Wednesday, 4 April 2012

CSI #13 Little Lady and a feature at UOAS - Green Tara flowers and Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to you all!

I left you on a sweet note in my previous post and a promise to photograph one of the 8-pound/4-kg-easter eggs that I had ordered to the office.

Voilà, here it is! I put a coffee mug and my specs next to it to give you an idea of its size.

Easter Egg 2012 office

People had been waiting all day for the eggs to be delivered and even cool grown up men got a special look on their faces when they saw what was in it :)

Easter Egg 2012 office 2

With a smile on my own face I have just bounced around in a happy dance at home; my page for the UOAS 15MAR challenge was among the 5 pages featured! JRABS aka Jennifer Snyder's gorgeous gorgeous page won and rightfully so! I am soooo honoured!

Here they are both Jen's winning layout and my Bettie girl:

OUAS 15MAR2012 main 4000px

We had a computer glitch at home yesteday when Elsa, one of our fur babies decided to play with the cables and managed to disconnect everything. It's taken until now for DH to fix it why I am late in sharing my page for the CSI #13 case file - "Little Lady".

First the palette

Here are also the CSI Coordinates for this Case File. CSI Coordinates can always be found at the bottom of the reveal threads. Scroll all the way to the bottom, where it says "Attachments." They are just above the reply box.

  • Twirly Taupe - (a sandy beige) - taken from the lighter parts of pinwheel - 229.220.202
  • Krafty - (kraft) - taken from the darker parts of pinwheel - 198.174.138
  • Breezyr Blue - (powder blue) - taken from the gem in the center - 177.224.232
  • I've Got Sunshine - (bright golden yellow) - taken from the string - 237.215.91
  • Green, Green Grass - (green with a hint of olive) - grass to the right of pinwheel = 143.149.81

Choose two (or more)of the following elements to include on your layout:
  • Make a pinwheel (here are two tutorials on how to make them: here and here ).
  • hearts
  • string/yarn/fiber/ twine
  • map print
  • jewels
  • Make a spiral flower, like in the center of the pinwheel.
  • Tuck a little surprising detail somewhere on your page.

And this is what I came up with:

13_Little Lady 4000px-main

The papers are Prima Sunkissed.

I would have loved to write my journalling in a spiral, but my pages always have a tendency of morphing themselves, not leaving much space for journalling at all. So I had to put it at the back again. Here it:

 13_Little Lady 700px -6

13_Little Lady-2

Yup!this is me when I was 2 years old and sure thing, my handbag is there and my mummy's pearls are around my neck!

13_Little Lady-3

13_Little Lady-4

13_Little Lady-5

The pinwheel reminds me of a Finnish christmas pastry made of butter dough and prune jelly, it has exactly the same shape. My job was to place the jam on the pastries.

13_Little Lady-7

I have left the dressform undressed except for a piece of beautiful ribbon which is a gift from lovely Di Garling in Australia. I have reason to come back to Di under the last photo.

The pretty pretty dressform came all the way from South Africa in the parcel of many yummies from my dear friend Helen Tilbury.

Mwah to ya both Helen and Di!

13_Little Lady-8

GREEN TARA - Do you see that absolutely amazing blue fabric bloom and that ivory tulle dito with pearl centre? they are to die for IRL!

I now have a very specia offer for all international ladies who would like to lay their dainty hands on these and ooooodles of more gorgeous ones from GREEN TARA, Australia. They cannot be bought outside Australia as far as I am informed.

However, the beautiful and kind Di Garling who owns a scrapbooking store JUST FABULICIOUS in a place called The Entrance on the Central Coast of NSW Australia has promised to take email orders and has even registered a PayPal account to make it possible for us living in far away countries to smoothly pay our little beauties. She doesn't have a regular online store but has promised to help anyone interested to purchase the Green Tara flowers through her.

Here's the link to Green Tara's website for wholesalers, CLICK HERE 

There you can see all their products and their product codes that you just pop down in your email to Di. Here is her email address which you can also find on her website:

Aren't they just sooo pretty!

And now I promise that I have come to the end of this post. Thanks for your visit and patience my dear ladies!

Happy Easter!

Toodelipip! xoxoxo Eila


  1. My dear Eila - these are such incrediebly beautiful works of art! I LOVE your layout for this weeks CSI challenge - gorgeous - and aren't you the little cutie?? Great photo! Thank you for sharing your lovelies with us.

  2. Congrats. Eila on your OUAS feature, well deserved. That egg is amazing, so much fun and sugar in that bad boy lol. Love your CSI page. xx

  3. Well, now I have egg envy! (Something I never thought I'd be saying.) Anyway, big congrats to you on your OUAS feature--that's great!!!

  4. Congrats dear on the feature for Ouas, love the beautiful page for Csi love thos GT flowers must get some...oh yummy what an egg oh what a sugar rush ...have a great Easter break
    Lindy xo

  5. Stunning layouts Eila!!! CONGRATS on your feature. And ummm...I'm just wondering how I can get a job there just so I can get one of those amazing eggs!! Drooooool!! Have a happy easter beautiful Eila. xo

  6. Congrat! Love your lo's and that big!

  7. I'm loving your little lady layout - wow!!! Just a note that I can't see the last few images on your blog.

  8. Congrats on the feature, Have a Safe and Happy Easter :)

  9. congrats on the feature that always feels super! your little kitty is soo sweet!

    love this little lady layout.. with the csi challange! beautiful as always my blog/scrap mommy has much to teach me on layers! love it!

  10. Pure gorgeousness, Eila! Your work is such a delight to see, full of loving and beautiful details and layers! Have I told you lately how lucky I am to have you on my team? Happy Easter to you! xoxo

  11. Juhuuuu for et påskeegg!!!
    Grattis med feature hos OUAS, så vel fortjent!
    Denne layouten var jo bare helt vakker da og så herlig bilde av deg ♥
    Ha en fortsatt god påske

  12. Hi Eila, hope you are having a wonderful Easter and not too much cake and coffee LOL! Loving your CSI creation, look at you, simply gorgeous. I see Rebekah is back with us, well hope everything is good with you, take care, Doreen x

  13. A HUGE Congrats on your featured!!! Yessss, well deserved it!!!
    So sorry about your girl she was so pretty!!
    Did I tell that I have a new girl, too! Her name is Kiara and she's a sweetheart!! Gorgeous Layouts!!! estan Bellos!!! Love the big Easter egg!! I can't see the last photos on your entry.
    Take care dear!!!! Mwwaahhh!!!

  14. Happy Belated Easter!! Congrats on your feature!! Woo Hoo!!! I will be back very soon to read more - for some funny reason lots of images aren't showing at the moment - just a blank box with an x - I can't tell you how tired I am of Bloggy problems!! Just wanted to say WOOOOOOWWWWW to that Easter egg!! I have never seen anything like that in my life - incredible - thanks for sharing!!

  15. Back again but the last images are still not showing up :( Just love your pinwheel layout! So pretty & I agree those Green Tara blooms are gorgeous. So strange that they don't have distributors in the US at least...Yay to using the dressform!! The balance of this layout is very pleasing :) Have a lovely weekend xx