Friday, 9 December 2011

Have you seen my new blinkie? and TCR #88 Joyeux Nöel and some Christmas inspiration

Another week to tick off in the calendar and we're another week closer to Christmas. If work can get any crazier than it was in November, we certainly are approaching hurricane status at the moment.

Have you seen my new blinkie over there to the right? CSI - Color .. Stories .. Inspiration.

If you're curious to find out some more about this new challenge site that will be launched on 6 January 2012, go have a looksie  HERE   You might find some familiar names if you check out the list of DT members!

Friday also means release day over at TCR. This week we're in the family room with Shimmerz as sponsor, which means we have wonderful shimmering colours in the palette: Santa Baby, Egg Noggin, Frosty's Got the Blues and Grinchy Green. Don't you just looove those names!

Here's Lydell's fabulous inspo picture:

I totally fell for the Grinchy Green and the Egg Noggin, and of course I had to have some Santa Baby too.

This time I haven't used the multiple layers that I normally do, instead I let the tree be in focus. I fussy cut the pointsettias from last year's K&Co Evergreen papers. The toy parade at the bottom and the little squarelets to the left, are also from the same collection. Got to be my all-time fave Christmas collection! full of old-worldly charm and details.

Show any Swede one of the chocolates in the photo, and they will instantly tell you its name. They come in two layers in the box, and each family has its own rules for whether it's permitted to start picking from the bottom layer while the not-so-popular chocs are still left on the top layer. I say GO FOR IT! ;))

#88_ Joyeux Noël-2

The chippie title is from the French online store Embelliscrap that I have mentioned several times before. I painted it in Shimmerz Frosty's Got the Blues and then I sprinkled generously with Shimmerz Enamelz in Jack Frost and zapped it with my heat gun. F-a-b-u-l-o-u-s glitter IRL!

#88_Joyeux Noël-3

The Dusty Attic snowflake was covered heavily in Stickles Diamond and then I sprinkled large glitter flakes on top and let it dry. When dry, I glued a Prima button on it and finished with a large diamontée jewel.

#87_Joyeux Noël-4

And finally, the tree itself. I cut a styrofoam cone in half using a very sharp knife. If your knife is dull, you'll have styrofoam pieces flying just about everywhere!

Then I dressed it in white lace German scrap alternating the layers with punched out strips of green paper from the K&Co Evergreen collection. Instead of tinsel, I wound strips of scalloped German scrap in gold. Stars with bling centres and pearls in white and the creamy golden colour of Egg Noggin.

#88_Joyeux Noël-4

I have also been making Christmas cards these passed few weekends. This week I'll share some old-fashioned ones with you. At the end of this post I will also give you the recipe for the "glögg" that I mentioned in my previous post.

TCR Christmas Card 4

Papers are from Swedish Pion Design. I made that little book, can be anything from a hymn book to a book of Christmas tales.

TCR Christmas Card 4-2

You have no doubt already guessed that the "God Jul" is Swedish for Merry Christmas. The "god" is pronounced with a long "o" just as the English word "food". So no religious connotations whatsoever. The "Jul" is pronounced with a long "u" just like in the English name "Julie" but skipping the "ie".

In Finland we say "Hyvää Joulua"!

TCR Christmas Card 8

More from Pion Design. Dusty Attic chippie flourish covered in white acrylic paint, glitter and Stickles. The roses are from KaiserCraft and the small white crocheted doily is from Leean Pearce's Etsy shop now closed for Christmas.

Do you see the white button that I have used as centre in the white rose? it's handmade by wonderfully talented Ivana Camdzic and can be ordered directly from her. Her email address is in my previous post. 

TCR Christmas Card 2

Papers from another Swedish designer, Maja Design. A chippie flourish from Dusty Attic and brown Prima alphas. The white stuff around the card is my much loved "snowpaint".

TCR Christmas Card 3

More Maja Design. The roses are from KaiserCraft, the lace at the bottom is German Scrap from Australian online store Meg's Garden, also mentioned in my previous post.

TCR Christmas Card 3-2

TCR christmas Card 5

Going back to Swedish Pion Design in this one.

22 Pion

On this one I've used molding paste and a stencil to get the relief effect on a very heavy handmade cream coloured paper.

Aaaaand if you'e made it to the very end, here's the recipe for glögg:

For about 6 servings, you will need 2 dl (200 ml) of unflavoured pure vodka and 1 bottle (75 cl) of red wine. The wine doesn't have to be an expensive one, but it has to be soft and fruity, not spicy. Lots of bramble, raspberry, fudge, vanilla tinges in other words.

On day 1 take a container that has a lid and can be shaken without the liquid coming out. Pour the vodka into the container and add 3 pieces of dried whole ginger snapped in pieces, 2 dried pieces of bitter Seville orange (not the peel from 2 whole oranges!), 4 whole cinnamon sticks, 1 small coffee spoon of whole cardamom seeds and about 12 pcs of dried clove. Shake and set aside. Shake a couple of times a day for 2 days.

On day 3 remove all the spices, you need to squeeze the orange peels to get out the liquid. The liquid should be rather dark golden brown by now. Pour the alcohol liquid which should measure roughly 1,5 dl (150 ml) and the bottle of wine into a saucepan. Add 2 dl (200 ml) castor/granulated sugar and about 2 table spoons of vanilla sugar/powder. Bring to simmer, not boil. Taste to see if it's sweet enough for your taste, some like it rather sweet. Pull aside and let cool before pouring it into a bottle with a cork/cap that can be pulled tight. You will need an additional small bottle as you will have 75 cl + 15 cl of liquid. Let mature for about a week.

Before drinking, gently heat in a saucepan. It is not to be drunk in wine glasses or tea mugs as one serving is normally only about 6-8 cl. Put some raisins and peeled almonds in your cup before pouring the glögg on top. Beware! highly addictive and a splendid remedy for insomnia! Do not drive after you have drunk it as this beverage is 30% pure alcohol.

With the warmth of the glögg, scent of hyacinths, shimmering candle light and a photo of a typical shabby Swedish country window dressed for Christmas that I found on internet, I promise I have come to the very end of this looooong post!

Enjoy the weekend and 3rd of Advent! xoxoxo Eila


  1. these are all just toooooo yummy!!!!! Love them!

  2. Åhhh...så mye fantastisk nydelig du har laget her!!! Bare elsket de fantastiske chipboardene dine og spesielt den snøkrystallen!! Den var bare så vakker!!
    Spennende med CSI da - grattis. Må nok følge med her ja (og kan ikke annet enn si at jeg jeg ble enda mer begeistret da jeg så hvem som var i lupen på sneak-peak'n :D , min favorittmann :D )
    Ha en flott førjulstid og håper ikke du stresser for mye.

  3. Wonderful cards you have made stunning details and lots of hard work.
    Your page yummie amazing with a cool tree love the bling bling topstar..
    have a lovely weekend i am of to

  4. Oh Eila, your LO page and cards are truly beautiful ! So much wonderful detail, and that little Christmas tree, just gorgeous. Thank you too, for leaving your very sweet comment over at Megs. Warmest hugs to you xx

  5. Love your TCR page..ohhh so beautiful
    the cards have so much detail on them and they are just divine
    Thanks for the recipe shall give it a go on Christmas day...
    have a nice day
    Lindy xo

  6. Oh My gosh eila! There is so much yumminess in this blog post! I love all of your stuff - especially the first layout - WOW, WOW, and WOW. I might have to lift a thing or two from it. :) Oh yea...and the glogg recipe - yummmm...I will DEFinatley be trying that one out! Have a fantastic day!

  7. Wow and Wow, I can't decide which one I like best, but I can say that you rocked these techniques, especially that glittery snowflake. Thanks for the inspiration Eila.

  8. As always beautiful work Eila, how creative making that tree its super sparkly and pretty, and the cards are beautiful with so much detail.

  9. What a yummy looking page, Eila! Love the cute toy embellies. As for the cards, they simply look divine!
    CSI.....LOL....Thought you were talking about my fave crime program on TV!
    Hugs from India

  10. Oh for goodness sake, Eila, you have been a scrapping maniac of late!! You Christmas tree is just amazing, how bold you are to go so 3d on this one, i think if you don't think it rude, I may just adapt this fantastic idea to a bulletin board I have to put together tommorrow, I LOVE IT!

    Your cards are just fantastic works or arts, How lucky anyone would be to receive one, I hope you are sending them to scrappy friends who will cherish them FOREVER:)

    Your explanation of GodJjul is very interesting, I definitely would have thought it was some sort of reference to GOD:}

    Thank you for the kind words on my little blog, it really put a smile on my face!! Hugs,

  11. WOW!!! Eila that layout is just stunning and that tree is so amazing. I can just imagine a whole foam cone decorated like this as a centrepiece for the table. Suxh an incredibly beautiful collection of cards too. Oh and that recipe sounds delicious!! Thankyou so much for visiting my blog. :-)

  12. the cards.. the layout... all is gorgeous..Bravo Eila! and meryy Christmas to you!

  13. What a lovely visit I've had with you at last Eila & I feel like I've drunk & thoroughly enjoyed the glogg!! Beautiful cards to oogle at too...Hope things are calming down a little bit at work for you now :)