Sunday, 27 November 2011

OUAS 15NOV2011 "Life's Journey" and TCR #86 "Ann's Cottage"

My goodness what a week! am behind with just about everything both at work and in blogland. My apologies to all of you!

Friday I was at a meeting in Gothenburg, which is on the south-west coast of Sweden. The alarm clock rung at 04.30 a.m. and I can tell you - IT'S PITCHBLACK out there at that time!! Had premonitions when I got the Gothenburg airport for my flight back home in the evening; massive queues everywhere ... and sure, I was right. The carrier that was supposed to take us home had been hit by lightning (simply never happens in our parts of the world) and had been taken out of traffic.

I am normally a very kind and accommodating person, but when 120 people charged up to the service desk demanding a seat on the next flight I almost flipped out. Smug 30 something business men in slick suits waved their gold cards and what do you know, they were first in line to get onboard. Do I have to say I had to wait for another 2 flights before finally heading home.

Well enough of that. Today is Sunday and in Scandinavia it also means it's First of Advent. From all windows electric candle sticks and/or electric advent stars spread their soft glow into the darkness. Some families start baking ginger breads and most people also have their first of maaaaany drinks of the traditional GLÖGG. It's similar to mulled wine but about twice or thrice as strong as we put in brandy or vodka or rhum together with cinnamon sticks and lots of other Christmassy spices before we let the brew simmer gently.

Before I tuck into my first saffron bun and first cup of glögg, I'd better share the page I made for OUAS 15 November challenge.

This time the journalling criteria focuses on YOU as a woman OR ANY female in my life. What is the best thing about being a woman? Motherhood? Shopping? Make Up? Girls nights? Gossip? The journalling can be as long as you wish and in any language, but one must journal at least 2 sentences on the best part of being a woman. The journalling critera has to be combined with Nadia's pretty sketch.

I flipped the sketch and had a horizontal line instead of a vertical one. Here it is.

OUAS 15NOV2011 4000px-main

Been admiring and saving the new Basic Grey Piccadilly papers since I got them, how pretty can papers get?! feminine, sweet, bright and happy absolutely gorgeous colours/patterns. With the challenge I wanted to use some really wonderful papers and finally got the courage to cut into the pack. Well, I'm sure you recognize me in the photo. It was taken last summer right after my birthday.

OUAS 15NOV2011 4000px-2

Self-explanatory journalling. Oooh just look at the red and blue in combo!!

OUAS 15NOV2011 4000px-3

Instead of punching and layering across my page, I used a wooden leafy branch from KaiserCraft. Chalked it in green, mixed Gesso with water and washed everything several times for a mat effect. IRL the milky whiteness has dried in really cool soft and subtle patterns. Then I touched up the edges in a darker green + Chestnut Roan.

After my two passed weekends of Christmas card making, I had some left over fabric strips. Cut off some snippets and tied them around the branch as a reminder of all the good things of being a woman. You know, like the old-fashioned way of tieing a string around your finger to make you remember something.

OUAS 15NOV2011 4000px-4

I had some left over squares from a chippie window that I've used in a couple of previous layouts. Covered them in different patterned papers and in a jiffy I had dimensional tiles without having to wait for them to dry.

Nothing but pure Prima sweetness in this cluster. Also in the cluster at the top of the page. Don't know if you can see the itty bitty yellow bloom nesting between the blue roses, it has a dark blue pearl centre. I ordered a bunch of them in assorted colours and matching jo jo fabric bloms on Etsy from one of the most sweetest ladies that I've ever met online: Natalie Jo from PiccalilliPatchwork. She custom made the cutest little pieces of magic for me, I'm still saving the little treasures for something very special.

Check out her shop HERE

OUAS 15nov2011 4000PX-5

Friday was also release day of a new palette over att TCR. We're in His Room this week and playing with these elegant colours; Rusty Red, Light Grey Blue, Pale Beige and Dark Grey Blue.

Here's what I came up with;

The cottage in the photo is the birth place of William Shakespeare's wife Ann Hathaway. I took the photo back in 2006 when hubby and I spent a week in the Cotswolds, UK. Almost surreal to walk around in her house, it's been beautifully kept.

The red backing paper that peeks through the punched pattern of the blue paper, is from Swedish Maja Design's latest collection, Vintage Winter.

The blue paper is from Paper Studio's collection Déja Blu. And the beige paper with the script is from Paper Studio's collection Countryside.

I have written before about the amazing online store in Holland that I found earlier this year. Bea, the shopowner, is a miracle of service and she offers the most astonishing collections of current and older collections that have been discontinued in other places. If you're a K&Co fan as I am, Bea's shop is the place to visit.

Go have a browse in her shop Scrappapier, if you click HERE you will come to the page where you can see ALL the lines that she offers.

#86_Ann's Cottage 4000px-2

More Prima goodies and a Dusty Attic chippie frame that I've left raw.

#86_Ann's Cottage 4000px-3

#86_Ann's Cottage 4000px-4

I am so happy you wanted to come for a visit, thank you ever so much! Have a wonderful week whereever you are, take care!

xoxoxo Eila


  1. Jeg koser meg så i bloggen din når du har oppdatert. Du har alltid så mye å fortelle, både om hverdagen din og om det du lager!
    Jeg synes jeg ser deg når de dresskledde gullkortmennene banet seg vei først i køen.
    Men huff, for et kaos det hørtes ut som.
    Jeg bare elsker fargene du har brukt på den første - så utrolig lekkert med rødt og blått og de herlige blomstene du har brukt!
    Nr. 2 - fikk meg til å ønske å ha opplevd dette huset selv, stemningen og omgivelsene! Så utrolig lekkert med chipboarden og blomstene som omkranser den!
    Ønsker deg en fortsatt fin 1.søndag i advent og en god uke.

  2. Ella both of your pages are amazing!! I love your photo in the first page and all the beautiful patterned papers you've put in it. How much inspiration I have got from this. Secondly your equally lovely page about Anne Hathaway's Cottage. I live about 30 miles from there, if you come again, let me know and you can come to tea. xx

  3. Such a Beautiful layouts!!
    Thanks for playing along with us at Once Upon a Sketch.xoxo

  4. Oh Eila! i hear your frustration from waiting all that time to get home and enjoy your Glogg.
    Love all the delicious layers and blooms and such a perfect photo of yourself...such inspiration for the next page for TCR must have been a fabulous trip to the UK and visit Ann's Cottage only can image the beauty on the inside and out ...
    Have a great week Eila dear friend

  5. very beautiful work - love the new TCR palette and will need to give it a go!

  6. Love how you flipped the sketch for OUAS! The page is gorgeous, especially love all those beautiful blooms and the colors! TCR page is just gorgeous too!!! I always love your work!

  7. amazing as all the attention to details.....just gorgeous

  8. Eila: These are both stunningly beautiful layouts in wonderful Eila fashion. Thank you for visiting my blog earlier...your comments are always so lovely and thoughtful! I always appreciate them. You must give me the recipe for GLÖGG. It sounds DEE-LISH! I hope work slows down a bit so you can spend sometime crafting. ;) Hugs!!

  9. absolutely love these Eila... always so exquisite and detailed ... love looking at all your beautiful details .. thanks for playing with us art OUAS..
    yout jounaling is beautiful x

  10. Oh wow Eila. Your work is just so breathtakingly beautiful. The details in your clusters are always fabulous. Fantastic.
    Thanks for joining in at OUAS too.

  11. what a gorgeous work... Eila I like your style!

  12. Totally love your pages, so beautiful - Ann's cottage. Your work is always lovely to look at, so many pretty details. So glad you made it home safely in the end. :)

  13. These are such gorgeous pages.
    Thanks for playing along at Once Upon A Sketch.

  14. Hi Eila :) So sorry you were so traumatised at the airport - sheesh - thank goodness you weren't on the plane though I suppose! Phew!! Sounds like things are seriously crazy busy your side - hope they can calm down a bit over the coming weeks. I feel terrible owing you an e mail but this side too it's all crazy - sickness has struck again! Problems with our house too - rain for weeks here!! Blah blah blah...boohoo it's all going on here!! Anyway, firstly thanks for playing along at Once Upon a Sketch. I just adore your layout & your chippie vine. Your journaling is fabulous & I'm so glad I have your approval on the papers as mine are on their way too - don't often buy BG but those were too difficult to resist I know!! And wow to your TCR layout with the perfect matching colours - wtg!

  15. LOL @ your flight home. SOunds like a nightmare but its so funny the way you describe it.

    Your journalling for OUAS is so truthful and I must say that through setting this challenge and reading people' s journalling I have appreciated so much more about being a woman in today's world. I agree with the way you describe your self as a woman and especially love the part where you say we can be in baggy pants and no make up and still be appreciated. In my 20's I was SO fussed about the way I looked. I thought people indeed would not like me if I wasnt all done up. As I have gotten older too I realised that the people I love STILL love me no matter what I look like...and let me tell you some days I look pretty average. I still take care of my self and care about the way I look..but its OK not to be perfect all the time. Thank you for playing along with us yet again and your support is always appreciated.

    Your TCR layout is also beautiful. LOVE the big flower. Love all you create. Hope you enjoy your days ahead. Love always, nadia,

  16. Amazing page Eli. These BG papers are gorgeous aren't they and I am SOOO loving your clusters and all your perfect little details. Thanks so much for playing along with us at OUAS =)

  17. Beautiful pages Eila .Lovely details and layers stunning cluster work.Beautiful photo of your self and Ann´s cottage..wauw i am going to move..

  18. Both pages are lovely Eila, I especially enjoyed reading the journalling and totally agree. I am not one to fuss about at all but its nice to have that special occasion that you can dress up if you want.

  19. Eek, sorry to hear about the chaos that you experienced in the airport. But it sounds like you're relaxing now, which is good. I enjoyed hearing your description of the start of Advent. I'm enjoying Advent myself--it's always such a special time of year.

    Both of your layouts are beautiful. I love all their flowery goodness. The first one makes me want to buy the BG Piccadilly papers, and the second one makes me want to go see Ann Hathaway's cottage for myself. Thanks for sharing these two lovely layouts.

  20. What beautiful layouts. Your use of colour is just spectacular and all your details are amazing!

  21. HI Sweet friend.
    I tried to comment yesterday but had no luck. Sometimes our mutual friend Blogger makes it difficult for us!
    I love both your pages, that goes sitting saying.Your style is so delicate and utterly feminine. Your flower clusters look so yummy and your new BG papers are absolutely beautiful.I love the way you place your letter stickets for the title in the OUAS page and your journalling they really touches me. I think you have captured the essence of being a woman!
    Thanks for sharing it with us at OUAS,dear!