Monday, 30 December 2013

Prima December 2013 BAP and a give-away

Not long now before we say bye to 2013 and hello to 2104. Looking back I say - what a year it has been!

Life has a way of throwing in surprises when we least expect them, both good and those that we can categorize under lessons. More than ever it has become evident to me that having a good health is the greatest gift of all, as is love. Without any of them, nothing else matters. 

Back to scrappy business. I've had both the Prima December BAP and PPP sitting unfinished on my desk for a couple of weeks. I finished the BAP today and as the rains of the passed several days subsided for a beautiful sun, I could photograph it too. Kind of kept to the sketch.

2013 December BAP Magda 
And here is my take - "The Robin". 
All stash-raided stuff on this one as well.

Letting the photos speak for themselves.

 I extremely rarely use only white cardstock
as base for my page. 
Here I have used 
just one piece of patterned paper
from the beautiful Delight collection,
 the rest is soft mixed media.

 All the flowers used were loose in a box, 
so I haven't got their names or product numbers.

 Here I have layered punched strips from the same 
patterned paper from the Delight collection 
with lace washi.
 Just love the genie stones! they always add
that extra little to any page.

 I have started on my second stash
purge of this year. Still have
oodles to go through before I'm done.

Here's a little give-away from Norwegian
Papir Design that any of my followers
can win. 
You only have to leave
a comment on this blogpost et voilà!

Hubby will draw one name from the box
at noon CET on 1 January 2014.

Not saying Happy New Year yet, 
who knows - I might be back sooner than expected!

Thanks so much for taking the time to 
come for a visit!

Toodelipip! xoxo Eila


  1. Wow, your take on the sketch is truly amazing! I just love the three clusters in your design and all the magical little touches and stars that you added.
    And you're so generous to give away all this loveliness :) Thank you for the chance to win!

  2. Fantastisk flott layout!! Så lekker bakgrunn og alle de nydelige detaljene dine på plass, som alltid!
    Herlig giveaway!! Elsker disse blomstene til Papirdesign forresten!
    Ønsker deg en flott nytt år!
    Klemmer i bøtter og spann!

  3. oh, thank you Eila!
    beautiful work, very detailed

  4. Your page is gorgeous. Love the strips of paper mixed with the washi tape.

  5. Wowers, this is stunning! I just found your blog and I'm really glad I did, because your creations are amazing. Of course I had to click that "follow" button. :) Can't wait to see more of your amazing work. Hugs! xx

  6. From the first paragraph it doubt do like there were some of those lessons /challenges this past year.... Knowing first hand how tough it us to stay positive and creative in these times, I wish you a heartfelt happy and healthy 2014!

  7. Fantastic flowers in your giveaway. I can never have enough of them I even have to resort to making my own when I need something I haven't got on hand.Your layout is so lovely I'm intrigued by the zip pull I've often wondered about how to use a zipper pull in an interesting way. I also was surprised by the use of the word "Toodelipip" @ the end of your post , I've not heard that in years. x

  8. This page is a winner Eila! Absolutely stunning!! I think you may just see it up in lights on the Prima Blog next month :) You are right about health & love. So difficult to keep that foremost on our minds when the cares of life take over though. Wishing you all the best for 2014! I really hope your dreams come to pass ...

  9. beautiful layout for ending the year off just in, happy new year and all the best.

  10. OMG, your page is fantastic!!!!!
    Love the giveaway too!!! Fingers crossed!
    xx and happy new year

  11. Your health is always important, and it truly is one of those things that you don't realize how good you have it until you lose it (or maybe just reminds you a little). I had to sit up and take notice in 2013 - so 2014 will have to be a year in which I reclaim my health. Not easy, but there you are. Thank you for all your shares, tips, and inspiration. Julie

  12. Lovely layout Eila! Thanks for the chance to win the yummmy prizes!

  13. Its always a pleasure to read your blog and drool over your latest creation...Your interpretation of the Prima Bap is fabulous and your giveaway is sooo generous. Most important though is your health, take care of you and have the Happiest of New Years. :D

  14. Oh Eila this is just a beautiful layout. I love all the texture on that layout and the beautiful colours. Oh I love giveaways :D Take care of yourself and I hope that 2014 is everything you want and more. <3 xox

  15. I just adore those layered punched borders on your background very effective! ( I must give this a try!). Your layout is beautiful and I love those pops of red and your gorgeous clusters :) Here's to a happy creative 2014 xx

  16. You are absolutely right health and love is all that matters to get us through! I've had my share of reasons this year too... I absolutely adore your dec BAP stunning photographs but most of all your detailed work stunning. Many blessings your way as the 2014 shines through, happy New Year!

  17. WOW!!! As always... This is absolutely stunning!! IYou are right about health & love. Happy new year my friend... Hope you'll have a great 2014!... hugs...x

  18. another gorgeous one filled with yummy details Eila! wishing you all the best for 2014...hope you have a happy, healthy and creative one! hugs xxx

  19. The magic lives in your fingers Eila! What a stunning creation, can't believe this was once a white cardstock. Wishing you and your sweetheart all the best in 2014, may it only bring joys and sushine, tons of both. kram kram!

  20. Fabulous...I love it! The zipper pull is awesome, it adds so much the the love section!

  21. This LO is stunning! Your attention to detail is amazing. I am now a follower of your blog!

  22. I thought I wrote something on this one already, but perhaps it was on facebook? Anyhow, a super take on the sketch, very elegant. Just how you always work, exact and elegant! Happy newyear!

  23. stunning LO love all the elements you have used LOVE IT

  24. I love your layout! Happy New Year and beautiful stash. I'm a late new follower.

  25. Happy New Year! This layout is stunning, love all the mixed media you have used on this.. and thank you for the giveaway too.. someone is going to be so happy!!

  26. I too am a new follower, WOW your creations are just inspiring, I keep looking and find more little goodies tucked in and under pieces, wanting to know oooh whats that where can I get me some of that!!! Happy new year to you too, and I hope everything is ok with your health too xox