Sunday, 28 September 2014

Prima PPP September 2014 - two autumnal canvases

It's a beautiful Sunday here in Stockholm. The trees have started to shift in blazing autumnal hues even if the lawns are still sort of green. Time to start thinking of sweaters and warmer shoes. The snow has already arrived up north, even if it was only for a short visit. As far as I'm concerned, it can stay away for the whole winter.

Just finished my take on the Prima September PPP, here's first the moodboard with its beautiful golden hues;


I made two  8" x 8" (20 cm x 20 cm) canvases for a birthday girl. They were designed to either hang side by side, or separately. 

First the left one;

And then the right one;

Both unframed next to each other;

Both in their shadow boxes;

Papers from the Life Time collection
573836 - Color Bloom Spray Tea Stain
573843 - Color Bloom Spray Antiqe Gold
961701 - Glass Beads Butter
961718 - Glass Beads Plum
 573096 - Stationers Desk paper clip
572693 - Stationers Desk flair button
574628 - Ivy Bay gold leaves
 578268 - Providence paper leaf stem Clove
578206 - Capri burlap flowers Cabernet
577384 - Capistrano mulberry flowers Ginger Ale
577414 - Capistrano mulberry flowers Milk Shake
 577940 - Sarasota lace flowers Dreamy
552886 - Cradle birds nest Sparrow
 575427 - Stationers Desk mulberry roses Typewrite
 574543 - Cartographer mulberry roses Globetrotter


Et voilà!

Wishing you a beautiful weekend and start to the week!

xoxox Eila


  1. Your canvases are both as gorgeous as can be! I just love the warm colours and your wonderful mix of textures.

  2. What a lovely pair!! I think working in shadow boxes is a fantastic idea for you and with these types of things you could have an etsy store to sell them too! Beautiful!! Here we are in spring now which is a strange time in these parts as it's our windiest and rainiest month!

  3. These are beautiful pieces of art and will look wonderful on any wall. I love the autumn colours... we don't get too much here... just hot or cool... but I do love when the leaves of some of the trees begin to turn and in spring when the new leaves unfold....

  4. These look so beautiful framed, very warm colors and love those flowers! Inspirational quotes too..

  5. Your canvases are just divine Eila!!! I love the golden hues, so very gorgeous, what a beautiful gift, just love them to bits. I really love the backgrounds too, lovely colors Lisa ;)

  6. These are so beautiful Eila!!! Love them Hugs...x