Monday, 13 August 2012

CSI # 32 Soar

Talk about turbo start to Monday, everyone's back from their summer hols now and it certainly shows in the mailbox. Seemed like the whole office was buzzing with people talking about their summer and catching up over a cup of coffee, loved it!

Last weekend also brought CSI case file # 32. Just look at these absolutely delish colours!

and the wonderful printable coordinates that our Michele Singh has created for us.

I'll confess immediately, my page did not come about easy breezy! I started off with the background work falling in place very nicely, and then catastrophy struck - a MAJOR booh booh! as a result the colour of the misting in both clusters is way off the teal in the palette. I'm nowhere near here but honestly couldn't face starting all over again.

Here's my page for you. As much as I adore what Finnbair does, this is not my personal attempt at her unique style. I simply had to pile on stuff to cover the booh booh. Have to admit I quite like the result of the accident and will no doubt be experimenting à la Finnabair.
 32_Soar 3000px main
The photo is by a Finnish photographer.  I have her written consent to borrow the photos that she has on her web as long as I specifically point out that they are not mine. I apologize in advance for not sharing the link to her website as I will be using quite a few of her shots on my pages and would like to keep the momentum of delightful surprise.

32_Soar -2
The inspirational words for my page are "calm" and "seek" and the testimony could be said to be about a beach trip, or rather having lived by the sea all my life.

I have written many times how ingrained the love of Mother Nature is in the Swedish (and Finnish, and Norwegian) soul. In times when my life gets overbearing and the demands almost suffocate me, I always seek out a quiet and calm place by the sea. The gentle lapping of water or the sound of ice moving in winter, the seagulls going up up up with their wings gracefully stretched out catching the winds and not a single person in sight is heavenly to me. There I sit doing absolutely nothing but letting my soul catch up with my breathing and the thumping of my heart until I have reached balance again, ready to take on life with a smile.

Not exactly the beach trip that comes to mind when seeing the prompt perhaps, but beach can be a smooth, round boulder in the archipelago as well as white soft sand by any of the Oceans.

I silhouetted the seagull and mounted it on foam dots to elevate it from the photo. Do you see the white feathers tucked in just below the wingtip?

32_Soar - 3
My evidence are all the wet mediums that I have used, as well as the water colour paper that is slightly textured. I have also used lace and gauze.

(I have absolutely no idea why this photo looks so weird with a blanked out white area on the far right, it sure doesn't look like that in my computer or Flickr or when writing this post )
 32_Soar - 4

 32_Soar - 5
Maya Road make some really delicious cream, velvet covered resin roses, I use them a lot as they are so handy and can be misted.

 32_Soar - 6

 32_Soar - 7
The exquisite lace that is at the bottom of this cluster is a gift from lovely Mitra Pratt in the US. It really is heavenly delicate IRL. Thank you darling! I am happy to report our kitty cat is one spunky and energetic boy now. Mwah!
 32_Soar - 8
The bottom cluster seen from another angle.

 32_Soar - 9
This part is my personal fave, must be something about the shape and how the pearls are nesting.

I finished my page by touching up everything very very lightly with gold acrylic paint.

And with that we've reached the end of my post. Thank you warmly for your visit, I always love reading your comments and treasure each word deeply.

Have a really great week all of you out there! see you on Friday.

Cheerio! xoxo Eila


  1. Denne var helt fantastisk! Elsker å se deg leker med medium! (og har inntrykk av at det har blitt endel av det hos deg den siste tiden)
    Elsker fargene dine og alle detaljene i pynten rundt bildet!
    Må jo le litt også da, slike "uhell" er noe vi må leve med, og etterhvert lære seg til at det bare blir sånn :D
    Ha en flott uke!

  2. Just beautiful!! I always take delight in seeing your work, you have a talent my dear that is clear! :) P.S Always love your wonderful comments on my work, have't been called B-J since high school :)brings back memories cheers :)

  3. Just beautiful as always and I see no boo boos at all!

  4. Thank God for accidents if this is going to be the end result :) Love the clustering with the delish pearls, lace and roses. Awesome picture too.

  5. Hi Eila
    This is just beautiful booh booh and all. I love how your layout finished.

  6. I always admire your layouts and beautiful photographs. This layout is no exception.

  7. Oh my! Eila, for someone who just got into mists 6 months ago, you've certainly made big strides in rocking the mixed media goodness. Seriously. Amazing use of colours. And textures.

  8. this turned out just so so amazing! love everything you have done here :)

  9. HI.. This is really beautiful.. I too love the sea and the beauty and majesty and your layout looks fabulously beachy.. love the clusters on each side.. and stunning back ground...

  10. Booh booh?? I think this is perfection!! Stunning use of always...and your clustering is to die for! I am a sea girl too, rain or shine, however the North Sea is neither a smooth white bolder or a a golden sandy beach!! Having said that, it is still beautiful to me :0)

  11. My new fave page of you coooool work with the texture,misting and paint .Lovely details to!

  12. Wow this is just beautiful! Love the background and gorgeous flower clusters!

  13. TOTALLY gorgeous Eila! Your happy accident with the mists led to a fantastically Finnabairish creation!!

  14. Stunning and gorgeous - no boo boo in sight here! Absolutely captivating.

    And I so know what you mean - nature, and especially the sea is the place of relaxation for me, too. Never have thought it being a Nordic thing, though. Interesting!

    ...jostain syystä ajatukset juoksee nyt paremmin englanniksi kuin suomeksi - huolestettuvaako? :D

  15. Såg ju denna inne på CSI och den är bara så magiskt vacker! Fotot är fantastiskt och du har scrappat denna sida helt underbart med fotot i fokus men ändå med så mycket detaljer och kul saker att upptäcka runt om fotot. Proffsjobb!

    Kramiz Maja

  16. Gorgeous Eila !! Love it an d the pic is awesome!!!

  17. Vad glad jag blev över att finna din fantastiska blogg tack vare din trevliga kommentar på min! Vilken fantastisk LO- vackra och milda färger, otroligt väl genomtänkta detaljer. Älskar fjädrarna som dekoration. Tack för din kommentar på min blogg och Once Upon-inlägget: tack för din synpunkt gällande journalingen också. En tag sitter inne i papperspåsen, jag ska ta något ytterligare foto (detaljfoto) och komplettera med.

  18. Oh wow, this is sensational. The background work is amazing and the photo showcased by those gorgeous clusters. You have outdone yourself. Just stunning.

  19. Goodness me!!! What an amazing layout!!!! Wow! I'm almost lost for words! Jasmine summed it up well - SENSATIONAL!!! :)

  20. Wow Eila....such a gorgeous layout! Lovely work and stunning as always!
    Love all paint and colors!!

  21. So, so beautiful. The textures, the layers, that amazing photo. Everything works together to create a beautiful work of art. Love how you silhouetted the bird.

  22. Ooooh Eila.... Truly beauty, I love it!!!

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    1. Hi my beautiful friend.....Gorgeous Eila as usual! I adore your creations.
      Just thought I'd let you know the morrocan die cut you mentioned from my lo is a Marianne design creatable. She has amazing dies you just cant seem to find anywhere else, very lacey. I should use them more, they are amazing. And the little delicate butterfly was a find from a scrapbooking fair, but came with no name... wish I got more Ive used up all of them!
      kisses jodes xx