Tuesday, 11 December 2012

CSI # 49 Candy

Happy Tuesday everyone!

More snow belting it down, talk about winter landscape! It's beginning to feel like Christmas even in our office, the count-down has begun.

Over at Color..Stories..Inspiration case file # 49 is bright and cheerful;

  • Garland Green - medium green, taken from the #5 tree - 135.154.47
  • Pink Presents - deep pink, taken from the #10 mittens - 222.108.118
  • Yuletide Yellow - light buttery yellow, taken from the #21 box - 248.230.164
  • Advent Aqua - aqua, taken from the #15 box - 93.198.201
  • Lime Lights - lime green, taken from the ribbon in #23 - 185.217.108
  • numbers
  • stickers
  • punches
  • rhinestones
  • buttons
  • baker's Twine
  • ribbon
  • lace
  • make a semi-circle notch, like in the little boxes
  • snowflakes
  • Christmas/winter accents
  • hound's-tooth pattern
  • Document a holiday tradition.
  • Document what you do to prepare for the holidays.
  • Number your journaling.
  • Write 25 words or phrases about your topic.
  • Choose a prompt from here.
  • Put your journaling inside of something that can be opened
  • Inspiration Words: joy, believe, count --use these as inspiration for your journaling, not just as a title

We trust we've left enough clues for you to solve the case!
The deadline for completing Case File No. 49
is Sunday, December 16, 11:59 p.m. EST.
Thus, you have a week plus the two weekends to complete your layout.
(See count-down timer on the right-hand sidebar of most pages.)
We can't wait to see what YOU create!

Here is my take on the case file - "Candy". It's the first LO of several to come with a Christmas theme;

49_Candy 1000px main
The papers are a mix of Ruby Rockit and October Afternoon.

 49_Candy - 2

 49_Candy - 3

 49_Candy - 4
This photo is by the Finnish photographer whom I've mentioned before and who's given me permission to use photos off her blog.

I had originally planned to use a photo of toffee, but it clashed completely with the colours of the palette. So here's one of a candy cane instead even if one of our family's holiday traditions is to make our own toffee and truffles and something I have no idea what it could be called in English. Our family likes mint flavoured candy canes.

My husband has a sweet tooth the like of which I have never seen parallelled by anybody else's. He can easily chomp down thick slices of marzipan bread in no time, chew on lumps of sugar, gobble down a chocolate bar, drink a bottle of Coke and still never ever have a cavity. Life certainly isn't fair!

 49_Candy - 5

 49_Candy - 6
The evidence I have used are; numbers, stickers, rhinestones, snowflakes, lace, twine, a button, and Christmas accents. I also used green/white checkered paper instead of houndstooth.

 49_Candy - 7

 49_Candy - 8

There we are! I'll be back on Friday to share my NOVEMBER Prima BAP which I should have shared with you in this blogpost. 

I will also have 3 small give-aways to 3 randomly drawn names leaving a comment on my Friday blogpost.

Till then, have a really wonderful week! 

Toodelipip! xoxox Eila


  1. wow... what a beautiful layout ... love the festive colors... and they way you grid the photo!!! totally Awesome Eila... hugs...xoxo

  2. Eila..you know what....you make magic with your layouts and creativity! Everytime I visit..I am so in awe and also so inspired! Awesome layout and the magic of Christmas abounds!! ;-)

  3. Eila, most beautiful 'Eila' master-pieces ..I adore your work, how you put the layouts/creations together.... amazing! Those cute little sewing bobbins look so cute, and adore your flower/embellishment clusters.

  4. Oh E love all the little details so many to look at ...Oh look at those delish cotton reel love them...Love to be in your part of the world even if it's freezing just to walk in the snow...have a great week dear friend
    Lindy xoxo

  5. Wow Eila amazing LO. Love the photo too. Mmmm that marzipan bread sounds delish. I love marzipan. And it's not fair how some ppl don't get cavities. I don't like sweets so much and have the worse teeth

  6. you know what:))) i LOVE it! its a bit unusual for you, but so cute, you are so talented!

  7. So rich and colour ful paper creation, I love the bright colours in the papers and photos. Great project with christmas theme, love it to bits :)

  8. Gosh, I just love this lay-out! It's so beautiful and colourful for Christmas and, as always, your flower clustering is just perfect!

  9. Gorgeous Eila! Always so many fabulous details and lovely things to admire. Great LO

  10. The candy colors are perfect for your page! Love the pps you have used, Eila. This is one of my fave casefiles :)

  11. Absolutely gorgeous, Eila. I always love looking at your work...so much detail to admire. LOL @ your hubby's sweet tooth.

  12. Just loving all your work Eila & so sorry to have got so behind on it all! Wonderful little treats to be found on every corner of your creations!!