Friday, 3 June 2011

TCR #61 The Joy of Beeing 4 and some memories from London

Hubby and I came home from our trip to London last night. We left a London in full summer bloom and woke up this morning to the happy chirping of birds and a wonderfully blue sky in Stockholm. It was already +22C (F 72) in the shade outside our kitchen window at 08.00 a.m.. Plodding out in my summer dressing gown, barefoot and drinking  my beloved mug of coffee with milk while Max, Alice and Elsa were checking out our street waking up, it was indeed a blessed happy moment.

These pics were taken with my SonyEricsson Arc mobile phone, hence the funny format. If you click ont he pic, you will get a larger view.

Who can resist trying out hats for the next event at Ascot, or why not The Queen's Annual Garden Party ... not me!

On hubby's birthday, we went on the London Eye Champagne Experience. It was the giggly and starry-eyed young couple, the old fogies Mr and Mrs S (i.e. DH and I), the group of ladies on a shopping trip to London and a bunch of others from all over Europe. Must say it feels kind of nice to stand there in the glass pod, a glass of champers in hand looking at London from above. Talk about prime seats!

For those of you who might not be familiar with the view far down there to the right of the glass of bubblies, it's the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben you are seeing.

Will leave London for this time with two photos from the burough of Chelsea. Entering Chelsea is like coming to a totally different world of its own within London, it's very peaceful, very luscious and with a quiet buzz of its own. I love its dappled streets filled with history, especially Cheyne Walk down by the Thames embankment.

Thank you for having had the patience of bearing with me this far in my ramblings. Now to the palette release #61 over at The Color Room!

We are in his room this week, but I used the Powder Blue, Teal Blue, Green Apple and Gunmetal Grey for a page with little Miss sunshine M. You can see her in my LO #56B "Can I Keep Her Please".

#62_Beeing 4-main 4000px

The green pp at the bottom and the floral one are both MME Lime Twist. The patterned teal and green is really ancient, I think it is from Creative Imaginations. The floral powder blue is from Swedish designer Maja. My gosh, time has really flown! This is already my third LO as RDA.

I just love the tiny "bubbles", like droplets of water. They are a gift from my colourful American scrappy friend Rebekah. Just before we left for London, I received a wonderful treasure box full of goodies from Bekah. You will see more of the fantastic things she sent me in layouts to come. Thank you warmly Mrs Krueger!

#61_Beeing 4 - 2 - 4000 px

The leaves are from an old Martha Stewart stack that I have fussy cut. The flowers are Prima. The doily under the blooms is from the Chip Chop Shop and the white seam binding is a gift all the way from my kind and sweet friend Lindy in Brisbane, Australia. Don't quite know what to call the strips of paper with a "V" cut at the end, flaglets?! Anyhow, they are also cut from pps by Swedish Maja.

#61_Beeing 4 - 3 - 4000 px

That's it for today dear friends! loooots of commenting to catch up with and lots of thank you's that I owe to so many wonderful wonderful ladies out there. Wishing you all a glorious weekend wherever you may be!

xoxoxox Eila


  1. Stunning Eila! Welcome back!! You have been missed!!! LOVE the photographic tour - oooh I could really do with a week in London! We need to see more photos & where you stayed & what you bought! Love the picture of you in that hat - look really good! Great layout - did you have that prepared in advance or did you have to scramble it together in a mad rush :) Either way it looks wonderful...

  2. Hello! I followed your blog link from TCR -- I'm digging the closeups! Your photos from London are amazing.

  3. Your photies are really sounds and looks like you had an awesome trip! Your hat is fantastic.. :)Gorgeous LO...I love the mix of paper that you have used, those bubbles, the stitching and those beautiful leaves...
    Have a wonderful weekend... :)

  4. You just don't stop to amaze me! what a right and lively layout. I'm happy that you had a nice trip and hope that I will have one too as I'm departing next week to Germany to see my hubby :)

  5. oh that is a wonderful palette and gorgeous lo

  6. Welcome home Eila has Helen has said you have been missed...the photos are gorgeous and love the hat, the buildings in Chelsea look an awesome place ..totally love you TCR layout fab cluster of flowers...
    Lindy xoxo

  7. wow sounds like you had a fab time ...those pics are awesome.. this LO is totally full of brilliance and rich deep colour ..... absolutely love it ... such a beautiful colour and I love all your yummy detail .. hugz x

  8. this looks like a fun pictures and also congrats with your hubby[belate].
    Your page is beautiful sweet picture right colors for the dress..and yummie flower work.
    have a lovely weekend byeee,lean

  9. Oh how lucky, I would love to be able to visit London,maybe one day.... Glad to see you are back safe and sound with lots of new pics to scrap, hopefully we will see some soon. Love the hat and the layout is gorgeous I really like you interpretation of the sketch and the colors looks so fresh.

  10. Gorgeous layout.. this colors : love this!!!

  11. Thanks for posting the pics from your trip! I think it'd be so wonderful to live in Europe, to have such easy and quick access to the most historically and culturally relevant cities in the world!

    I also love your layout! I study your composition very closely, because I adore the effortless way you create multifaceted layers on your pages!

  12. I was wondering where y were...thank you so mcuh for taking me to London. I specially loved the bubbly with a view, how fun and you look gorgeous in that hat!
    The LO is a stunner, loved the [lacement of the clusters with the fuzzy cut and the look of a ribbon award, and all those stitches, so lovely indeed!

  13. Welcome back! Neat the have to scrap that pic! Love your lo Eila!

  14. Hi gorgeous Eila. When you have a second could you please email me at ..I need to email you something and I do not haveyour email!

  15. Welcome back Eila, looks like you enjoyed your trip and wasn't the weather kind to you, especially wed. thought of you as a sipped a Mojito cocktail in the garden sunshine! Love the pics and I agree Chelsea is gorgeous, did you shop or see any new shows etc.etc. Loving the layout, gorgeous picture and I love the flower and leaves collage.

  16. Looks like London gave you the time that the two of you deserved! The bast place in the world to be for a holiday I think!!
    You MUST scrap thet gorgeous pic of your highness in that fabulous pink hat. I took some hat pics too when I went to the flowershow a couple of years ago, I might even post those one of these days,...alas,..not very flattering of me...
    Your page is gorgeous with the blues and greens. Your little friend looks so cute in her summer dress.
    I jut LOVE your sewing and that beautiful flower cluster with the cut paper 'ribbons'.
    Thanks for sharing!