photos as well!

  4. Stockholm is such a gorgeous city! We visited it last year and I really enjoyed the amazing view and lakes. Love this photo and how you scrapped it on this fabulous lay-out!

  5. This is such a tranquil LO to watch, like the photos they have on the wall in a spa, where you can just sit and absorb the beauty and tranquility by watching it. I have been to Stockholm several times and fell in love with the city. My parents lived there for about 2 years, but that is a long time ago.
    Ønsker deg en litt mere stress fri uke :)

  6. atmosphere of your layout is so interesting... peaceful but... ehhhh what I writing about? geez... I just love your work! :D

  7. Love love this page Eile! gorgeous techniques -as Tone said just tranquil...have a great week my friend
    Lindy xo

  8. Unique and beautiful, have to agree with Tone-Lill.. tranquil too. Love all the bits 'n pieces you have added, really makes for a very super and special layout...I especially like the snippets of lace pieces here and there...

  9. lovely page, love the background textures and those photos are so beautiful as well, just a beautiful part of the world where you live in Eila, thanks for sharing and capturing those beautiful details :)

  10. Beautiful post, Eila...love the pictures, the texture and your musings :)

  11. Just simply beautiful. I love the details and the three pics placed as they are is so eye catching. You are very lucky to live where you do with a magnificent history. My husband and I often talk about how young Australia is. But I too am very proud of where I live and the landmarks that I have encountered.

  12. Wow, wow & WOW!!!
    Firstly, your photos are fantastic & amazing!...and you have scrapped them oh so perfectly, Eila! Your page is so soft & whimsical...totally gorgeous work & so so inspiring! :) I would so so love to visit Sweden one day..it is such a beautiful place <3

  13. Amazing page! I want to live in Strandvagen!! Beautiful page! I never wanted to visit Stockholm before I knew you - I never even thought about it - now I can't wait to visit! Hubby has an aversion to cold places so we will have to visit one Summer when the kids have all left home :)

  14. this is truly heavenly in all sense of the word!! gorgeous layout!! stupendous!!