Saturday, 23 March 2013

Prima FEBRUARY PPP + a peek at London + Easter Bloghop

Hello weekend!

I had some stowaways with me from London, rather persistent little fellows that made me bedridden for a couple of days sneezing and snivelling. Looking at some of the piccies I took in da UK, immediately made me feel so much better. We have an absolutely gorgeous day here in Stockholm, around zero degrees and SUNSHINE!

Check this out, how about afternoon tea in the restaurant of the Victoria & Albert museum, not bad huh!

And a truly lovely exhibition on Queen Victoria in Kensington Palace.

 This is the ceiling in the ballroom.

 Right royal luggage.

Isn't this just the prettiest most romantic dress! it's Queen Victoria's wedding dress. She was a fantastic beauty when young, petite and absolutely adorable.

On this rather happy note, I would also like to thank the one and lovely Lindy Gillespie for giving me the Liebster Award! You are such a darling - THANK YOU!!

The Liebster Award was designed to be a blog award in the pay-it-forward fashion. It is awarded to blogs that have fewer than 200 followers to encourage new visitors to them. Once you have been nominated, you award to five other blogs.

The rules are: post the award on your blog, give the award to 5 bloggers who you appreciate that have fewer than 200 followers, then leave a comment on their blogs to let them know you have given them this award.

So I have passed this award onto:

Amazing ladies all of them!! xoxoxo

Before I share my Prima FEBRUARY PPP, I have a little sneaky of an upcoming Easter Bloghop. You might have seen the below logo in my sidebar. It is the fabulous, über cool Finnish scrapper Riikka Kovasin who will be hosting an Easter Blohop starting on 1 April at noon GMT/13.00 hours CET and I am one of the stops to visit!

More details in my next blogpost.

My Prima FEBRUARY PPP is an extremely dimensional 8 x 8 canvas which I made instead of a birthday card to a girlfriend of mine. It now hangs on the wall in her bedroom.

It's really difficult to make justice to the details, textures and different colours in these photographs. Somehow everything looks just like a pile of nondescript pink objects, which it's not IRL.

We had these originally white butterflies as part of our table decoration on New Year's Eve. There is quite a bit of silver glitter, Stickles and touches of gold to them. I stamped on the wings too.

I covered the sides of the canvas in cream lace and then misted them heavily in soft pinks.

Believe it or not, but beneath all the butterflies, there is masking/modelling pasting and quite a bit of stamping too. It's peeking out here and there under the layers. White seed pearls and strips of the cream coloured lace too.

Thank you so much for popping in, I so appreciate your visit! 

Wishing you a beautiful weekend, take care!

Toodeloo! xoxox Eila


  1. this canvas is beyond marvelous, so beautifully chosen embellishments. Great design, and so interesting to watch the photos from your trip

  2. amazing canvas! i am also a prt of this blog hop, so will "see" you there:)

  3. Hope you are starting to feel better after bringing the bugs back with you from England. Lucky for you it isn't this weekend. It is SNOWING!!! And totaly caos over here, the British find it hard to cope with snow :P Anyway just want to say that your canvas is awsome with the most adorable decorations,, Love it!
    Ha en fortsatt fin,fin helg :)

  4. Such beautiful photos! It looks like you had a wonderful time in the UK. Sorry to hear that you are feeling not really well though. I hope you will feel better soon!

    Your canvas is truly gorgeous. I just love all the beautifully arranged details here.

  5. Your trip to London sounds very nice.....I would love to have afternoon tea in the Victoria and Albert museum. Love your very pretty and detailed canvas, so much to see ( lucky friend ). Hope you're feeling better now, too and can enjoy the sunshine. xx

  6. Loved the canvas when I saw it on the Prima blog. The textures are amazing and those white butterflies are divine. I love what you did.
    England looks amazing!! Will write soon!!

  7. oh this is just amazing :) yummy

  8. This canvas is amazing Eila!!!! I love it to bits and can´t stop looking at every wonderful detail on it!!
    Thanks for giving me the award =)

    Hugs Maja

  9. Great photo's of London Eila...I love the history attached to this city! I have spent many hours scouring the museums and wonderful places too! I hope you are feeling better too! ;-) Your canvas is stunning and the layering and butterflies, simply fabulous! Love it, thoroughly! ;-)

  10. Wonderful photos, Eila, I would love to visit London some day! I especially love the dress, stunning! Your canvas is delightful, I just love the lace around the edges!!

  11. Thank you Eila, you are so kind and the sweetest person ever! Your talent, personality, kindness and the sense of humour are so inspiring! Kram o Glad Påsk xxx

  12. Your canvas is beautiful Eila... I love it... hugs...xoxo

  13. OMGoodness...this is just divine, Eila! Wow...there's so much detail and depth in there! Definitely doesn't look like a pile of nondescript pink objects...and I can only imagine it looks even more amazing IRL :)

    Thank you so much for passing the Leibster award on to me...I am totally chuffed that you thought of me <3 Thank you!

    Sorry to hear youré not feeling too well atm...hope you're up and at 'em in no time.
    Love your pics from London...would love to have an afternoon tea in the Victoria & Albert Museum! It looks amazinggg!!

  14. Wow that looks like a wonderfully dimensional canvas! I'm sure your friend was delighted!! Congratulations on being part of the blog hop!!!

  15. Congratulations on your Leibster award! Looks like you managed to fit in some wonderful sights and experiences in London!!