Friday, 23 March 2012

UOAS 15MAR2012 My Girl and TCR #103 Bountiful Spring

Oh glorious glorious Friday!! spring has sprung in Stockholm even if we can get some occasional snowfall as late as in May. Snowdrops are nodding in the sun and the grit and sand from last winter has been cleaned off the city streets. Had a cup of coffee in the yard outside the office today, it was really nice and warm up against the wall and people thirstily let the sun warm their faces. Will have to go and get myself a pair of new shoes tomorrow!

This wonderful Friday I also photographed my page for the OUAS 15MAR challenge. We have a fantastic orangery in the office with glass walls that run the height of 3 floors and a HUGE brass and crystal chandelier that hangs from the centre of the dome. There I have the perfect spot for photographing my layouts.

The journalling criteria is to finish this line; "I miss ...." To tell about someone I am missing right now and why together with this lovely sketch:

The passed few weeks have been rather upsetting in many ways, several friends have become seriously ill, some have even had their time on this earth measured for them. It has brought back many painful memories of my mother and father, who were both unexpectedly and hastily taken away from us in the ugly decease called cancer.

It has also reminded me once again of how precious our time is and how we have to love and appreciate everything in our lives each and every day.

My journalling for the page I am now going to share with you is written with my tears on my heart, I have not put it in any form on my page as I will never ever forget.

After 5 miscarriages, my DH and I resigned to the fact that we were never going to have children. Hearts full of love we decided to have two four-legged family members instead; Ludde our boy, and Bettie our girl. They were both Sacred Birmans. Very shortly after Bettie had come to us, we discovered that both her hind knees were dislocated and had to be operated on.

If you have heard an animal in excruciating pain, then you know what I am talking about. I spent many nights awake comforting her in my own bed and many days feeding and stroking her tiny little body. We bonded in a very special way and she grew up to be an amazing personality. Very, very intelligent with a fierce love for me, her mummy. Each night for 14 fantastic years, she slept on my pillow with her little face on my cheek.

Here she is, My Girl:

OUAS 15MAR2012 main 4000px

Really weird how the colours photographed this time. What looks like a solid teal paper with tiny white dots, is actually green IRL.

OUAS 15MAR2012 -2

Bettie never grew up to be a big cat, all her life she looked like a kitten and everybody meeting her just melted for her soft charm.

OUAS 15MAR2012-3

The Stickles in Gold och Fruit Punch are my tears and a very free interpretation of the horizontal elements of the sketch.

OUAS 15MAR2012-4

There is some pale green glitter strewn on the Gesso on the gauze, all the happy moments we had and how she will always shimmer in our memories.

OUAS 15MAR2012-5

The blanket stitch is a symbol of her favourite fleece blanket that had a stitched border, and the flowers are the blooms she loved to inspect every morning.

OUAS 15MAR2012-6

So sorry the 4 different Gessoed strips of lace don't photograph particularly well. I misted them in TA Sand + Garden Fairy + Fall Breeze.

OUAS 15MAR2012-7

OUAS 15MAR2012-8
The strips of lace again.

Now to something else.

We have come to the last sponsorship week of Pion Design over at TCR. Palette #103 is based on their Collection called Fairytale of Spring and boy are the colours really so springlike and pretty! It has been such an honour working with the papers that Jenny so incredibly generously donated to the DT.

Spring Skies, Scent of Lilac, Spring Leaves and Blushing Pink.

Here's what I came up with:

#103_Bountiful Sprinng 4000px main
First of all the photo is not my own, I found it on internet while browsing but I just love the pastoral dreamy feel. Of course it's been staged, how else can one find a fabulous pick nick set up amongst sheep in this perfect setting ;))

The folded and inked "frame" was made using a tip from an Ingvild Bolme workshop that I attended last year.

#103_Bountiful Spring -2

#103_Bountiful Spring-3

#103_Bountiful Spring-4

#103_Bountiful Spring-5

#103_Bountiful Spring-6
Bleepers and bloopers; I just realized I hadn't seen the glue dot on the chippie fence when photographing. Not doing my checking properly, sloppy me.

#103_Bountiful Spring-7

#103_Bountiful Spring-8

And with spring in the air and hubbs on his way home from work with some Tikka Masala and Nan bread, I say todeloo and wish you a fantastic weekend! Thank you so much for your lovely visit!

xoxoxo Eila


  1. wauw stunning pages you have made and one cool kitty she was.I like how you used the bandage sfuff and cool detials .The spring page is a joy to the eye.
    Have a lovely and sunny weekend byeeee,Lean

  2. Fantastiske sider igjen Eila! Veldig sterkt å lese det du skriver her, om tap, savn og sorg *klem*
    Nyyydelig bilde av jenta di ♥

    Vakker og stemningsfull den siste Loen også. Likte så godt at du har en sirkel og så utrolig lekkert pyntet! (ler av glue dotten :D )

    Ha en nydelig helg!

  3. ohhhh beautiful - I'm working on that OUAS sketch too :)

  4. both so amazing! your girl is a cutie :) the palette this week as well and hope to play with it tomorrow :)

  5. For en fantastisk måte å starte dagen på, lese alle de herlige kommentarene inne i bloggen min.Måtte bare inn igjen og takke deg, for at du har så tro på meg og det jeg gjør!
    Og ja, jeg har drodlet rundt den sirkelen på den ene siden min :)

    Tusen takk for at du er du Eila!

  6. Deeply saddened to read about your losses, Eila. Your journaling is truly touching.

  7. Such stunning creation Eila! Just amazing detailing and beautiful layering, your work is always incredible. I am sorry for the loss of your 'furry baby'. I am a huge cat fanatic and have never not had a cat in my life since I was born so understand how they can become as much a part of your family as your 'real' family can. Love everything about your entry! Thanks for playing along with us OUAS =)

  8. Those colors on the OUAS entry are so pretty, lovely details Eila. Love your passion for love and life. You are a remarkable woman.

  9. Eila, what a precious memory you have created in your scrapping, such touching elements, yes, you made me cry! Life is precious and you live it to the full, so have another glass of rose and toast to all the wonderful people and things in your life, take care dear friend, Doreen xxxx

  10. Oh wow! These are just gorgeous! Love everything about them!

  11. Oh WOW Eila,both are just soooo beautiful, I particularly love the one about "Your Girl". I absolutely understand how you feel. I too lost my little girl Chloe (my last little dog). I always called her "my baby girl" & always said she was the daughter I never had, I have all sons. We lost her to cancer eight years ago, we tried the whole cheamotherapy thing but unfortunately we lost her & I just wasn't ready to let her go. I still get upset eight year later, so I know only too well how you feel. Thank you for sharing this precious memory with us all. Di xo

  12. Such gorgeous work Eila.. your OUAS page is truly touching.. what a beautiful kitty!! I had a Birman cat called Natasha when I was 1st married and she was my baby too, but I lost her way too soon.. she had the most incredibly soft silky fur and like your girl would snuggle as close as she could possibly get without sitting on my head! LOVE your TCR LO too.. looks like a fairytale page! :))

  13. Eila your story just touches my heart. And your page is just so beautiful. She was a sweet girl for sure and I just love your layers and texture. And TCR. Stunning. Your work is so beautiful.

  14. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous Eila! I had to stop after the mention of coffee and make myself a cappucino to enjoy along with my read :) What a darling layout and tender story about your dear kitty cat. So beautiful - the layout is wonderful and your CR interpretation with the chippie fence topped with pearls is also tremendous. So happy you have been blessed with a tad of sunshine xx Thank you for sharing your amazing talents with us at Once Upon a Sketch...

  15. oh gosh the stitching and lace.. and bettie is sweet as pie! love the layouts as normal.. beautiful beautiful work!
    just sat down to my desk for the 1st time in almost 5 months - it feels good to be back to scrapping!
    want to make an order of these gorgeous wood accents you always use - where do you get them?

  16. What beautiful pages. Love your interpretation of our sketch, especially the idea of your 'tears' as the vertical elements. Thanks for sharing it with us at OUAS.

  17. The 'My Girl' LO is just beautiful and even more touching when I read about the story behind it.

  18. I love your pages my friend. Your work is such a joy to behold even if the story that comes with number one is partly so sad it puts tears in my eyes. I can so very well imagine the pain of that poor cat and am so happy you were able to do something about it.
    Gillar också dina coola nya tekniker här. Gesso och gasbinda är ju riktigt funky. Men vi gamla damer måste ju följa med tiden (wink wink)! Tusen takk för at du delade med dig av denna fina historia Eila!
    Alltid ett nöje när du joinar oss på OUAS vet du!Kramis!!
    Kommer tillbaka snart. Nu är det sängen som gäller.....Trött!

  19. YUHUUU!! Big congrats to you for the feature at OUAS!!! So well deserved for this gorgeous layout!!!


  20. Congratulations on being featured!!
    Your layouts are always a total delight to 'see'.... I really enjoy seeing all the little bits and pieces and how you construct and pull them together....