Sunday, 4 September 2011

Ingvild Bolme fan club and TCR #74 Reaching for the Taj

Touched by the magic and lived to tell ya all!

So we're back home after yesterday's workshop with Ingvild Bolme and boy what an awesome experience it was!

Some 50 ladies from all over Sweden and from Norway as well, gathered in eager anticipation of meeting Ingvild IRL. She had the same workshops both on Saturday and today. I took the one yesterday but as it is a 6-hour-drive home one way, we decided to stay over night.

It was absolutely fantastic meeting Bente (Fagerberg) for the first time ever. Big was the hug exchanged and high the mutual cheers! It was lovely to meet Bente's daughter Alex (Alexandra) as well, such a pretty young lady.

To our utter disappointment, Prima had not delivered the ergonomic tools designed by Ingvild, not yet released on the market. Nor had they shipped the new flower collections. However, we got to work with the distresser tool, crafter's knife and a couple of Ingvild's chalks that she had brought with her from Norway for us to borrow during the workshop. Heavenly to use I say and definite must-haves!!

Here's Mrs Shrek goofing around with them ;)))

We all had 2 bags with products to be used for the two layouts that we were to make, lots of Prima's of course. Incredibly fascinating to learn how Ingvild plans her pages and the variation of techniques she uses. This is a lady with graphic designing in her CV and it certainly shows!

Here's the "skeleton" of the first layout that we made. I've left out the actual photo that goes in under or on top of the cut-out frame to show you what would normally be hidden under the photo.

Ingvild has combined 4 different paper collections on this page. See the itty bitty birds sitting on the branch to the far bottom left? they are cut out from a Pixie Glen paper. The butterflies at the top left are from Pastische. The soft soft soft papers are from the Printery collection.

Soft & calm backgrounds and plenty of white space are something that Ingvild underlined several times. DO NOT cover your pages in flowers! is something else she warned about. Don't line up your elements in straight lines and don't overly distress your edges, are other words of wisdom from this goddess of shabby chic.

Lean (de Ruiter) if you're reading this; the next photo is especially for you! and yes, the flushed old woman with double chins is me .. DH took the pic and did neither Milo or myself any justice by LOWERING the camera instead of RAISING it when taking the pic grrrrr!

Dear me, the next one is not particularly flattering either ... we were not the only ones wanting to take a snapshot of themselves together with La Ingvild. Here's me from the left, Bente and Alexandra to the far right.

The name of this young lady rings a bell in many quarters; Camilla Ekman. Such a soft and gentle lady with distinct flair. She's on the DT of Glitz Design, Zva Creative, Swirlydoos Kit Club and Get Picky, as well as Swedish Country Scrap that hosted the workshop. Camilla is holding the second layout that we worked on but didn't quite have the time to finish.

Fantastic, colourful, creative, funny, awesomely talented and inspirational Mahlin Wiggur was also at the workshop. A true vitamin injection! Mahlin designs for Nikki Sivils, American Crafts, BoBunny, and a couple of Swedish sites. I'm even more flushed now, me thinks the windows needed getting opened up at this point in time.

The day just swooshed by and I wish it had been a two-day one, soooo much to soak in and soooo much to learn. You girls Down Under, you sure have something to look forward to in November!

Reversing time to Friday now and the release of the new palette #74 over at TCR. Just taste the names of the colours; Light Blue, Riverstone Brown, Clotted Cream and Deep Red.

I have a friend called S who lives in Los Angeles, USA. She used to work for a major American airline for a great many years and have travelled around the world to many exciting places. Earlier this year she and another friend of hers, C, whom I don't know, were invited by a mutual friend from the airline industry to his Bengali wedding in India. S and C of course had to visit Taj Mahal.

74_Reaching for the Taj 4000px-main

It was her red scarf and beautiful embroidered Indian coat/kaftan that decided the papers and layout for me.

74_Reaching for the Taj 4000px-2

The chippie lock and handle are from French online store Embelliscrap. I embossed them in gold and then chalked everything in Chestnut Roan. The rose is cut off from a Prima bouquet and the crystals are from a local craft store. What looks like a die cut is cut-out from an MME Lost & Found 2 paper.

74_Reaching for the Taj 4000px-4

The b&w floral paper is also from MME L&F 2. The brownish backing paper is from BoBunny Etcetera. The red sparkly frame is cut out from another MME L&F 2 paper as are the b&w striped and the flourished pieces with parts of the title on (the Taj). The ornate pale blue chippie square is also from Embelliscrap, I dabbed it in Adirondack Sky and then painted it over in Shimmerz December Sky before embossing it in Diamond Glitter. The metall embellishment and amber rhinestone are both BoBunny Etcetera as are the script chippie alphas. The tiny red ones are Kaiser Craft.

74_Reaching for the Taj 4000px-3

White oval swirly frame overlay is from Hambly and the strip of red circles with white liquid pearls is from an old MME paper.

74_Reaching for the Taj 4000px-5

Here you can see the photo itself a bit closer up.

Really wanted to get this up before it was bed time, it is another day in the office tomorrow! Love to read your comments and love having your for a visit, thank you very much and please do come again if you have the time!

Take care! cheers! xoxoxo Eila


  1. Se det ja.... utrolig gøy å se bilder fra treffet deres og ikke minst, fra kurset til Ingvild. Skal som sagt på kurs med henne nå i slutten av måneden og gleder meg utrolig mye!!!
    Og du verden for en vakker layout du har laget her!! Så lekkert med overlayen og "brokade"arket!!
    Tipper du er full av inntrykk etter helgen og blir sikkert godt med "natt" snart!

  2. oo vad fina vi är... o vad gullig du är.. =D finaste goaste du! TACK för ditt trevliga sällskap.. det gör vi om nångång tycker jag!

  3. ooo it looks like you had a amazing time over there and meeting lots of famous you!
    Your page is a beauty again love the details and a wonderful picture.

  4. Oh, Dear, looks you had a wonderful time there
    I'd loved to be there,too, to meet you and Mrs. Bente. Ingvild came to PR in December. Very Lovely page, love the photo of your friend with the Taj Mahal at the end. Take Care my fiend!!
    Hugs!!!!! :)

  5. It looks like you had a wonderful weekend and how lucky for you to take part in such a wonderful event. And to meet Bente would have been ace.
    I love your TCR page. What a brilliant photo and love that frame around it.

  6. lucky you that you got to go for IB's class and what an awesome page you did. Love the whole things.

  7. Wow! It sounds like you had a wonderful time at the class. The pics are fab!
    Love your lo...wonderfully put together!

  8. Very jealous of your day with Ingvild, her work is just breathtaking! Speaking of breathtaking, LOVE LOVE LOVE your TCR layout, especially the transparent frame you have added to your photo, it works so well!

    Thank you so much for your very kind words on my blog =)

  9. AWESOME! Can anything beat a class with Ingvild? Love your Taj Page.

  10. Adore this marvelous layout...

  11. Hey Eila!!
    First of THANKS a BUNCH for all your Lovely comments you left over @ my blog.....
    It was such a JOY to read them!!!!!
    Oh by the look of your Photos it was a FAB weekend & what a TALENTED bunch of ladies to be around!!!!!
    Love your TCR layout Gorgeous As Always.....

  12. Hi sweetie !

    always good to hear from you , hun ! Wow ! you've been up to a lot too ! woohoo ! how fun is that class with Ingvild ?!!! woot !

    awesome pic to scrap & the Taj Mahal ! wow ! & your details as always perfect !!!

    Thks soo much for reading to way back when on my blog ! yeah y ankle's much improved but still not quite 100% ! hmmm yeah still can fit into my dresses lol ! but really have to watch the tummy - so hard to keep it trim for now ! lol more to discover nevertheless thsi quest for the fountain of youth ! ;)

  13. Oh i wish i was in that room with you ladies....i am squealing now...I can just imagine how totally sensational the day would have been and to meet so many fantastic scrappy ladies at the same time ... i reckon i would have to come up for am absolutely and completely jealous!!! but am totally happy happy you had the best time... oh and all those new techniques and Ingvild ...aaaarrrggghhhhhh you lucky lucky lady!!!!

    thanks so much for popping by i was meant to get back here last week... can i blame the farm friends we are getting... and all the extra looking after i have to do now... lol

    take care leeann:)

  14. i forgot to say YUMMY to the color room page also.... LOVE that combo ...a touch of red... delicious!!!

  15. Hello my friend!
    we had an awesome time didn't we?!!
    It was so fab to meet you IRL and you are every bit as sweet and charming as I expected..LOL!
    We sure had a blast.
    Blogger has been eating my comments up until know you see,...
    I had the opportunity of a téte á téte with the diva and she was very sweet and ordinary in a very good way.
    Reading this marvellous and illustrated post of yours with pics of all those lovely ladies takes me back. It feels a bit like being there again, and we should one day.
    When I get my computer back I may post some of my pics too.

  16. jealous, jealous, jealous!!! Hee-hee, WOW!!!! Oh you sweet lady, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post, how FUN it must of been to meet with Bente and Mahlin and so many other talented ladies. What a dream to be in Ingvild's class, she is amazing and so VERY wise!!!!!! You are a lucky, lucky lady!!!! Love your TCR page, hadn't realized you were on the team, congratulations!

  17. first off a little birdie told me you wern't feeling all that well, so i wanted to give you some virtual chicken soup and say feel better!

    and thanks for popping by my blog and saying such sweet things - you're a doll!

    love all these layouts holy smokes girl you just keep raising the bar! (say while singing) LOOOVE! wish i could make musical note with the keyboard.. love that lost and found line - i've got it sitting aside waiting for my love and time.. can't wait to get my hands all over it! yay!

  18. Wow, looks like you had an amazing time and had a lovely time with Bente, your Taj layout is stunning.

  19. Ooooh this is stunning! I can see the IB workshop has already had a positive effect turning your amazing pages into even more amazing ones!!