Friday, 2 March 2012

TCR 100th palette - part I - and a wonderful day with my hubby

OMG!! The congratulations just kept pouring in after my previous post, I really have to be the happiest person on earth to have so many sweet people saying such kind things about me and wishing me good luck. THANK YOU each and one of you!!! *smiling from ear to ear* Mwah!

Today is a very special day for TCR - we released our 100th palette. Drumroll!!! It is also the first palette for the month of March, which also means we have a new sponsor, the Swedish company Pion Design!!

You can find our web shop at  We sell our original designed scrapbooking collections to retailers as well as the end consumer.

We are very happy that we now have retailers in lots of countries. If you are looking for a retailer in your country, please contact us at and we will help you.

If you are interested in becoming one of our retailers we kindly ask you to register as a company customer in our web shop and we will get in touch with you

We are lucky to have a great design team with members from all over the world. Take a look in our blog to see their beautiful projects.

Hopefully our papers will give you many creative and happy moments!

Many of you have come across the wonderful, soft and romantic papers of Pion either on internet or perhaps IRL too. "Pion" means peony and I often have English speaking people ask me how on earth it is supposed to be pronounced. First of all, forget anything remotely close to "P-Y-O-N" or "S-I-O-N". Remember, Swedish is a Germanic language where the letters are pronounced individually, not pulled together like in English.

So here goes: P-E-E-O-O-N.  (the P-E-E is pronounced exactly like the English word spelled in the same way *wink wink* and the O-O-N exactly like S-W-O-O-N with a long O sound)

I made two pages for this 100th palette, but will share one with you today and the other one on Tuesday.

First the palette and inspo photo:

Yummie! just taste the names: Truffle, Forget-Me-Not, Rose Garden and Vintage Pink! Oh là là!

This is the first of my pages for the 100th palette:

#100B_ Mother's Heart main 4000px

First of all I want to say that the photo is not my own, I found it on internet. I just fell for the soft feel of the little chap sitting there by the sea in his denim dungarees.

#100B_Mother's Heart - 3

#100B_ Mother's Heart-3

The chippie thread spools are from Australian Maxine's Melange which has now closed down business. The lace is from Panduro as are the wooden buttons. I used a small doily from Meg's Garden to mist subtle patterns but it doesn't come across at all when photographed. Then I ripped it in pieces and tucked them under the cluster. The cherub with a string of hearts is cut out from one of the papers.

#100B_Mother's Heart-4

Several sheets with absolutely adorable things to cut out; banners, titles, letters, butterflies, Valentine's images like this one, vintage stamps, borders etc.

#100B_Mother's Heart -6

#100B_Mother's Heart - 5

Today both hubby and I took a day off from work, switched off our mobiles and forgot everything about emails. The day started with de luxe breakfast at a very modern but really cosy hotel by the water in central Stockholm. It has been a sunny day with blue skies, but the March wind was very cold and nippy.

Strandvägen 2MAR2012

This is a view over the poshest street in our town; Strandvägen. Wherever you go in Stockholm, you see water and some more water and believe it or not, but around the next block you'll see - water!

Strandvägen 2MAR2012-2

Spring is definitely on its way but in the farthest covest the ice hasn't quite melted yet.

Now we're nearing the end of this post, so with these happy faces of husband and wife I say bye bye and thanks for your kind visit!

Bengt på Nordiska museet 2MAR2012

Eila påNordiska museet 2MAR2012

Toodelipip! have a wonderful wonderful weekend! xoxoxo Eila


  1. I am soooooooo in love with your page. I am going to lift it for one of Karishnu's layouts......LOL! Congratulations on your recent DT success.
    Hugs from India

  2. Such a pretty layout Eila, love all the bits and pieces and the colours are gorgeous! Glad you both had some me time and that view is amazing, take care and have a lovely weekend, OH ps. I got on my course for next year, happy dance! Byeeee x

  3. Thanks for the pronunciation guide! In my head I had been saying "pie-on," but now I know the correct way to say it. :)

    Love your LO. The lace-wrapped bobbins are an especially sweet touch.

  4. are such a dag lol. Loved your page, those papers are so beautiful too. And I just want to come to Stockholm, may be one day. xx

  5. Ok, first of all, soooooo jealous of your day off. I dream of doing that with Hubby one day. It looks like you had a wonderful time. And you must do them more often.
    And your page. Well this melted my heart when I saw it at TCR. I love little boys in overalls (mine all wore them religiously) and the heart and the details like your ribbon "packages". Just beautiful.

  6. so glad to see that close ups here, Eila. such a beautiful page indeed
    And the day off with your hubby!!?? I am so jealous of the breakfast out, too LOL!You both look amazing and I can tell how wonderful you make as a couple!!
    Have a lovely weekend.

    Love Naomi

  7. beautiful pictures and GORGEOUS GORGEOUS work :) Always feel so calm when I come here..

  8. Oh this is just soooooooooooo cute! Love it!

  9. Love the photo, it's perfect for this layout. You paired it magnificently with the papers and accents. Love it!

    Lovely photos of you two, too. Your Hubby has such a cheeky expression that it puts a smile on my face when I look at him:)


  10. So glad to hear you had a wonderful day off, we don't get enough of those do we ? Beautiful layout Eila to celebrate TCR 100th challenge.
    Cheers Di xo

  11. Oh Eila you are such a positive person ! Your comments always make me feel a million dollars. I love to visit here, I love your work and I love your stories and I love your positive energy, so.......I am passing on to you a Liebster Blog Award. Now you may not be an award kind of person, which is fine but you are definitely worthy of this one, so if you would like the details come visit me at

  12. Great page Eila! Amazing fussy cutting and love what you have done with the doily!! Congrats to TCR on their 100th palette - wow!!! And yay to you taking the day off and having a swish breakfast. Thanks for the photos of Stockholm - it looks too beautiful - those buildings look amazing! Hope your week is going well xx