Monday, 12 March 2012

UOAS 1MAR2012 Every Day Moments and CSI #9 Mother

Life has a way of reminding that it should be lived right here and now when we start thinking too far ahead. So I heard you Life and spent the weekend doing nice things with DH and friends. Eating far too much and exploring the bounties of the vineyards of our good earth :))

Yesterday evening I put the finishing touches to the layout that I had almost finished for the UOAS 1 March challenge last week. First Nadia's pretty sketch and the journalling criteria.

Journalling Criteria/Theme: All About Me!

The focus of your journalling and the theme of your layout has to be based on YOU and something/s that you are really good at.

Ideas for journalling: being a good mum, cooking, talking, understanding people, organising, cleaning, gardening, studying, computers, fashion, exercising, scrapbooking, good at my job, maths, languages, writing , drawing, painting, photography, running, craft, sewing. Maybe you can talk about an aspect of your personality..your sensitivity, your 6th sense, your patience, your strength or bravery, your ability to stay positive.

I know we women tend to under estimate ourselves in so many ways, it's always easier to say what we are NOT good at than the other way around. I immediately knew what my journalling would be.

OUAS 1MAR2012 Every Day Moments main 4000px

All the papers are from Teresa Collins new collection called Every Day Moments. I was looking for alphas for my title when I saw the pretty die cut like title and simply cut it out from the packaging. That's exactly what I am good at; seeing the little every day moments and the little people who are not noticed.

The photo is of my husband's youngest cousin's two daugthers, Miss T comforting her little sister Miss M. Eventhough it's not of myself, it really shows that if you are bigger/older you have to be kind and gentle to the smaller/younger and more vulnerable ones. Just look how she holds her arm around her little sister! One can almost hear her comforting words.

OUAS 1MAR2012 Every Day Moments-2

OUAS 1MAR2012 Every Day Moments-3

The birds are also cut out from one of the papers.

OUAS 1MAR2012 Every Day Moments-4

Some new Prima's.

OUAS 1MAR2012 Every Day Moments-5

OUAS 1MAR2012 Every Day Moments-6

I am fibbing with this tag, the journalling is actually on plain manilla tags that I've placed on the back of my page.

OUAS 1MAR2012 Every Day Moments-7

The journalling says;

"I am very good at seeing the "little" people who get ignored because they are quiet and not interesting enough. I always have time to chat with the office cleaner and make it my business

OUAS 1MAR2012 Every Day Moments-8


to know their names. I always have a kind word, a smile and thank them for doing a great job. People come to me when they are sad, worried and just need a "hello".

I am one of these "little" people myself and I know how it feels to be ignored or considered to be too insignificant to be worth a smile or a nod. When I order chocolates for Easter or for Christmas, I always make sure to have some extra boxes that I give to the support staff in our office. They work so hard without getting a thank you for it. Do I need to say that my desk area is always the cleanest on the floor, or that I get personal favours from the girls at our reception? They are invaluable to me and they know I genuinely mean it.

OUAS 1MAR2012 Every Day Moments-9

A tag and brad from one of the new MME collections and some more new Prima's.

OUAS 1MAR2012 Every Day Moments-10

OUAS 1MAR2012 Every Day Moments-11

From UOAS to CSI and the release of Case File #10.


You must use all 5 colors:

crimson tide - deep red - darker parts of her dress - 147.34.28
rose reverie - pinkish red - lighter parts of her dress - 224.78.111
storm clouds - khaki green - darker parts of the clouds - 132.139.94
glimmer of hope - light sage green medium parts of the clouds - 216.218.187
rays of light - pale, pale khaki green - lightest parts of clouds - 235.233.219


Choose two (or more) of the following elements to include on your layout:
cloud accents

- fabric (actual fabric or fabric paper), as inspired by the dress
- metal, as inspired by the lantern
- glass or glass-like elements, as inspired by the lantern
- create light and shadow (interpret that any way you wish)
- use contrasting textures


Choose one (or more)of the following to inspire your journaling:

- Document a story about motherhood.
- Compare two people/things/events, etc. using contrasting (i.e., listing the differences)--this is inspired by the many contrasts in this image.
- Shed light on your subject--i.e., provide more insight than is obvious from the photo.
- Inspiration words: light, hope, open -- Use these as a jumping-off point for your journaling.

We trust we've left enough clues for you to solve the case!

The deadline for completing Case File No. 10 is Sunday, March 18, 11:59 p.m. EST.

Thus, you have a week plus the two weekends to complete your layout.

(See count-down timer on the right-hand sidebar of most pages.)

We can't wait to see what you create!

And here is my page:

9_Mother main 4000 px

These photos are not my own, I found them in different places on internet. They caught my eye because they were so very much what I have tried to convey with my page.

10_Mother - 2

The chippie heart and wings arefrom Maxines Melange, now closed for business. The brass key is from Meg's Garden as is the metal trinket.

10_Mother - 3

Childhood memories of baked buns and rhubarb or raspberry juice.

10_Mother - 4

The little memory sentences shed light on the photos.

10_Mother - 5

The photo of the hands holding the little chick is just what mothers do; they hold us in their hands till we are ready to fly. I don't think I have to explain what the flower wreath in the shape of a heart stands for.

10_Mother - 6


Beautiful organza flower from Meg's Garden. Gorgeous fuchsia skeleton leaves all the way from South Africa and darling Helen Tilbury. Mwah on ya!


Sorry for the barrage of photos, hope you just scrolled down when you got bored with them.

Wonderful having you for a visit, hope to see you again! Have a lovely week and take care, see you on Sunday! I'll be travelling down to the south of Sweden on Thursday for a seminar and an AGM. Really looking forward to meeting the gals again. Lots of catching up to do.

Toodelipip! xoxox Eila


  1. Dear Eila: I must make a trip to your beautiful country. Your photos make me want to come explore the countryside. I also think it would awesome to meet some of my crafty friends I've met along the way. Gorgeous layouts (as always). Subtle and delicate. thank you for sharing! Hugs!

  2. Hi Eila, had to stop by and quickly say how beautiful your 2 pages are...soooo much lovely, lovely detail, not just the visual elements but the journaled sentiments are so lovely. I am flat chat this week, a deadline to meet today, have been away all week end and off to Melbourne for 3 days tomorrow; nothing is going to get done, I did want to play at CSI but I can't see it happening this week, oh well, always next week. xx

  3. Wow, both are absolutely gorgeous! So many pretty and detailed elements! And such beautiful colors! I always love seeing your wonderful creations! Thank you so much for joining us for the challnge at OUAS!

  4. Gorgeous gorgeous pages Eila. In a bit of a rush as I am off on a trip for a few days,..
    'See' you when I get back!! Hugs!!

  5. Where do I start? Beautiful, both of them. I just love your take on the sketch in the first and that blue flower is just divine. Gorgeous details.
    And your use of the color combo in the second. Perfect. And love that heart and wings.
    Your work is amazing.

  6. So beautiful! Your first page made me smile when I read the journaling!

  7. These are both great! I really love your OUAS layout--so beautiful and fabulous!!! Thanks for playing along with us at OUAS! :)

  8. WOw both layouts are stunning!!!!
    Thank so much for playing along with us at Once Upon A...Sketch!

  9. Eila, your work is always so inspiring and beautiful! Your OUAS layout is stunning!
    Thank you so much for playing along with us at OUAS!
    Hugs ~Gerry~

  10. Both pages are so beautiful all with great details and lovely pictures.
    Have a lovely week to byeeee,lean

  11. Your lo's are just fab! I really, really like the on for OUAS! Tks. for playing along with us!

  12. Hi sweetest Eila, I am glad I am not the only one who notices the little people, I strongly believe in treating others as you would like to be treated in life! Love the OUAS layout, what adorable little girls and those prima blue flowers are stunning. CSI layout is also adorable what sweet memories of childhood. Hope you have a lovely time with friends on your course, take care, Doreen x

  13. My dear friend, I love your journaling, I know it...that you are a special lady! I treat everybody the same way I would like them to treat me
    I believe that when we give good vibes, they come back, Your OUAS page is Sooo Beautiful!!! love everything!! adorable girls!! CSI's page is Beautiful!! lovely memories! love the cluster with the thread. Beautiful work as always!!! Take Care!
    A big Hug!!! :) muuuaaakk!!

  14. Oh Eila, what a lovely person you must be. After reading your journalling I feel I know a little piece of you. What a wonderfully thoughtful person you are, it is a shame there are not more of you. Thanks for sharing a little piece of yourself with us all.
    Cheers Di xo

  15. Love the journaling you did on your page for OUAS.
    Hugs from India

  16. Eila your pages are always filled with such beauty. The beauty of your creative spirit and kind heart. Gorgeous work!
    Thanks for joining in our challenge at OUAS.

  17. absolutely amazing pages! love your works, they're fantastic

  18. great great great.. love your blog!

  19. OMG !!! Eila these are spectacular so full of love and meaning .... You have created masterpieces here .... and you have a gift with words my special friend ... a beautiful gift that you spread around the world .. truly a gift .. you are a gift to the world !!! love you my friend .. hugz x

  20. WOW Eila.. such gorgeous creations and what a beautiful kind-hearted person you are!! I'm sure you are loved and adored by many!! Have a wonderful day. Hugs :))

  21. It's me again Eila. I just read your beautiful comment about my OUAS LO.. thank you so much for your kind words.. I must be a bit hormonal as it made me a little teary. You really are such a sweetheart! Big hugs :))

  22. Love your OUAS layout Eila - thanks for playing. You are one of the nicest people I have ever come across. Like you I also reward the staff at the kids schools. Once a year I send them a food hamper each and the other kids/teachers are always aghast but really! They do all the work for very little pay and it just makes me cross that hardly anyone else does it. Needless to say they love my kids, which is an added benefit!!

  23. Lovely CSI layout too Eila! Glad to see those leaves are coming in handy there!!