Tuesday, 27 November 2012

CSI # 47 Dirty Fingers

My goodness how time takes to super sonic speed! Me thinks we all feel the pre-Christmas pressure building up. I mentioned putting up advent stars in our windows in my previous post and some of you wondered what on earth I was talking about.

Well, as it gets so darn dark so early in Sweden at this time of the year and Christmas trees are not put up until 23 December, we need all the artificial lights we can get. Beginning next weekend, which we call first of advent, we put up electric candle sticks and hang big star-shaped paper ornaments in our windows. 

The stars are mounted with a lightbulb in them and as the stars have beautiful cut-out patterns, the light from the bulbs comes out nice and soft. Here's a photo to show you what I mean.

Here is another kind of advent star and you can also see one kind of candle stick. This one has got candles, others have electric light. 4 advent Sundays lead up to Christmas Eve, and as in most European countries, Christmas Eve is on 24 December.

Well, enough of the Chrissie talk for now. Time to share my DT page for CSI case file # 47. First the prompt. 

  • Red Carpet Welcome - red, taken from the fabric draped over the chair on the left--194.73.65
  • Stop By Beige - yellowy beige, taken from the walls--239.224.185
  • Wood You Like to Come In? - medium brown, taken from the side of the coffee table--132.100.62
  • Blue Etiquette blue with a hint of green, taken from the chairs on the left--165.203.206
  • Polite White - white, taken from the window frame--254.253.248

  • patchwork pattern
  • stripes
  • floral pattern
  • frames
  • greenery/foliage
  • gold metal accents
  • mesh (inspired by the chair in the foreground)
  • fabric
  • flourishes (inspired by all the curves on the furniture)

  • Document a visit to someone else's home or someone who visited you.
  • Write your journaling as an etiquette guide to whatever your situation is that you're documenting. Could be humorous.
  • Write your journaling in the form of a welcome message.
  • Add flourishes to your journaling spot
  • Write an ad for your home as if you were listing it for sale.
  • Inspiration Words: visit, manners, welcome-- use these as inspiration for your journaling, not just as a title
Here is my page that I have called "Dirty Fingers"; 

47_Dirty Fingers main 1000px
All the papers are from the Basic Grey Lucille collection.

My journalling was prompted by the words visit and manners. 

Always wonderful to have visits by little friends and their siblings. Preferably not more than two at the same time though. Our home is perfect for explorations by little people and my scrappy nook is almost irresistible to them. A treasure trove full of things to doodle on, rip apart and dismantle.

Better be safe than sorry, still remember little angel Missy E aged 1,5 and her mother sticking a chocolate éclair into her eager little hands. At that time we had WHITE very chic sofas and I was a tad too late in seeing where the little princess was heading with her trophy while her mum was happily chatting away and totally forgetting how quick little people are. Might I say my smile was slightly strained when the little toddler smushed her éclair filled little hands on the .... yup, my precious white sofa never to regain it's original pristine state.

Lesson number one learned, never ever serve anything with chocolate to others than adults. Dry biscuits are excellent for young visitors. Lesson number two learned, don't buy white sofas. Lesson number three, make sure to lock the door to your nook before the guests arrive. Et voilà, spilled fizzy drinks or misplaced clots of jam on the sofa are no big deal thanks to IKEA and washable sofa covers!

 47_Dirty Fingers - 2
The evidence used are patchwork pattern, fabric and floral patterns.

 47_Dirty Fingers - 3

47_Dirty Fingers - 4

 47_Dirty Fingers - 5
This little dog and his friend standing on the red ball two photos below, are both dimensional stickers from Norwegian Tilda.

 47_Dirty Fingers - 6
Talking about dimension, this page has lots of it!

 47_Dirty Fingers - 7
Here he is the other doggie from Tilda.

 47_Dirty Fingers - 8
And with this photo we have come to the end of this post. Thanks a bunch for your visit, really so lovely having you! I'll be back on Saturday to share a surprise page. Till then have a wonderful week everyone!

Toodelipip! xoxo Eila


  1. Gorgeous page Eila... adore all the beautiful layers and textures and what a fab photo!! :))

  2. Oh wow Eila this layout is amazing!! Love all the layers. And you made me laugh with your lesson learned ideas!!

  3. Funny to read about the advents lights. When I read it in the previous post I thought about how many except scandinavians would know what it is, so good idea to take photos and post them. Living in England I get the modern version fron IKEA ;) Anyway I love your LO so full of adorable little things. I think I need to do some shoping of Tilda stuff when I go back to Norway for xmas, the dogs are so cute.
    He fortsatt fin og kreativ uke :)

  4. Love the Basic Grey papers and you certainly did them justice, omg all those layers must have taken ages to create lol!!!- just beauitufl my friend...your poor sofa oh dear never the same again hey!!!
    Just love the idea of the Xmas stars and lights i can imagine whats it's like in your little part of the world, here we are 30 degrees plus today got the air con on already...look forward to your surprise later in the week
    catch you later
    Lindy xoxo

  5. I am amazed at the layering and the little details you add to your YUMMO pages, Eila! Simply beautiful and I can totally relate to the testimony. Your home looks beautiful with the Christmas stars and lights :)

  6. Loving your layout as always Eila... the layers are simply great... the embellishments work so well with each other... compliment the whole layout!!!Loving this to bits.... what...Christmas.... ahhhh... !! he he... hugs...xoxo

  7. Gosh, this is another amazingly detailed masterpiece! Such a stunning lay-out!

  8. Oh Eila this is truly magnificent!!! The details are glorious and far too many to mention individually, suffice to say I love it all!!! Thanks for enlightening (gettit????!!) me on the advent star, I have seen them in the holy grail that is Ikea and whilst I admired them I had no idea where you would hang them....guess where I am off to :0) Have a brilliant week my little star xx

  9. HI..This is so detailed and amazing, obviously a lot of thought and planning went into this.. beautiful layout!

  10. A lovely "Eila" layout & loved the journaling!! I was always desperate for a white bedroom & didn't think it would EVER be possible! Well I got in quick with this new house - when Cami was TEN! Cannot be done before & when the grandchildren come along never again so it's only a small window of possibility - 10 years MAX I'm sure :))) Love those stars! Second photo will not load for me unfortunately - EVER - I've been back several times. Yours look fab though. What a wonderful tradition!!

  11. Your sitting room looks so cozy and warm.
    Page is stunning where to i loooook so many cool stuff to see..lol...love it!

  12. You know what I like the most, looking at your layouts is like a pile of wonderful surprises to be found. My eyes always have an absolute feast of enjoyment finding everything Eila!

  13. Amazing layout with wonderful details!

  14. LOL....I had such a giggle when I read your lessons learned! I have a 5 year old son and I have also had to learn that nothing is sacred to a 5 year old boy!!!!! I have learnt to cleaup, put away and NOT buy anything new for now...until he is a little older! ;-)
    Love your layout....just beautiful!