Saturday, 11 June 2011

TCR #62 Angelic and a glorious morning

Once again it is Saturday morning in Stockholm, and a glorious one it is! cats and I have been sitting on our balcony watching the seagulls soar by. We live in a 4-storey multi-dwelling house only a few blocks away from the water front, our balcony is perched on the corner of the house between two residential streets both of which offer a lush park. This is the view from our kitchen door with Mr Max checking out the neighbours;

Having set the scene for this already hot day, I fear I will have to postpone my scrapping till the evening or tomorrow. No matter how much I would want to stay indoors with my papers, I simply have to savour this beautiful day in Mother Nature.

Just a quick additional photo. In the summer evenings I hang up lanterns on our balcony railing. Seeing the day turning into gentle evening, (remember Scandinavian summer evenings/nights are never totally dark) tea lights softly glowing and my darling hubby sitting next to me, is something I can really long for during the long and dark winter.

So, before I bore you stiff with my talk about summer, here's the rather challenging palette #62 that was released over at TCR yesterday. A whitewashed orange. My mojo quickly left for a very loooooong walk-about when I first saw it, but decided to come back home and for that I am very happy!

I cannot belive how quickly 4 weeks have passed, it is already my last palette as RDA. Thank you infinitely for all the gallery love you have left me and thank you Lindy for having been my partner!

The beautiful young man in the photo is my FIL when he was about 17 or 18. Even when he was in his 80's women blushed and fanned around him. Good thing my MIL is a very cool woman not easily flustered about anything.

#62_Angelic-4000px main

The floral paper on the left is from DCWV Tradewinds. I made an extensive search on internet but could only find it in the US or in Singapore until I stumbled across a brilliant Dutch online shop called Scrappapier, you can find them HERE

As I like to use lots of DIFFERENT papers, I am quite often reluctant to buying stacks as they often have 2 or even 3 of each paper. What immediately got me hooked about Scrappapier, is that wonderfully sweet Bea, who runs the online store, divides the stacks into two and sells them in halves with only one paper of each pattern. Even more so, she has a huuuuuge selection of K&Company both discontinued and current lines, which I being Miss Marple/Mrs Hyacinth Bucket, absolutely adore, plus of course a lot of other current lines and brands.

As she is located in Holland, shipping to any country in Europe is easy peasy and so much less costly than ordering from the US.

Back to a close-up of my #62 Angelic.

#62_Angelic-4000px 2

The other papers are from Glitz. Here you can see the subtly delicious pattern of the pale peach backing paper. Martha Stewart punches used. The pile of buttons is a tribute to my MIL who faithfully washed and ironed FIL's shirts until he passed away 4 years ago. Here you can also see the different orange tiny splatter, I used TA Tiger Lily and Peach Delight. It really shimmers beautifully IRL!

The white doily is a generous gift from fantastic Leeann Pearce who runs Chip Chop Shop in Australia. She has the most funny, vibrant and happy selection of pins, fimo buttons, doilies, chippies and looots more! You can find it HERE

Those of you who also visit Color Combos Galore, have seen me use the Crafter's Workshop template with molding paste in other pages. I am a huuuuuge fan of Julie Winks' and this template is often seen in her pages, used with a flair and artistry that are of inter galactic dimension. I am happy the molding paste actually stayed where I wanted it *giggle*. If you haven't checked out Julie's blog before, I highly recommend you a peek.  Click  HERE to get to her blog.

So we've reached the end of this post, Saturday chores are calling. Thanks lovely ladies for your visit! I cherish each comment you may want to leave me. Have a lovely weekend!!

xoxoxo Eila


  1. Eial, this page is awesome.. so classic and elegant. love this style!

  2. Lovely post Eila! Your summers sound quite divine with your lanterns on your balcony! But I think your winters are a bit dreary? Here I am freezing & the temps aren't even that low - just too low for an African LOL!! Your page is gorgeous. Your FIL is a dashing young man in that photo - I can well believe the ladies blushing & fanning :) That palette is enough to make anyone run a mile but the reveal was gorgeous which just goes to show now! May take it on - had to miss last week due to computer woes :( Now I am playing catch up & have a tonne of work to do!!

  3. I love your beautiful pictures ...sweet kitty loves that chair i think...
    Your page is beautiful again love your details and also thanks for your links..
    have a lovely weekend byebye,Lean

  4. Your view is absolutely amazing...It sounds like you live in really beautiful, relaxing surroundings. Love your tea light candles..they create such lovely ambience. :) Your LO is beautiful...the selection of paper that you have used is stunning...i adore your cluster of buttons...and such a fab photo. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

  5. What a lovely view from the kitchen you have and Max certainly is enjoying the the page for TCR such a dashing man your FIL is ...
    enjoy the day in the sunshine
    Lindy xo

  6. such a sweet of you to scrap this picture. Nicely done dear...btw how's your london trip?

  7. Sunshine, sounds glorious it has been raining here all weekend, mustn't complain been good so far, that's the English weather for you! Also love being outdoors and scrap more in the winter than summer, love sitting with a glass of rose in the garden and doing nothing! Your layout is lovely and orange , that was a challenge, but you pulled it off, love the buttons. Thanks for email will speak to you soon, catching up at the moment! hve a good week x.

  8. Such a pretty, and yet unexpected, use of the orange shades! I love how you take a more "modern" color such as this orange, and add it to such traditional elements to create a truly unique, eye-catching vintage page!

  9. Thanks for sharing the Swedish summer with those beautiful pictures and description. Do post more about your beautiful country whenever possible. My mojo is yet to return from its walk after looking at the oranges! I really admire what you have done.
    Hugs from India