Monday, 11 July 2011

Gruesome Murder and Sweet Birthdays

Weather forecast obviously got it entirely wrong, the sun has been showing her dazzling face since our hols started only temporarily clouded by a couple of short and light drizzles. Just the perfect weather for picknicks and cheery outings with friends.

Just before the weekend, one of our dear friends had his birthday. As hubbs and I have absolutely no character at all when it comes to calories and a jolly good time, we happily tugged along when the partner of the said friend suggested we take him out on spin in the country side.

Said and done, we started off his day by having breakfast at a bakery cum very chic café only a stone's throw from where we live. Nothing beats a really strong latte with a couple of extra shots of espresso, croissants & bread rolls almost straight out from the oven and freshly squeezed orange juice.

Here's the birthday card I made for him:

The papers are from Swedish designer Maja. Clocks are cut-out from a WP mini pad, put them there to tease him about the fact that time flies and next year he'll hit the "big oh" celebrating his bi-centennials he he he. The paper with pears on also has a subtly printed recipy for a pear crumble. The very chocolate brown felt and lace bloom is from Precocious Paper on Etsy, don't be scared of their brights, just scroll down the page and you'll find lots of other colours too if you click  HERE 

Tummies full we then drove out to the coast and a visit to the 16th century castle called Gripsholm. It has a very colourful history of imprisoned royalty and gruesome murder, but also an enchanting 18th century theatre and absolutely divine 18th century rooms within its impressive stone walls.

This is what welcomes you when entering the grounds.

Castle Gripsholm is located in the very heart of what used to be prime viking territory, located on the shores of lake Mälaren. The rune stone is a reminder of this. For those of you unfamiliar with these stones, they are letters or memorials to loved one and often tell of a father or a son departed to far far away countries, never to return home.

The part of the coast where we live and the cities around lake Mälaren, are incredibly lush as you can see from the next photo. Reminds me a lot of some parts of the British Isles. The grass and trees stay pretty green all summer through with the proximity to water.

Finishing this trip to Castle Gripsholm with two more photos with a feel of the Tudor quarters of Hampton Court palace outside London. Love the burned tiles of different hues and the lead windows. The scrummie end to our day will follow in another post.

While I'm at birthdays, here's a girly birthday card to my friend Margareta. She's all into shabby herself.

Papers and the little vintage maiden are Melissa Frances 5th Avenue.  Leaf trinket pins Maya Road, and white crocheted doily from Leeann Pearce's Chip Chop Shop. Blue gardenia was originally white and is misted with TA Glimmer Chalk in Cornflower, peach roses, scrunchy seam binding and lace from my stash.

Now off to pick strawberries and a leisurely lunch under the apple trees in an orchard before bracing myself for a tour to the world's first ever and now largest IKEA, which happens to be only minutes away by car from where we live. HAVE to get some sorts of little scrap nook in our tiny spare room as the stash is flooding our bedroom and things are getting rather desperate.

Be good, be well and have a wonderful start to the week folks! Thank you so very much for visiting and having a peek!

xoxoxox Eila


  1. Åhhh....så mange vakre bilder!!! Et fantastisk flott sted du bor! Må se og kommer oss en tur i ditt område engang -aldri vært så langt øst i Sverige før, selv om vi har feriert noen somre i landet ditt. Du skriver så flott og levende, takk for at du deler :)

    Nydelige kort du har laget også :)

    Ha en fantastisk uke!!

  2. Oh i do love the cards and the little clocks are so cute...sounds you had a fabulous time with your friends ...just love the castle and all the pics ...have a great journey to Ikea love that place takes me all day just to see everything ...
    have a nice day
    Lindy xo

  3. absolutely stunning eila... i just love tagging along on your scenic tours. you really are a fabulous tour guide! good to see you are enjoying your break. our kids are back to school tomorrow! :)) lovely cards too - they are a gift in themselves! xx

  4. Super FANTASTIC Eila! I love the is so gorgeous, yet masculine at the same time. Your stories are divine...I love your photos and the story behind them...I hope all is well in your 'part of the world'. Hot and rainy here. :(


  5. Love to hear what you have been up to, sounds relaxing. Gorgeous cards to make for loved ones, hope you enjoy the rest of the week and the weather is kind to you x

  6. Sounds like you are enjoying your hols!
    I see that we have more than scrapping in common,-if I ever doubted that.... :o)
    We are also alike in the lack of strong character traits when it comes to resisting the sweet temptations in life. You see, I do not think we were really meant to resist. We are supposed to enjoy and cherish ALL the good things that we are given.-Like a sweet cupcake or a mojito (should be almost finished by now...)or a beautiful card made for a dear friend! I am sure your friends were very happy with the cards you made for them. I have seen the cards you make IRL and you do stunning work! I will send an e-mail probably tomorrow with the latest 'gossip'...LOL!

  7. LOVE YOUR BLOG EILA! Your posts are always so up my street! Need more time to go back through what I have missed but not tonight I fear as it is past 1.30 in the morning & I have 4 layouts due in by the end of Wednesday so I am going like a train until then LOL!! Sounds like you are having such a splendid Summer!! Love all your gorgeous pics & your cards are also divine...Wow IKEA on your doorstep - that is a blessing indeed! Yes it sounds to me like you are going to have to progress to a little scrapnook of your own very soon - how you manage without one is beyond me anway...with all the options at IKEA I know you will be able to come up with something slick & organised - can't wait to see it! As for the e mail - I haven't had any response from you in my inbox, and have checked my spam folder. My e mails are totally out of control but spent ages in there this evening looking for it & nope, nothing! Not sure what happened there but if you still have it resend it along if you don't mind. I'd still be interested in your opinion on the matter. I know I was being a bit of a drama queen at the time & am learning each day a bit more about separating my emotions from my work. It is not easy but it is necessary in order to maintain professionalism & I hate to come across as flighty, when in fact I am very down to earth, so please forgive me if the moment got the better of me there! Happy picnicking & enjoy the rest of your summer :)

  8. Hi Eila, thank you for sharing that wonderful story and some history as well. I love reading about the 18th Century, not something I would have liked to lived but definitely worth reading about. I love your gorgeous cards as well.

  9. Hi Eila! Long time no see! I thought I'd drop by and check out your blog! What a wonderful card you created....It's BEAUTIFUL! Your scenic photo's are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing! Have a wonderful Summer!

  10. seriously want to see pictures of your new nook! love the cards- i should be better about sending cards.. one day i'm going to sit and make thousands so i'll have a stash ready to go at a moments notice!

  11. Both your cards are stunning! I love that felt flower on DH's's super, and I really love that you hand cut some clocks to tease him about time flying...hehehe. I love the way you've altered your your Gardenia with mist and turned out wonderfully.
    You live in such a beautiful and charming part of the world...I love your photos and that you took us on a tour with you. I think those memorials stones are amazing...sad but in the same time so special. The castle is awesome too. It sounds like you're having a ball at the moment...enjoy it!

  12. I felt like I took a mini vacation and visited a wonderful paradise, Thank you for the trip I even enjoyed the latte and the croissants!
    And lovely cards, that pear paper is delish!

  13. I saw the card you made on the color room so I came to look at your blog. You do beautiful work! I am now following you :)

  14. loooovee your pics here , being that I'm an armchair traveller these days ! You definitely have a sweet life ! It would be awesome to be able to have brekkie with you - yums latte with extra expresso shorts & croissants !

    Loving your details on these special birthday cards !!!

  15. Hi Eila
    Congrats on being RDA at the Color Room. You are soooo inspirational and I always look forward to your pages and reading your comments on mine. Love your blog :) sarah