Tuesday, 6 November 2012

CSI # 44 Home

Yup! totally can - this woman still knows how to boogey! Entirely different kettle of fish that it didn't last till dawn as it used to do some 25 years ago ha ha! I had sooo much fun at the party, no kids snickering at the weird moves and no hiding the mojitos from them. Aaaaghh!! killer heels means killer feet ... :)) 

I've pre-scheduled this post to go live at Tuesday lunchtime European time. I'll check in from work to see that it has worked as planned. (No hubby to do me the honours this time). After a very long blog post last time, this is going to be a short one.

CSI case file nbr 44 was released last Friday US Eastern time. Beeeautiful happy colours and a MASSIVE reveal presenting the new DT's work for the first time. I just say WOWZER!


Teal Cheer - taken from the ceiling - 134.178.181 

Sunny - a bright sunny yellow, taken from the curtains - 230.216.65 

Bright White - a true white, taken from the window frames - 255.255.255 

Sky Light - light gray, taken from the shaded parts of the window frames - 227.229.226 

Orange You Glad? - bold orange, taken from the pillow - 212.118.64 

fruit accents 
transparent element 
something woven 
doily pattern (inspired by pillows) 
something that rolls up, like the window shades 


Document something you love in your home. 

Fan mail (inspired by ceiling fan!) Write a fan letter to either someone famous or someone you're close to you. Include details about why you're a fan. 

Write your journaling in a swirling shape (inspired by those swirls on the framed print) 

Write four things about your subject (inspired by the blades on the fan) 

Frame your journaling 

Inspiration Words: cheerful, sunny, open -- use these as inspiration for your journaling, not just as a title.

And here is my take that I have called "Nothing Is Like Home";

44_Home 2500px main
The papers are from Basic Grey.

 44_Home - 2
My testimony is about something that I love in my home; our balcony.The inspiration words sunny and open are also very much what our balcony is about.

As we live in the city, it is such a blessing to have a balcony and not live on a street that is heavily trafficked. Just outside our balcony, there is a huge maple tree. We follow the seasons in that tree, the first tender green of spring and the blazing orange and yellow of autumn. We have a park on either side of our street and our balcony overlooks both. In the summer we practically live out there and the cats spend all days watching the birds and children playing.

I have flower pots and lanterns, a couple cozy chairs and blankets. It is heavenly to sit out there late on a warm July evening drinking rosé wine and watching the lanterns glowing. The bench in the photo is a symbol for the two parks. The silver numbers "93" are for the street number of our house and the torn strips of muslin are our white linen curtains gently billowing in the breeze. There are stripes in one of the papers under the photo.

 44_Home - 3
I made a small banner from washi tape, I think it is MME.

44_Home - 4
Our balcony is like a cornucopia of summer memories, from which we draw pleasure during winter. The evidence I have used are the rolled back paper, something woven (the muslin), and flowers.

 44_Home - 5
The frame is not around my journalling, but I tucked it into the floral cluster.

And that's it this time! Thanks ever so much for taking the time to visit me, I really really appreciate it!

So happy that the British TV series "Downton Abbey" is back again. My fave! 

Toodelipip! xoxo Eila


  1. so so beautiful! lobe the pallette and all the little touches!

  2. wauw amazing cluster work on the beautiful page..i love the photo!
    Always cool when your tv serie is back special at the fall and winter sesion.

  3. Hi Eial..just saw this one on FB and had to pop over, really truly amazing and beautiful work right here..I love the design, the textures, the colors..fantastic, as always :) have a great day!

  4. hiiii :) I have not been here in a while, life has been too busy :) this is just amazing sweetie as always :)

  5. Really gorgeous as always Eila. Different than your usual but just as gorgeous!!

  6. Wow, love your take on this colour palette and assignment. The cluster of flowers and teared edges look amazing!

  7. So beautiful, love this page. Every little detail ( and there are a lot of them ) is perfect. xx

  8. wow wow ... I love this layout so much!!! It's beautiful.... you nailed it again!!! truly amazing!!! Hugs...xoxo

  9. Aha...someone's been partying :))) Well, all work and no play has never done anyone any good!
    Love the upturned paper and the washi tape banner...superb! Love your description most of all...makes me feel like I am there on your balcony in person :)

  10. this is simply gorgeous, Eila! I love all the details and that bunch of flower is stunning! i love reading your stories behind your projects and love how you interpret it! I grew up living on the 5th floor with a balcony and I always wanted to have it the way you do. But then it wasn't up to me and now I have more than a balcony and I wish I would give it a bit more attention :-)))

  11. Wow Eila I love this one! The papers are beautiful and I think you should write a novel set in Stockholm - you make it sound like one of the most beautiful cities in the world! When I can travel in Summer (once the kids have left school) I am coming to Stockholm, staying in a boutique hotel & having dinner with you & Bengt :) The papers you've used are beautiful, as are your flower clusters and the rolled back paper is just a beautiful touch. Our UK dates are Monday 17th - Wednesday 19th -December. I know it costs a fortune so I understand if you can't make it but if you can find a cheap flight and spend the day with us I would adore it!

  12. So Beautiful Eila!!! love this gorgeous flower cluster and the beautiful colors and papers. You always transport me to your Stockholm with your narratives and that I really enjoy it. Yes I agree with Helen you should write a novel...I will buy it!! Thanks for visiting me ;) I think that my best inspiration for my pages is my work, I applied a lot of dressmaking techniques in my pages. Take care sweetie!! mwuak,mwuak xoxo!! ;)

  13. Beautiful work in true Eila style! I LOVE what you've done with the BG Clippings papers, and how you've added such gorgeous flowers & created a more "pretty" layout with these papers (I've recently been scrapping with them, & have mostly created male layouts)...I also love the rolled out piece at the centre right of the page with the stunning cluster meeting up with your photo. I could rave all day..lol Truly an amazing layout!

    I love Downton Abbey too!!!....it's not on here at the moment. We finished season 2 a few months ago & I can't wait for season 3 to start. Have a great week xx

  14. Oh wow! Your balcony sounds like a wonderful place to spend some time in.:)

    Such a beautiful layout. I love the banners and the blooms and the lovely folds. Just gorgeous!

  15. browsing your beautiful blog - hope you are well

  16. Juat gorgeous Eila. Love the BG collection you have used and love what you have done with it.

  17. your page are so beautiful.. love your work Eila.

  18. Oh this is a bit special! Another wonder to study :0)There are so many lovely things to look at...the metal numbers really grab your attention...the papers are fabulous.....the stamped rings are delicious...the list goes on and on LOL Gorgeous as always x

  19. Loveee this one with the torn edge and all the lovelyness on your page - Beautiful once again.
    and it's always good to be home.

  20. You have magic in your hand, whatever you touch it turns into gold like king Midas...
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