Monday, 26 May 2014

That mysterious thing called scrapbooking

Hello hello beautiful peeps!

Finally I am up and breathing pretty normally again. The exhibition at the art gallery in the Old Town in Stockholm is over, a wonderful week of visitors and many discussions on that mysterious thing called scrapbooking. 

Didn't quite realize that there are so many regular people out there who have no idea of why anyone would want to stick paper and embellishment on a piece of paper and then have it framed. 

On the other hand, I was positively surprised many times too. One American guy took many photos of my layouts to show to his sister, who actually lives next block away from the Prima HQ in Los Angeles. Another man was so intrigued by the layers of my projects that he came in on 3 consecutive days just to look at them.

Sharing a few impromptu shots with you;

Street view of the gallery.

 This is one of the canvases that I created specifically for
the exhibition - "The Journey".
It was finished the night before the opening so I 
never had the time to photograph it properly. 

It now hangs in this young man's home.

I am sharing a couple of work-in-progress photos that 
I took with my mobile phone and
a product list further down in this blogpost.

 A favourite with art critics and art buyers - it is called "Master Mind".
Painted by a very good friend JoEl.

The one at the top was in the previous issue of Scrap365 
Magazine. I will soon share it in a separate blogpost here.

Work-in-progress snapshots, but I think the layer upon 
layer of misting photographs quite well despite all.
The flicks of gold and the shimmering floating water colour
effect is very pretty IRL.

890889  - Prima Shabby Metal Geese
892081 Prima resin clocks
570002 Prima resin key
892050 Prima resin railing
556693 - Prima Genie Gem
891510 Prima resin mask Allure
126185 Prima SIIC swirl gold/pearl
573164 Prima SIIC Free Spirit
573218 Prima SIIC Something Blue
561659 - Prima white Soprano roses
571535- Prima pink Le Mia roses
571450 - Prima white Charlotte roses 
559373 - Prima Tea Thyme script stamp
850470 Prima - checker board stamp
Stash - Prima 12 x 12 mask stars
Ingvild Bolme fluid chalk edger in Rock Moss

Tattered Angels mists in:
Midnight Blue
Autumn Nights
Fall Breeze
Chalkboard Cornflower
Chalkboard Banana Pudding
Spring Violet
Timeless Lilac

Stickles in Diamond, Crystal and Stardust
Ecoline Gold watercolour ink
Mr Huey's Opaque White
565503 - TWC mask Mini Cubist
Prima navy blue canvas alphas


Back to some behind the scenes creating again! 
I owe so many of you a visit, but don't for a second 
think that I have forgotten you!

xoxo Eila


  1. wow good for you my friend .... sounds like fun (also a lot of work ) I bet it was a thrill to have your work displayed ... wonderful and exciting, go girl go xoxoxo congrats x

  2. what an amazing opportunity to have your lovely works displayed! So happy for you Eila, another achievement to add to your list, not to mention those works of yours need to be exhibited!

  3. Beautiful Eila... what a wonderful thing.... Love your canvas. Hope it all went well. :D

  4. Oh I know full well how irritating it is trying to explain to people why we do what we do an how mad they think we are! It's also really annoying that there is no word that puts our art into a category of it's own to define us as the chefs of this artform rather than the cooks

  5. I adore your canvas and hope your canvas and hope you made some money on this little venture. The gallery looks charming

  6. On my phone here and it is up to funny things! What I mean is that there are so many types of scrapbooking from beginners to advanced yet only one term for it

  7. So wonderful Eila! That looks awesome! So nice to share our passions, glad you enjoyed it, your creation is so beautiful!