Wednesday, 24 August 2011

The sequel to TCR #72

Autumn really has made its entrance in Stockholm, when I pulled up the blinds this morning I was met with a milky white wall outside the window. Fog!! That really is too early. An old Swedish saying is when the rowan tree has an abundance of berries, the winter will be long and hard. In that case, we are in for another perma frost. Yuk!

Last Friday I promised to share the sequel to my #72 Mamma and without further do, here it is. As the page is for the book I'm making for her, the title is in Swedish; "Svunnen tid". I've used the title before, but it pretty much captures what it's all about; Bygone Days.

As you can see, the photo of my MIL was taken at the same studio shoot as the previous one.

72B_Svunnen tid 4000px-main

The backing paper is from Swedish Pion Design. I've used the same TA  Glimmer Mist in Sand and Suede as on my other page to keep both backgrounds together. I've also masked/misted a big clock face in TA Patina.

72B_Svunnen tid 4000px-2

The tag and the butterfly are cut out from a Pion Design paper. The tag and the strip of muslin are dyed in very strong coffee. Two strips of lace, one left natural and the other one dyed in TA Patina. The same ink in Champagne poured out in a rivulet. Here you can also see the script on the backing paper a bit closer.

72B_Svunnen tid 4000px-3

72B_Svunnen tid 4000px-4

The golden/teal fabric brad is from Danish Tilda. The tape measure is also cut out from a paper from Pion Design. I pulled out the centres of two gardenias and replaced the stamens with new fabric flowers centres from Australian online store Maxine's Mélange. That's the "fuzzy" brown&white.

72B_Svunnen tid 4000px-5

In the same cluster is a Prima bloom and a key from my stash, cannot for the world remember which brand it is. I made the little metal embellishment by cutting out a section with the birds from a Pion Design paper and glueing it onto the trinket and adding liquid pearls around the border. Some mother of pearl buttons from Danish Tilda finishes the cluster together with a coffee-dyed tag tied with a dito strip of muslin.

72B_Svunnen tid 4000px-6

I bought the zink wreath at local craft store Panduro quite a while ago. Here I have dabbed acrylic paint in Sky, Patina and Brown on it to give it an additional weathered look.

72B_Svunnen tid 4000px-7

On the left a torn piece of Gessoed cardboard and another strip of coffee dyed muslin tied around the zink wreath.

And that's it! now I had really better get going with my morning preparations, time to leave for work soon! Have a great rest of the week and thanks so very very much for having a peek!

Toodeli pip! xoxoxox Eila


  1. signs of winter already! what!! that's crazy it will be months before i even pull out my sleeves from their hidden compartments deep in the back of the closet! although i normally pull them out early in the hope of some beautiful weather! my favorite days in florida are when you can leave all the house windows open and you can smell the fresh cool air off the sea... umm a nice warm cup of coffee or cocoa and that's bliss!

    what a beautiful color palette on this one - really goes great with the other one you just did with the gorgeous wood frame (that i loved) and the pink measuring tape is fab!

    got a question for ya - i'm planning a Halloween hop and really would love to do a fab one so i'm looking for a couple more participants and sponsors - know anyone that would want to help in either category? do ya *wink wink* :)

  2. that is awesome weather, we don't have that in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

    Eila, you have explained to us in very details all of the bits and pieces that you have used in this page. Total awesome, love the liquid pearls, the pearl button, the tags, muslim cloth, the zink wreath (that is so creative) the vintagey look on overall page are just divine and absolutely stunning. I am speechless when I look at all your works. You are damn creative!!! I totally adore your style and pages. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for sharing this with all of us and I know I will keep on coming back to your space. Have a lovely week and I can't wait to celebrate my Eid (muslim celebration after a month of fasting) with my family.

    Cheers and hugs

  3. Yes fall is to soon i saw al ready some colors in the trees to.ok cool for pictures but where is our summer..or was!
    Your page its a beauty again your so lucky to have [old] pictures of your mom.Love al the sweet details you have put around your mom.
    byebye,Lean..i think we need a raincaot....AGAIN!!!

  4. Wow,wow,wow!!! Helt nydelig, Eila!!!! Du er SÅ flink!

  5. Så utrolig vakker!! og jeg er mektig imponert over alle de lekre detaljene du har med her! Utklppet av fuglen fra Pion-arket, målebåndet fra samme designet, de lekre fargene og ikke minst, den mistede klokken!
    Tuuuuusen takk for alle de hyggelige kommentarene du legger igjen hos meg!

  6. Beautiful Eila! Love the details and misting, and layers, and, etc. :) Another gorgeous work of art! Hugs!

  7. Lovely page Eila, I am sure she will be so happy to receive this.

  8. Så fantastik fint arbete du har gjort här Eila! Otroliga kreativa detaljer som får munnen att vattnas. Lite irriterad på blogger som strular både med kommentarer och att ladda sidor.
    I am so impressed with the wonderful creativity you share with us here Eila.I thought I recognized the zinc wreath. Looks absolutely better here and the cut out elements add so much to this pretty page.
    Love the misting and paint rivulet ( a new word for me, so quaint..)And as soon as I saw what you did to those gardenias I just Fell in love...sigh...

  9. I think I said it all at the color room, you inspire me with every layout, and um great minds, check out my blog LOL

  10. Hi Eila, outdone yourself with this one I think, the cluster around the pic is so stunning, love all the bits and pieces that you have altered on here, it is such a precious layout. Signs of Autumn, well there is lots of Halloween goodies appearing in our shops and I must admit I have done a little xmas shopping, sad I Know, but once we go back to school on the 5th of September, chaos seems to rain in this household. Had a fantastic day today, I have passed everything to take me into my 3rd year at University and Charlotte done so well in her GSCE results today so it has been a celebrating day for us today, take care, Doreen x

  11. Eila this is just scrumptious, to the las beautiful details, the mother of pearl buttons, pure eye candy!

  12. GORGEOUS Page!!! love everything!! the cluster is fantastic!!and the layering, too! Beautiful work Dear!!! HUGS!!! :)

  13. Absolutely stunning Eila!!! this totally rocks from the background to all the details

  14. Oh hello ... how are you ... i have so much to catch up on... thanks so much for being beautiful... i have just finished washing all the outside windows and now about to give the car a wash... the cow poo is not that wonderful after a i have a heap of jobs i need to do around this house... i will be back later to go over all this amazing work you have been creating... bye for now mwah xxx

  15. wow Eila !!! this is spectacular and I just love all the little touches of color that pop up over your LO ....spectacular .. hugz x

  16. Such an exquisite page, Eila! Your attention to detail is just amazing! Every inch of your page has some little treasure to discover! Your work is so inspiring!

  17. OMG, what an absolutely stunning vintage layout. Every single detail on this page is just breathtaking! I dream about being able to create pages like this....

  18. I can't believe your winter is rearing it's ugly head already! Good thing you had such a fabulous summer - as short lived as it was!! This is such a beautiful vintage page my dear friend. YOur details are out of this world. Thank you for your e mail - love the contents & will let you know when I have used them (wink!)

  19. Love this paper range! Such a pretty layout, Eila:)

  20. Wow! This is just absolutely stunning! I LOVE everything about this! Pure gorgeousness, perfectly put together!

  21. wonderful, I do not find my words so it is beautiful.
    Thank you for your messages on my blog, I am very touched

  22. What a gorgeous vintage page with a touch of whimsy! There are so many amazing details on your love the embellishment clusters, the coffee stained tag, the corrugated board, muslin cloth, stained tape measure, butterfly and all your other fabulous details. I especially love your misting and masking...superb!