Tuesday, 20 November 2012

CSi # 46 Unspoken Words of Love and a surprise from Poland

Hello my lovely dovelies!

It's Tuesday again which means I have a new page to share with you. This time it is my Color..Stories..Inspiration page for # 46 that I have called Unspoken Words of Love.

We've heard it a million times: "I hate purple!" "Purple scares me!" If you've ever said these things aloud or even had these thoughts cross your mind, we're convinced this week's Case File will change your mind.

As always, Michele has created a gorgeous set of printables for you! Check out the groovy purple woodgrain paper and adorable animal accents Michele made for us this week! We can't wait to see how you use the Coordinates this week!

In November, our thoughts turn to the holidays and getting together with family and cozying up in our homes, so our theme that will tie our Case Files together this month is "Coming Home."

  • Purplicious - purple, taken from the purple cubes - 149.62.141
  • Pale Purple Quirk - lilac , taken from the pillow - 236.217.236
  • Green Whimsy - medium olive-y green, taken from the left bottom corner of the painting - 142.151.84
  • Chartreuse Surprise - yellow-y green, taken from the painting - 211.207.97
  • Sunglow - bright yellow, taken from the lamps at the top - 252.228.122
  • grid design
  • animal accents
  • frames (inspired by panels on door)
  • pom-pom trim
  • painting
  • woodgrain pattern
  • textured element (inspired by the rug)
  • translucent elements
  • something that shimmers or glows (inspired by those lights in the top cube)
  • Write something that surprises you about your topic.
  • List 18 things about anything. Need ideas? Check out these prompts (it says 100 things, but I'm only challenging you to write 18).
  • Put your journaling inside a translucent pocket.
  • Write about a pet (or other animal)--could be a current pet or one you had in the past.
  • Inspiration Words:  quirky, glow, surprise--use these as inspiration for your journaling, not just as a title
I got so inspired by the pretty purple and lilac that I started creating without a thought about evidence or journalling, my mojo got me totally carried away. Dear sweet Debbi Tehrani gave me special permission to upload my page to the DT reveal even if I didn't have any of the requirements on my page. 

Really don't want anyone to think that I can take myself liberties when nobody else can, but just this once Debbi wanted to show that purple can be pretty too and I thank her warmly for her generosity in doing so. 

Here it is; 

46_Unspoken Words of Love 2500px main
All the papers are from Swedish Maja Design.

 46_Unspoken Words of Love - 2

 46_Unspoken Words of Love - 3

 46_Unspoken Words of Love - 4
I have no idea who the people in the photo are, I found it on internet and thought it had such a wonderful feel to it.

 46_Unspoken Words of Love - 5

 46_Unspoken Words of Love - 6

 46_Unspoken Words of Love - 7

 46_Unspoken Words of Love - 8

 46_Unspoken Words of Love - 9

Many of you no doubt know who the fabulous Polish mixed media artist Ayeeda is. She creates magnificent textural pages both on paper and on canvas. Ayeeda is my team mate both on The Color Room (TCR) and Color..Stories..Inspiration (CSI) and creates nothing but stunners week after week.

Ayeeda, or Aida as her real name is, has just released her own first paper collection under her own brand 13 arts. The collection is called Frosted Life.

Beautiful beautiful papers in gorgeous hues! You can buy them from 13 arts' own webshop that you find HERE

The postman brought me a heavy package with Polish stamps on some time ago and in it were not only many copies of all these papers, but also a surprise. You could have pushed me off a chair with a feather when I saw what this kind and generous girl had sent me - a gorgeous canvas!

Just look at this, isn't it utterly heavenly!
Welcome Home Ayeeda NOV2012

 Welcome Home Ayeeda NOV2012 - 2

 Welcome Home Ayeeda NOV2012 - 3

Finally I could touch with my hands and feel the amazing texture that I have previously only seen online. It is every bit as fantastic as you can imagine. Totally out of this world! 

What can a girl say when presented with such a fantastic gift but THANK YOU and THANK YOU again! 

On this note of gratitude I also want to thank each and one of you for the amazing comments I received on my Where Angels Tread layout. The page has now been framed and hangs on the bedroom wall of J.

Before signing off for now, I wish you all a blessed week and if you want to, see you guys on Saturday again!

Toodelipip! xoxo Eila


  1. the layout is so so yummy! and those papers......I will have them coming soon too..they look delicious :) you lucky girl that canvas is amazing!!!!!

  2. Just love those papers even if they are purple lol!!! you've done a fabulous job on the design loveee it.Aida's canvas is just yummy to see it irl lucky E! and the papers can't wait to see then too!!!
    have a great week be back next week

  3. I am in love with this layout Eila! It is so beautiful and is seriously a work of art. WOW, what an amazing canvas to recieve. It looks gorgeous! Hope you are having a wonderful week!

  4. Wow, just looove that lay-out! Actually purple is one of my favourite colours and it looks so pretty mixed up with yellow and cream.
    That canvas is so WOWing gorgeous too! Lucky you:)

  5. Oh wow those Maja papers are just gorgeous! You have created an absolute beauty Eila! A textural treat I tell you!! I need to go back & scour those close-ups!! And what a beautiful canvas from Aida! She seems like a lovely person and that frosted life collection looks rather yummy too. Clever girl...

  6. That LO is absolutely divine! I love th photo too!! that canvas from Aida is gorgeous!! I can't wait to see what you create with the 13 Arts papers!!

  7. beautiful layout Eila... love the colors... you nailed it!!! Lucky duck! beautiful canvas!!! hugs...xoxo

  8. Your page is very, very beautiful Eila. I have to admit purple is not one of my favourite colours but these papers are so,so pretty and how you have used them so tastefully in this very elegant page may just change my mind. What a beautiful gift to receive, it looks amazing. xx

  9. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, the purple!!! I loved the layers and the flowers as well, but the purple is perfect!

  10. HI..Your layout is seriously very beautiful. I love the purple in it, and I love using purple at times too.. amazing details.. and what a photo you have used too... they look so comfortable and peaceful together.. and the welcome Home looks amazing too.. like you are on the beach.. have a great week too.

  11. wow, Eila! it is soooo beautiful! the photo just blends in with the rest of the LO but is not lost there! the colors are just amazing! what a piece of work you created again!
    you are so lucky to receive such an incredible gift - it is so creative and really beautiful!

  12. You purple LO is amazing and as always full of little details and fun embellishments. Love all the paper layers and the way you decorate with flowers. This is Fab!!!
    Ha en flott og kreativ uke, hej då :)

  13. Oops forgot to say lucky you who has got such a pretty canvas, it is a fantastic work of art :)

  14. Well my darling friend for the first time I saw your layout and was a bit thrown as I am a purple loather!! However, instead of getting caught up on the colour I studied the layout and it's elements and I can honestly say I adore the curve of flowers that frame the beautiful photo. I love the tower of embellishments in the corner. The bird, key and teardrop are all gorgeous, and the papers.....well in any other colour scheme I would be raving about them ;0) Somehow you have managed to make me see the beauty within PURPLE!!! Another stunner!! have a happy weekend :0) xx

  15. Firstly I Loooooove your CSI page, totally gorgeous with all those yummy layers & textures & I so love these colours, beautiful layout Eila. Secondly what a wonderful kind gesture from Ayeeda. Yes I agree with you, her work is nothing short of brilliant & how nice of her to send you this beautiful gift. What is it with Poland, they must have something in the water because they produce so many amazingly talented people!!!
    Cheers Di xo

  16. Snygg lila layout!Snyggt med alla lager papper som i en portal och som alltid massa härliga detaljer att kika på.... nu vart jag ju scrapsugen... igen... men måste sova! Tidig morgon i morgon och en ny tung arbetsvecka väntar.. Å lyllo dig som fick en sådan snygg canvas!! Hon är duktig den tjejen =)

    Kramiz Maja

  17. oh wow Eila, I'm gob-smacked at the 2nd piece, amazing, truly amazing.... and I adore your top layout. Love finding all the hidden treasures in your creations.

  18. I hate Purple but find my apprehensions melting when I see your FABULOUS page! Isn't Aida the sweetest !!!